The Vengeful Son-in-law Chapter 548

Phoebe agreed. And Natalia was so surprised.

Phoebe’s two female bodyguards immediately said, “Madam, Mr. Howard asked us to protect you when he’s not around. We should stay with you all the time.”

“Yes, madam, I don’t wish you to make it difficult for us.” Hearing their words, Phoebe was also a little hesitant. It was indeed what Ryan said.

Phoebe said awkwardly, “Natalia, that’s exactly what my husband said. Please allow them to follow me. They’re professional bodyguards, and they won’t disturb us.”

Natalia’s face immediately darkened and she said unhappily, “Phoebe, what’s wrong with you? It’s rare for you to come. Our old classmates gather here, but you have to bring your bodyguards? Don’t you trust us?”

Phoebe quickly explained, “Natalia, you misunderstood me. I didn’t mean that. I just…”

At this moment, a female classmate next to her said in a strange tone, “Hey, Natalia, I don’t think you should force Phoebe. She’s a president, and her life is very important. Of course, she should be careful. She’s on guard against us.”

Another male classmate also said, “Natalia, please tell me about it next time. If I know that the bodyguards will come, I won’t attend the party. Although my business wasn’t comparable to Phoebe’s, I have to feed dozens of people.”

They taunted Phoebe one after another, making her feel embarrassed and blush. She said: “You misunderstood me. I didn’t mean that…”

Natalia saw that Phoebe was worried, she continued to say: “What do you mean? Don’t you trust us? If you really don’t trust us, you can let your professional bodyguard go in and check if we will harm you!”

“Yes, you can let the bodyguards in for a check! Don’t say that your old classmates are plotting against you!”

The more they talked, the more excited they became as if they had been wronged. They insisted that Phoebe should give them an explanation. They knew that Phoebe was bashful. The more they talked, the more embarrassed Phoebe became.

Phoebe said anxiously, “That’s not what I meant…”

She gritted her teeth and said to the two bodyguards, “Just wait outside. These are my old classmates. It’s fine. Ryan will be here soon.”

The bodyguards tried to persuade her but had to obey Phoebe’s arrangement.

They wouldn’t leave Phoebe on other occasions. But they were at her old classmate’s house. And the people inside were just ordinary businessmen and businesswomen, so they were not too worried. Anyway, they were outside the house. If there was.

anything unusual, they could rush in immediately. Most importantly, Ryan was coming over soon. Considering Ryan’s status and ability, those people didn’t dare to do anything.

When Natalia saw that Phoebe was willing to go in by herself, she couldn’t help but smile. The others were also excited. They hid well. Phoebe was not wary of them, so she did not notice them.

Then, Phoebe followed Natalia and the others into the villa.
Natalia’s villa was quite large and luxuriously decorated. To Phoebe’s surprise, the doors and windows of the villa were closed

tightly. The house was completely closed and it was cooled by the air conditioner. When Phoebe came in, she felt a little cold.

In the hall, there were already a lot of people, most of whom were strangers. They sat together intimately and some of them were too intimate. Phoebe immediately frowned and said to Natalia with some displeasure, “Natalia, didn’t you say that it was a party for our old classmates tonight? Why are there so many strangers?”

Natalia held her hand and said with a smile, “These are all my good friends. They are very interesting. Besides, the party will be more interesting with more people.”

After Phoebe came in, everyone looked at her. They were surprised by her beauty. Many men even showed their passion and desire for her. Phoebe felt uncomfortable.

She was no longer the naive girl she used to be. She had a bad feeling about the atmosphere. But she didn’t leave immediately out of courtesy.

A few people came over immediately. There were three men and three women. One of them was a young and handsome man.
He looked at Phoebe unscrupulously, And then he whistled and said to Natalia, “Natalia, good. She was brilliant.”

As she spoke, he walked over and touched Natalia’s waist directly. He looked very lewd, but Natalia was not angry. Even her husband Kurn was still smiling. He didn’t care that his wife was molested at all.

It was unbelievable to Phoebe!

Natalia giggled and said, “Mr. Lewis, don’t touch me. I’m not yours this time.”

Mr. Lewis chuckled and flirted with Natalia. He even said a few romantic words. But Natalia was not angry. She interacted with Mr. Lewis happily. Phoebe was shocked by them!

She almost suspected that she was hallucinating. Natalia, who was so shy and honest when she was a college student, was so… dissolute now! And her husband was just beside her. What was worse, her husband was not angry but smiled. He also hooked up with Mr. Lewis. Phoebe’s perception was really overturned.

Soon, Mr. Lewis looked at Phoebe again. Seeing that Phoebe was in a daze, he thought of something and stared straight at her.
He said: “Hey, beauty, what’s your name? When did you get married? Do you have children?”

Phoebe took two steps back. She frowned and felt nauseous to be looked at by Mr. Lewis. She said to Natalia, “Natalia, I have something else to do. You’ll have to excuse me.”

After that, she turned around and left.

She was very angry now. Natalia knew that she was married, but she brought her here! No matter how naive she was, she could tell that these people in the room were not decent people, including Natalia.

She was a very traditional and devoted woman. How could she accept these things? She was polite to Natalia that she wasn’t angry there!

However, as scon as she turned around, she was stopped by Natalia. Natalia said with a smile, “Hey, Phoebe, where are you going? You just got here. You haven’t seen the most exciting part.”

Then she immediately scolded Mr. Lewis, “Mr. Lewis, it’s all your fault. You scared Phoebe! She is a decent woman. Ever since she got married, she had never mingled outside nor given birth to a child. She is very pure.”

When Mr. Lewis heard this, he immediately opened his eyes wide and clapped, “Great, great, Natalia. You’ve done a great job this time. From today on, you’re our core member. Hahaha.”


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