The Vengeful Son-in-law Chapter 553

Ryan’s words were convincing and powerful, full of authority and determination, showing his unwillingness. It seemed that he was telling God that even God could not take Phoebe’s life from him!

Phoebe sensed his emotions and was stunned. She looked up and stared at him for a few seconds. “Ryan…” Ryan smiled gently, and said softly, “Phoebe, please believe me. I won’t let you disappear.”

Phoebe bit her lips tightly. She was touched by Ryan’s confidence and commitment. She nodded hard and said, “Okay! I believe you!”

Ryan smiled and said, “Great.” Although he saw sadness and despair in Phoebe’s eyes, he still believe himself.

For the next few days, Ryan didn’t go anywhere. He just stayed with Phoebe. The two of them loved each other to the extreme, and they both tacitly stopped mentioning this matter, as if they had really forgotten it.

In the first two days, Phoebe was very sad and guilty, but after a few days, she slowly relaxed. Anyway, this was her fate. She had no way to change, but to accept the truth.

Actually, her life was already better than many people’s. She had a happy family, and a husband who loved her deeply. And her husband was a big shot. So she had nothing to regret.

These days, Ryan did not specifically investigate how to treat her, nor did he contact the medical team for her. Instead of frowning in front of her, he just spent every day with her, happily and sweetly.

Ryan didn’t waste the last time of her life on something meaningless. So Phoebe was very happy.
However, what she did not know was that Ryan had not stopped the investigation in the past few days, nor had he stopped trying to find the cure. He always started the investigation after Phoebe fell asleep.

He didn’t tell Phoebe about this, but just showed his enjoyment. He was trying his best to please Phoebe, which was his responsibility as her husband.

Through investigation, he probably understood that Phoebe had an extremely rare disease. It was more a physical defect than a disease. It was as if she was cursed by God. After a certain age, her body functions began to decline. Even if she continued to exercise, take medicine, and practice martial arts, there was no way to cure it.

In many ancient records, Ryan found some clues and discovered that there had been such cases from time to time over the past thousand years. And its possibility was almost one over a billion.

He didn’t expect Phoebe to be cursed! Why did God let her suffer this?

In this week, Ryan did his best to investigate and find a cure. His workload was so heavy that he felt tired even if he was extremely strong.

He even tramped over mountains in the middle of the night to consult many famous doctors in nearby cities. But he didn’t get anything useful.

Finally, he got some information from an old Chinese medicine doctor who was over 80 years old. According to that doctor, this kind of disease could not be cured by ordinary medicine. The only way was to find a medicine that could replenish the patient’s life elements and compensate for her physique deficiency so as to cure it!

Replenishing the life elements… When Ryan heard this, he suddenly knew what he should do.
Reiki Fruit! That day, at Chou’s place, Sunny said that the Reiki Fruit, the fruit cultivated by heaven and earth spirit, had a huge magical

effect. If people ate it, there were huge benefits. It could increase life elements and even an ordinary person could reach the Innate Realm!

This kind of fruit would only bear fruit once in 112 years, so it was priceless.

Later, Ryan immediately went to find Chou. To be safe, he didn’t say that Phoebe had a problem. He just pretended to ask out of curiousity.

Chou also looked for a lot of information and confirmed that the Reiki Fruit would definitely cure Phoebe. Ryan breathed a sigh of relief. As long as there was a way, there was hope!

Chou noticed Ryan’s relieved look, and he immediately frowned and asked, “Young master, are you planning to get the Reiki Fruit?”

When he asked this, Sunny, who was resting with her eyes closed, strained her ears and focused on this side.

Ryan coughed and said, “Of course not. Is it necessary?”

Chou nodded vigorously and said, “The Reiki Fruit was quite precious, so there are many powerful people who want to get it.
There is no need to fight for it. If you are not careful, you may die. It is unworthy.”

Ryan nodded. On the surface, he didn’t care about that fruit at all, but in his mind, he had already made a decision that he must get the Reiki Fruit!

Only by taking the Reiki Fruit could he cure Phoebe.

Sunny opened her eyes at this moment, looked at him faintly, and said meaningfully, “I advise you not to think of getting the Reiki Fruit. This is not something you have the right to touch. The Saint King has affirmed to get it. In addition, there are many other forces involved. With your current strength, you are not enough to compete for it.”

Ryan fell silent. Naturally, he knew that Sunny was not bluffing him. He could imagine how difficult it would be to get that fruit. If there were not many people who knew it, it would be not that dangerous.

There were a lot of people who knew about it and were determined to get it now. He was just a master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. It was still extremely difficult for him to snatch it! And his life would be in danger!

However, he had no other choice. This was the only chance to save Phoebe. He couldn’t give up no matter what.
Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, another week passed.

In this week, Ryan carefully investigated the information of the Reiki Fruit and found that the environment in which that fruit grew, where it might appear, and what he should pay attention to when picking it.

Of course, during this period of time, he did not give up on cultivation. Since he wanted to pick the Reiki Fruit, which was as difficult as climbing to heaven, he could not fight a war without preparation!

Now he became more and more decisive and confident.

That day, Thorn called him and asked him to go back to the Military Intelligence 3 to coach because he hadn’t been back for a while.

Ryan wanted to refuse, but on the phone, he heard Thorn mention the Reiki Fruit, then he changed his mind…


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