The Vengeful Son-in-law Chapter 552

Mr. Lewis was dead.

He was struggling desperately and suddenly his body lost its strength as if he had become a soulless puppet. As Ryan let him go, he fell to the ground.

The whole room was silent.

Everyone’s eyes widened, their faces filled with fear and disbelief, and they looked at Mr. Lewis, who was breathless on the ground.

Mr. Lewis really died, in the hands of Phoebe’s husband! This fact, like a storm, strongly blowing up in everyone’s mind, making them scared, panicked, and shocked.

As ordinary people, they had lived a simple and stable life since they were young. The most intense thing they ever experience was quarreling with people. They even seldom fighted with others. How could they have seen a murder?

All of a sudden, they were so scared that they wetted themselves. When they looked at Ryan again, they were no longer in awe, but in deep fear! It was like they were looking at a demon, en evil of death, and the most terrifying existence in the world!

What interrupted the silence was the voice coming from the phone on Mr. Lewis. “Beckett? Beckett? Beckett?!”

Without Mr. Lewis’s response, Redford paused for three seconds. The next moment, he burst into a roar, “Ah! Who are you? Who are you! How dare you kill my brother-in-law? Tell me who you are!”

The speaker on Beckett’s phone was turned on. The voice, like a thunderstorm, exploded on the scene. Even if it was transmitted through the phone, Redford’s immense anger and murderous malice could be felt.

After Phoebe heard this, her heart beat faster and she was worried about Ryan.

Ryan held her hand and gave her a reassuring look. Then he walked over and stomped on Beckett’s phone. Redford’s voice was immediately cut off.

In another mysterious base, a wild roar was heard, followed by the sound of smashing things.

“No matter who you are, you killed my brother-in-law. I will kill you!”

Outside the door, a few people passed by. When they heard this voice, they couldn’t help but shudder and say, “God, who offended Redford?!”

“I’ve known Redford for so long. I’ve never seen Redford so angry.”

“Whoever he is, he will definitely be killed by Redford.”

Ten minutes later, Ryan waited until Malcolm arrived and asked Malcolm to clean up the scene before he took Phoebe away.
Now Phoebe’s body didn’t look as scary as before, and her face returned to normal, not so pale.

But Ryan was still not assured, because Ryan had already felt that Phoebe’s body was not as healthy as before… No, it was not simply about “health”, but the origin of life. It was worn out, as if there was a gap, and it was constantly losing vitality.

Phoebe would not live long if this continued.

When they got into the car, Phoebe saw that Ryan had been keeping a straight face. She was very sad. She forced out a smile and asked Ryan, “Ryan, why are you keeping a straight face? Why? Did you blame me for not waiting for you just now?”

Ryan looked at Phoebe, saw the strong spirit in Phoebe’s eyes, and that she was trying to comfort him. He felt especially uncomfortable.
“When did the condition start? Why didn’t you tell me?” Ryan took a deep breath and said.

Phoebe’s body trembled slightly, and a little panic flashed through her eyes. She immediately smiled again, looking very confused, and said, “Ryan, I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

It had to be said that Phoebe’s acting skills were still very good and she acted it all naturally. If Ryan hadn’t been observant enough and kept staring at Phoebe, he would have been fooled by Phoebe.

It was also Phoebe’s superb acting skills that made him ignored Phoebe’s problem for so long! He held Phoebe’s hand tightly. “Phoebe, you shouldn’t hide it from me. We’re husband and wife. Have you forgotten?”

When Phoebe heard this, her heart immediately trembled and her nose couldn’t help but ache. She wanted to be as normal as before, but she couldn’t do it now because Ryan’s expression were so destructive that she couldn’t bear it at all!

Besides, she was also unworthy of Ryan. She could imagine how sad Ryan would be once she left!

Now, instead, she hoped that Ryan had not fallen in love with her, but he had always hated her. In that case, he would not be sad and painful if she ever left.

She still wanted to look relaxed, but as soon as she opened her mouth, she couldn’t say anything, and tears started to flow out

and she apologized to Ryan, “Ryan, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

When Ryan saw her crying, he immediately panicked. At the same time, his heart sank to the bottom. He was not stupid. How could he not see it? Phoebe’s reaction was to acquiesce that she was really ill, and that she was seriously ill. At least, she was ill to the extent that modern medicine could not cure her!

Some things can be inferred with just one look or one action without any words.
Ryan knew Phoebe very well. She was indeed a strong and capable woman.

When Phoebe found out that there was something wrong with her body, she must have gone to the hospital for a checkup as soon as possible. With her current status and financial resources, she could still get the most advanced medical treatment in the world without his help.

However, Phoebe still cried desperately, indicating that the medical treatment in today’s world could not save her.
In the end, Phoebe chose to hide it from him and just spend her last days happily.
Thinking of this, Ryan couldn’t bear to cry.

“Silly girl, why are you crying? What’s there to cry about?” Ryan smiled and wiped the tears from Phoebe’s face. “You should have told me earlier. Your husband is the most powerful man in the world. He’s much better than those doctors. I can definitely cure you.”

Ryan forced his sadness into his heart and comforted Phoebe with a smile.

Phoebe shook her head and cried, “It’s no use. I’m terminally ill. Even the world’s top medical team has never seen such a disease before. I feel like I’m cursed by God. I’m aging every day. I can’t live long…”

“Ryan, I’m sorry. I was going to spend the last period of my life with you and leave quietly… Why, why did God do this to me? Ryan, you’ve done so much for me. I really don’t want to see you hurt for me…” Phoebe burst into tears.

Ryan gritted his teeth. He was speechless. He was afraid that as soon as he spoke, he would cry!

He could only hold Phoebe in his arms, take a deep breath, and say, “Phoebe, you don’t have to be sad or desperate. I promise, there will be a way to cure you! There are so many things we haven’t done together, and so many places we haven’t been to together. Most importantly, we haven’t had a baby that belongs to us yet! So I won’t let you go, and I don’t allow it to happen.
Even the king of heaven will never take you away from me!”


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