The Vengeful Son-in-law Chapter 549

“Really? Thank you, Mr. Lewis!” Natalia was overjoyed that she ignored Kurn and grabbed Mr. Lewis’s neck to give him a kiss.

Kurn, on the other hand, was not angry, with excitement on his face. It seemed that it was a great thing that he could become a core member.

Phoebe was totally startled. In her opinion, she could not accept this kind of thing!

“Natalia, how could you do this!” Phoebe pointed at Natalia in disbelief.

Natalia chuckled and said to her, “What wrong?”

Kurn also said, “Well, what wrong? Make it clear.”

The people around her also gathered around, and they teased Phoebe, including those old classmates, which pissed off Phoebe!

She had finally figured out what the party was and who these people were. Before that, she had only seen such jokes on the internet. She didn’t expect to have a taste of it! She only felt nauseous as never before, and at the same time, she regretted coming to such a party. She didn’t have much time left!

The more she thought about it, the more regretful she was. Finally, she burst into tears. “Natalia, I trusted you so much. Why did you bring me here? You know I’m married!”

Seeing that she was crying, Natalia frowned, her expression devoid of guilt. Instead, she said unhappily, “Phoebe, why are you crying? It’s like we bullied you. Many people don’t have chance to join our group. Our group is not available to everyone. See, we’re all handsome men and beautiful women?”

As for the others, when they saw Phoebe like this, they became even more excited, especially the men present. They opened their eyes wide and stared straight at Phoebe with desire. In their eyes, Phoebe was the lamb to be slaughtered.
The more aggrieved and scared Phoebe was, the more excited they became. To them, nothing was more satisfying than seeing

a good woman go to the bad, especially for a beautiful woman like Phoebe.

“Yes, Phoebe. It’s fun. You’re the main character tonight. So many handsome men present will try their best to please you. This is the treatment for the newcomers!”

“Phoebe, you’re new, so you may find it hard to accept. This is a normal reaction, but soon you will enjoy it.”

“Life is short. it’s so boring to be with a man for the rest of your life, especially for a beautiful woman like you. Of course, you need to have s*x with a few more men who are handsome and rich. Otherwise, your life will be wasted.”

“Phoebe, don’t worry. As an old classmate, I will definitely let you enjoy tonight…”

Hearing these shameless words, Phoebe trembled in anger. She was a very traditional and dedicated person. After getting married, she had always maintained her integrity and never had any intimate contact with other men, even if Ryan was such a loser! Now that she and Ryan were in love, it was even more impossible for her to accept such ridiculous and shameless things!

“You guys are shameless!” Phoebe finally couldn’t help but roar out loud, and she was so angry that she was trembling. Then she glared at Natalia in disgust and was about to turn around and leave.

Natalia sneered behind her and said with her arms folded around her chest, “You want to go? It’s too late. You’re here tonight, so you can’t get out of here.”

As soon as she finished speaking, someone immediately blocked Phoebe with an evil smile on his face.
Phoebe immediately panicked and snapped, “Natalia! What do you want?!”

Natalia took Mr. Lewis’s arm and walked up with malice on her face, “I didn’t want to do anything. I’m just trying to take you to a new happy world as an old classmate. Phoebe, you shouldn’t hate me. You should thank me. Soon you will know that this is the happiest thing in the world.”

Mr. Lewis’s eyes were fixed on Phoebe. He said with greedy eyes, “Phoebe, the party tonight is for you. No one else has the honor. I’ll be the first to serve you then, and I promise it’ll be an unforgettable memory to you.”

As he spoke, Mr. Lewis reached out his hand and wanted to hook Phoebe’s chin. He was very frivolous. Phoebe immediately dodged and snapped, “You are presumptuous! I won’t agree even if I die. You’d better let me go, or when my husband comes, you will all be screwed!”

Phoebe didn’t want to mention Ryan out unless it was critical. She always caused trouble for Ryan.
Mr. Lewis frowned and said with some fear, “Who’s her husband?”

Natalia immediately said disdainfully, “Well, he’s a nobody. I’ve already investigated it. Her husband marries into her family. I saw him at her house once that day. He’s just an ordinary person. Don’t take it to heart. Besides, his husband is on his way. I’ll personally serve him and he’ll have a good time.”

After hearing this, Mr. Lewis smiled again and felt more relieved.

The others also relaxed. Their group was most afraid of offending the big shots that they couldn’t afford to and being wiped out.
So every time they brought in a new person, they were especially cautious. They had to investigate the background clearly and had confidence in the character of the new person before they took action.

Flustered and angry, Phoebe forced herself to calm down. At this moment, she couldn’t lose her composure. “Natalia! I’m not joking with you. My husband is the chairman of the ZQ Media, not an ordinary person, and he’s also a martial arts expert who can punch through the wall! Now he’s on his way here. If he finds out that you’re bullying me, he’ll be pissed off, and you will come to a bad end! You’d better let me go right away, so I won’t tell my husband about this.”

Phoebe finished in one breath. She got calmer as she spoke. She had absolute confidence in Ryan. The thought of Ryan made

her feel safe.

However, after hearing this, the people present showed no fear at all. Instead, they had mocking smiles on their faces. Natalia was amused and burst out laughing. “Hahaha, chairman of the ZQ Media? That’s awesome. It scared us to death. Phoebe, you don’t think you’re really married to a big boss because you live in Dragon Bay. I’ve got to the bottom of you. Your husband is not a big shot.”

A female classmate next to him said, “The funniest thing is that he’s a martial arts master and he punched through the wall.
Haha, it’s hilarious. You think we’re idiots.”

A man said, “It’s so scary to punch through the wall. I’m scared out of my wits. Hahaha…” Everyone around Phoebe laughed.

Mr. Lewis also smiled. He stared at Phoebe, swallowed, and said impatiently, “Okay, stop talking nonsense. Let’s start to teach this newcomer!”

When the other men heard this, their eyes glowed and they kept swallowing.

Phoebe was completely flustered. Without hesitation, she turned around and ran away. She started shouting for help, hoping to attract the attention of the two bodyguards outside!

However, no matter how she screamed, her voice could not be heard. This place was already closed, and dynamic music was playing outside. The two bodyguards could not hear it.

The more panicked Phoebe was, the happier and more excited they became. Especially Mr. Lewis, his face was shining with a frightening light, which made him look scary.

Rubbing his hands, he walked towards Phoebe like a wolf as he said, “Miss Scott, stop struggling. It’s useless. You’d better cooperate with us…”

Phoebe tried to run, but she was weak alone, and she was too weak to run. After a while, she was caught by two women, unable to move. She was filled with dread, failing to break free no matter how hard she struggled.

“Let go of me, let go of me! I don’t have much time left. I just want to give my husband a complete self in my last time. Don’t do this. Please, please…” Phoebe cried and begged desperately, but these people had lost their humanity. They got excited as Phoebe cried.


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