The Vengeful Son-in-law Chapter 550

Phoebe was already very weak, and her mood could not fluctuate too much. In this case, she immediately felt her heart beat faster, her whole body’s strength was gradually pulled away, and her body temperature was also dropping.

Feeling her own change, she was shocked. Her legs began to soften. She realized that she was ill!

A lot of vitality was lost in her body.

If this situation continued, she wouldn’t be able to hold on for long!

The two women who caught her were frightened by her appearance. “Why is her body so cold?”

“Her face is still so pale. Does she have a heart attack?”

At this moment, everyone else saw that something was wrong with Phoebe and frowned.

Mr. Lewis immediately twisted his head and asked Natalia, “What’s going on? Don’t tell me she has a heart attack!” Natalia was stunned for a moment. She didn’t expect this to happen to Phoebe. It looked quite scary.

Seeing Mr. Lewis’s unfriendly eyes, she quickly said, “No, I asked her specifically yesterday. She has no disease, and she has no heart disease. This is purely an act!”

In order for her to become a core member, she had completely abandoned her bottom line. In addition, she had indeed asked Phoebe to make sure that Phoebe was not suffering from any serious illness. At most, she was mentally ill and was threatened.
She didn’t have any big problem.

When she first came in that year, she was very resistant either. Then after trying the taste for the first time, she immediately let go. Now Phoebe was in the same state. She did not believe that there were people who were absolutely loyal in this world. The so-called loyalty was just that they had not tasted that taste yet.

She didn’t think she was harming Phoebe, but she was helping Phoebe.

Hearing that, Mr. Lewis was relieved. He was too greedy for Phoebe. He didn’t want to let such a wonderful thing go.

He laughed and walked up to Phoebe. The green light in his eyes became more and more intense. The men behind him were all drooling, eager to swallow Phoebe into their bellies!

When Phoebe saw this, she was already beginning to feel a little desperate. Even the strength of resistance had disappeared.
She collapsed to the ground and tears fell silently down her eyes…

“Oh, you actually cried. Great, great. The more you cry now, the more grateful you will be to us in the future. Haha.” Mr. Lewis smiled evilly, then he squatted down and began to reach out to Phoebe to “eat” Phoebe first!

Just then, a deafening noise suddenly came from the door.

The locked door was violently kicked open with a kick, which contained unlimited strength. The door of solid wood was completely kicked to pieces, and a lot of sawdust flew over, hitting some people on the scene, making them cry and howl in pain.

This sudden change startled everyone. Many people trembled with pale faces. Mr. Lewis’s legs also softened and he fell to the ground.

Looking up, Phoebe saw him standing at the door with a calm face and burning eyes. A frightening aura emanated from him caused the entire villa to fall into an ice cave.

Behind him, a row of crooked bodyguards lay down. The two female bodyguards who followed Phoebe lowered their heads in shame.

Ryan had just arrived, and the villa was closed. Even the masters of Extrinsic Peak could not hear the movement inside. But for Ryan, he could hear it clearly. When he heard Phoebe’s cry, his whole body was burning with anger!

Now, he saw Phoebe lying on the ground with a pale face and weak breath, crying. He was much angrier.
There was a bang on his head!

It exploded!


He let out a roar and disappeared in an instant. There were more than twenty people present. No one could see his action clearly. When he appeared again, he was already in front of Phoebe, kneeling down and hugging Phoebe.

In an instant, he felt the coldness on Phoebe’s body. A large amount of vitality was pulled away from Phoebe. She was weaker than ever!

Panicked. Ryan was completely panicked. He had never been as panicked or even scared as he was today.

Because he had known Phoebe for so long, and he had never seen Phoebe so weak. The vitality of her body was constantly running away. He could not imagine why Phoebe would be like this. She was obviously healthy and had no bad habits.

He immediately took Phoebe’s pulse and found that Phoebe was not ill. She was inexplicably weak and her vitality was still running away. He could not understand why such a thing had happened.

“Phoebe, Phoebe, why are you like this? Don’t scare me!” Ryan held Phoebe’s hand tightly and found that Phoebe’s hand was very cold. He didn’t think about it and directly instilled his inborn vitality into Phoebe to help her keep alive.

Fortunately, after he instilled his inborn vitality, Phoebe’s condition improved. Her face returned to a little red, and her body was.
not so cold.

When Phoebe saw Ryan’s flustered and heartbroken look, her eyes turned red again. She did not expect that Ryan would still know about her situation! She really regretted, annoyed, and hated herself. Why was it that she had done everything well but failed at the last moment? In this way, her last good time with Ryan would be ruined!

“Ryan, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” She kept saying that she was sorry with full of guilt for Ryan. She felt guilty that she could not accompany Ryan through the rest of his life, leaving him alone in this world and suffering from missing.

When Ryan saw her like this, his heart ached. He said quickly, “Phoebe, don’t say sorry to me. I’m the one who should say sorry! I’m late and put you in danger again!”

Ryan really blamed himself. If he had known, he shouldn’t have stayed at Elliot’s place. He should have rushed over as soon as possible so that nothing like this would have happened.

He hated, he hated!

Just then, Mr. Lewis reacted. He was furious and pointed at Ryan, “How dare you barge in? I think you’re tired of living!”

Natalia also came to her senses. She looked at Ryan and said in a shrill voice, “Mr. Lewis, he’s Phoebe’s husband, the live-in son-in-law!”

“It’s him. That’s just right. He scared me so much that I almost lost my soul. Court death. I would have s*x with his wife in front of him!” Mr. Lewis was so angry that he kicked Ryan.

The speed was quite fast. It was obvious that he had the foundation of Kung Fu.

The comers of his mouth rose slightly, and a sneer appeared. He was absolutely confident that this kick would kick Phoebe’s husband into tears.

However, just as he was full of confidence, Ryan suddenly turned around and reached out his hand to catch his foot. He pinched it hard and heard a crack. Then, Mr. Lewis screamed like a pig.

Ryan crushed his calf bones violently as if a coke can had been crushed.

The bones of adults were very hard, and it was almost impossible to break them with the strength of five fingers. But for a top master like Ryan, crushing Mr. Lewis’s bones was no different from crushing a can of cola.

Mr. Lewis fell to the ground, hugged his right leg, and uttered dreary cries and screams.
This scene was too shocking for everyone present. They were all dumbfounded. They never expected such a thing to happen.

It was only a trivial thing for Ryan to crush Mr. Lewis’s calf. When he looked back at Phoebe, his face was full of affection and gentleness. He picked up Phoebe, put her on the sofa, and kissed her gently on her lips. Removing a few strands of hair from Phoebe’s face, he said gently, “Phoebe, wait for me here for a while. I’ll help you get back the grievances you suffered.”

After saying that, he stood up. When he looked at Natalia and the others, the tenderness was gone. The only thing left was coldness and murderous intent. He spat out words like a knife, “Who gave you the courage to hurt my beloved!”

The last few words came out as if the thunder had fallen from the ground. The thunder was rolling in the sky, which was deafening.

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