The Vengeful Son-in-law Chapter 551

There was a dead silence. Everyone was frightened by his fierce look. They stood still, their faces pale.
Then, a sharp and angry voice broke the silence.

“Fuck you! I don’t care about who you are. You’re going to die!” It was Mr. Lewis. He was so angry that his face was twisted. He gritted his teeth and fire was about to burst out from his eyes. He pointed at Ryan and shouted, “All of you. Go and kill him. Kill him!”

He was hysterical, like a madman. He didn’t have the demeanor and elegance he had just now. He looked very ferocious and frightening. Everyone who knew him was frightened by his appearance.

Natalia, in particular, shivered violently. She was panicked and scared. She thought that Ryan had offended Mr. Lewis, and that Ryan was going to die.

It could be seen that Mr. Lewis was the core of the people here. Everyone had to obey his orders. The other men immediately began to rush towards Ryan, trying to kill Ryan.

In the face of this situation, the corner of Ryan’s mouth rose and a disdainful smile appeared on his face. “A group of ants. How dare you fight against the divine dragon?”

Now, he no longer had his usual elegant and easygoing manner. He became the god of war, domineering. He was invincible.
He sneered, then raised his right foot above his waist and stamped on the land! Suddenly, with a Bang, something happened. It made everyone present look at it in horror and tremble.

Ryan’s foot landed. The land in front of him immediately cracked. There was a crack as wide as half a meter, and the men who rushed towards Ryan were hit by this powerful force and they flew to both sides. The scene was extremely shocking.

With one stamp, although Ryan did not touch them, he made these men seriously injured and spurt blood. No one knew how many ribs of them were broken.

Phoebe’s eyes flashed with deep shock when she saw this scene. She knew that Ryan’s martial arts were very powerful, and ordinary men were not his opponents, but she did not expect that Ryan was so powerful. It completely went beyond her imagination.

Not to mention the rest of the people. They were completely dumbfounded and thought they saw superman.

This crack happened to spread in front of Mr. Lewis. Mr. Lewis staggered back and finally fell to the ground confoundedly. Her butt was stuck in the crack, and her face was pale.

The next moment, his pants became wet. He actually peed his pants! He was trembling. in such a situation, he couldn’t calm down. It was beyond his endurance.

The other. women, too, were trembling with fear, and their faces turned pale. Natalia knelt down directly in front of Ryan and kowtowed. “Mr. Howard, I don’t dare. Mr. Howard, I don’t dare. Please, Mr. Howard, don’t kill me. Woo…”

She had snots and tears all over her face. Her hair was disheveled. She was not as demure as she was before.
Ryan glared at her coldly. Suddenly, she was shocked and her mind went blank. Then, she fainted because of fear.
In fact, it wasn’t just that she fainted, but that her nerves had been severely damaged and she had become an idiot.

As a master at the fourth stage of Innate Realm, Ryan’s mental strength was very powerful. Some powerful hypnotists could hypnotize ordinary people by just looking at them. It was a piece of cake for a top master like Ryan to scare ordinary people into idiots with one look.

Natalia invited Phoebe to the party today. So, Natalia could be regarded as the chief culprit of what happened today. Ryan would not let go of her. He could not kill Natalia, but Natalia must end up miserably!

Next, Ryan looked at the others…

Everyone who was being looked at by Ryan did not dare to look at Ryan. They all knelt down and begged Ryan for forgiveness.
Ryan did not punish the rest of the women much. He looked at Mr. Lewis, and naturally, he could tell that this man was the person in charge here, and this man was also the culprit who had harmed Phoebe.

Ryan was not a person who liked to kill, but the crimes committed by these people to Phoebe were enough to make him have a strong desire to kill!

He cherished Phoebe much. He would kill anyone who dared to bully Phoebe. There was no room for negotiation!

Sensing Ryan’s murderous intent, Mr. Lewis became even more frightened. He kept retreating and screamed, “You. You can’t kill me! My brother-in-law is Redford. He’s an Instructor in Military Intelligence 2. You can’t kill me! Otherwise, my brother-in-law won’t spare you!”

When he mentioned his brother-in-law, Mr. Lewis immediately came back to his senses. He had a big backer. His brother-in-law was an Instructor in Military Intelligence 2 who was in a high position and had great power. If this man in front of him killed him, his brother-in-law would definitely avenge him!

“Military Intelligence 2?” When Ryan heard this, he frowned slightly. He had been in the Military Intelligence 3 for a while.
Naturally, he had heard of the Military Intelligence 2. He knew that Military Intelligence 2 was an institution similar to Military Intelligence 3, but Military Intelligence 2 was stronger. He had heard Thorn mention it before. And Thorn had scruples of the Military Intelligence 2.

When Mr. Lewis saw Ryan like this, he immediately became arrogant. “That’s right. The Military Intelligence 2! This is an important organization in H Country. There are all talented agents inside. My brother-in-law, Redford, is the king of agents. If you dare to touch me, my brother-in-law will skin you alive! Be good. Just apologize to me and compensate me for my loss tonight.
Otherwise, I’ll let my brother-in-law punish you!”

Redford? Ryan had never heard of this name. He stared at Mr. Lewis and saw that Mr. Lewis was not lying. It seemed that Redford was indeed somebody.

But so what?

Phoebe, who was behind Ryan, regained some strength and her face was not as pale as before. She slowly walked over, took Ryan’s arm, and said worriedly, “Torn, I’m not actually taken advantage of by them. Forget it.”

Ryan could tell that Phoebe was worried about him. She was afraid that he would offend a big shot.

Looking at Phoebe’s weak look, Ryan could not help but feel a pain in his heart. He held Phoebe’s face with both hands and gently kissed on Phoebe’s slightly pale lips. He said gently and domineeringly, “Phoebe, don’t worry. The Instructor in Military Intelligence 2 means nothing to your husband. You are the most precious treasure in my life. I hate that I can’t love you more, but this beast still dares to take advantage of you. How can I let him go?”

When Phoebe heard this, her heart was filled with warmth. She bit her lips tightly and her eyes were slightly red. “Ryan…”

“Well, Phoebe, if you’re afraid, close your eyes. I won’t allow anyone in this world to bully you and then go away safe and sound!” Ryan kissed Phoebe with incomparable affection and determination.

Then, he looked at Mr. Lewis again, his eyes full of murderous intent, .
Mr. Lewis’s whole body trembled violently when he saw the look in Ryan’s eyes. Mr. Lewis felt like falling into an ice cave!

“You can’t kill me! My brother-in-law is a super agent. He has a license to kill. If you kill me, you’re dead!” Mr. Lewis screamed.
Then, he hurriedly took his phone out of his pocket to call his brother-in-law.

Ryan did not stop him and walked towards him step by step.

Soon, Mr. Lewis’s phone call was put through. He screamed in horror. “Brother-in-law, help me! Someone’s trying to kill me.
Someone’s trying to kill me…”

On the other side of the phone, Redford was stunned for a second, then stood up and said in a deep voice, “Who wants to kill you?!”

“It is…”

Mr. Lewis just wanted to speak, but he just said two words, and then he couldn’t say anything. It was because Ryan had already come in front of him, grabbed his neck, and lifted him up with one hand. Then, Ryan pinched him a little hard and his neck broke with a crack. Mr. Lewis died on the spot.

Just then, Redford, who was on the other end of the phone, heard the sound of the crack.


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