The Vengeful Son-in-law Chapter 555

Ryan was stunned for a moment. He felt that the atmosphere was not weird. Everyone present was very afraid of this mysterious organization. He thought of something. His heart thumped but on the surface, he acted he was confused and asked, “May I know what is the mysterious organization Silas is talking about?”

Silas looked at him fearfully. He took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “LT Organization!” Sure enough!

Ryan was suddenly enlightened. He was right. What Silas said was just the LT Organization. Moreover, he could tell from Silas’s expression that he was terrified of the LT Organization.

Thorn immediately widened his eyes. “What, the LT Organization is also interested in the Colorful Fruit of Essence?!”

The others were also shocked, and they all took on a troubled expression. Obviously, this LT Organization was a big threat to them.

This made Ryan involuntarily remember that at the time when he had just come into contact with the Military Intelligence 3, he once mentioned the LT Organization in front of Tanya, and at that time, Tanya was extremely confused and did not know about the LT Organization at all.

At that time, he thought the LT Organization was so mysterious that even a H Country organization like the Military Intelligence 3 didn’t know about its existence.

Now it seemed that was not the case. The top management of the Military Intelligence 3 knew it and was very afraid of the organization.

Marlin also frowned deeply and said, “The LT Organization, isn’t it more active abroad? Besides, the LT Organization was restricted by the top and it does not battle against us.”

Several other senior executives also expressed their thoughts. Ryan stopped and got a deeper understanding of the LT


Obviously, the headquarter of the LT Organization was in H Country, and its power was so considerable and extraordinary that even H Country had to be afraid of it. Ryan did not doubt this, because he had dealt with people of the LT Organization before.
From Kenneth to Sean and to Sunny, they were all unusually powerful and skilled. They were only members of the LT Organization, not to mention its Saint King!

Pence took a deep breath and said, “Silas, are you sure the news is accurate? The Saint King of the LT Organization has an agreement with the top. If they also join in the search for the Colorful Fruit of Essence, then the agreement will be broken unilaterally, and the top will not let them go easily.”

Others thought the same way. The LT Organization was indeed very strong, especially the Saint King, whose power was even unfathomable. Rumor had it that he had reached the Immortal Realm!

So even in the face of national power, the LT Organization was not afraid, and the Immortal Realm meant the greatest power in the whole world. The deterrence brought by it was no less than a nuclear bomb, or even more!

Silas said, “The Saint King of the LT Organization has indeed made an agreement with the top. Although this Saint King has reached the Immortal Realm, he is not absolutely invincible. He is still very afraid of the top.”

Marlin immediately said, “If that’s the case, how dare the LT Organization try to get the Colorful Fruit of Essence?” It was also everyone else’s question.

Silas knocked on the table and said, “In fact, within the LT Organization, itis called the Heaven and Earth’s Spiritual Fruit. This is the essence of the Earth which can only be harvested once in 112 years. It gathers the spirit of heaven and earth. It is comparable to an immortal pill. Naturally, the Saint King will not let it go easily. So this time, he won’t do it on his own, but send his subordinates out.”

Marlin asked, “I heard that under the Saint King, there are three Major Perfection Realm masters in the Innate Realm. I wonder who he will send this time.”

Everyone looked Silas, including Ryan. The difference was that Ryan already knew who the Saint King would send.
Silas’s breath came in gasps, and he was blinking in erratic intervals, as if he had thought of something terrifying. He took a deep

breath and said, “I heard that this time the Saint King will send out Fausto, and three top masters in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. He is bound to win the Colorful Fruit of Essence this time!”

“What? Fausto? Hiss…” When Marlin heard this, he took a deep breath. He reacted so strongly that he even stood up and stared straight at Silas. “Xiao, are you sure this is true? Fausto! That’s a dead Major Perfection Realm master!”

There were four masters under the Saint King, and Fausto, the strongest of them, died five years ago.

The others were equally shocked and looked incredulous. Ryan also frowned when he saw their reaction. He knew that the strongest master sent by the LT Organization this time was Fausto, but he didn’t know much about Fausto.

Now it seemed that this Fausto was a terrifying existence!

Silas nodded heavily and said, “Yes, he will send Fausto. He didn’t die five years ago. He escaped and survived. Now he’s stronger than he was five years ago. Therefore, our situation is not optimistic this time. Even if Military Intelligence 1 and Military Intelligence 2 join us, the chances of us winning are not high, let alone the existence of many foreign forces.”

After hearing this, the conference room fell into silence. Everyone’s expression was gloomy, including Ryan’s.

He had already made up his mind beforehand that he must get the Heaven and Earth’s Spiritual Fruit, because this was the only way to save Phoebe, and he was ready to fight against the world. But now it seemed that his enemies were too powerful!

Not only did many of the Military Intelligence 3’s top masters would go, but also the Military Intelligence 3, Military Intelligence 3, and many other foreign powers. The most troublesome was the LT Organization!

He could clearly imagine the cruelty of that fight.

After a long silence in the conference room, Pence finally broke the silence and knocked hard on the table, saying, “Cheer up, he is only Fausto. Military Intelligence 1 and Military Intelligence 2 also have Major Perfection Realm masters in the Innate Realm.
We also have some chances this time.”

The others were cheered up, but Ryan’s heart sank even deeper.

However, no matter how difficult and dangerous the road ahead was, he had no intention of retreating. This was the only way to save Phoebe, so he would go for it even if the enemies were all-powerful people and even if it was a sea of fire and knives or even hell.

Even if he died on the spot, he would not hesitate to do so.
Then, they began to discuss the specific plan. The meeting lasted nearly eight hours before it was over.

A professional scientist calculated that the Colorful Fruit of Essence would mature in 15 days and 13 hours. Now many forces were ready to seize it when it became mature.

Unfortunately, the Colorful Fruit of Essence would not show up until it was fully mature. No matter how great the scientist was, he could only roughly calculate where the Colorful Fruit of Essence might appear, within a range of 20 kilometers.

This added a lot of uncertainty.

It was also because of this that Ryan gained some confidence. Otherwise, if everyone knew the position of the Colorful Fruit of Essence, everyone would be waiting there. With his current strength, there was really no hope of competing with them in such a case.

Followingly, in the next half month, he had to train himself in seclusion wholeheartedly and improve his strength to the peak!

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