The Vengeful Son-in-law Chapter 547

Sunny’s arrival made the atmosphere a little awkward. Ryan did not choose to stay any longer. After notifying Chou, he was about to leave.

The Heaven and Earth’s Spiritual Fruit was very important and quite attractive to him, but Ryan was not very interested because he was already a master of Innate Realm.

He had had the idea of picking the Fruit and giving it to Phoebe. And this Fruit could help ordinary people directly make a breakthrough to climbing to the Innate Realm and extend their life span at least by decades. Therefore, it was much more precious than the Vitality Pill.

However, he quickly gave up on this idea, because there were too many people from different factions who were targeting the Heaven and Earth’s Spiritual Fruit this time. At that time, there must be a lot of masters of the Innate Realm fighting against each other. Maybe master of Major Perfection Realm of the Innate Realm would come too. If he wanted to get it, he may be in danger, and the gains would not be worth the losses.

However, he did not expect that in a short tine, God would make such a big joke on him that he had to participate!

After finishing all the procedures at the SK Lighting, Phoebe stepped down and personally appointed one of her subordinates to a new chairman. She was completely relieved as if she had lifted a heavy burden.

Now that she had finished all her work, becoming fully available. She could spend all her time with Ryan wholeheartedly.

For the limited rest of her time, she wanted to see Ryan every day after she opened her eyes and to hug Ryan every night before she fell asleep. She wanted to be with Ryan all day long.

At the thought of this, she couldn’t help but smile sweetly.

But immediately, she couldn’t help but be upset at the thought of the short period of time. She sighed. God was really unfair to her. Alas, One part in a billion had occurred to her.

Soon, she shook her head hard and pinched herself. “Phoebe, what are you sighing about? You are already in such a romantic relationship with Ryan who is so good to you, and there is nothing unsatisfied. You are the happiest woman! In the next few days, you must be happy every day. You cannot upset Ryan, okay?”

After that, she put on a smile again and waved her hands hard to cheer herself up. “Phoebe, you can do it! You’re the best, haha.”

She hid her sadness and pain deep in her heart and sealed it. Or rather, she had already moved on and no longer felt sad and painful. In the future, she only needed to show her best side to Ryan and had a good time in her last time, and that was enough.
Since she could not change the result, the only thing she could do was not to leave any regrets in her last time!

Tonight, Natalia invited her to a party, saying that many of her old classmates would be there. She agreed.

When she returned home, she found that Ryan did not come back. She was planning to wait for Ryan to come back and then go to Natalia’s party together, but Natalia kept hurrying her up. She said that many old classmates had already arrived and were waiting for her.

It was hard to refuse, and Phoebe was a person who was not very good at rejecting, so she agreed. She went out with two female bodyguards.

The party.was not held in a hotel or a clubhouse, but in a private luxury villa.

When Phoebe arrived, she did see that there were already a lot of cars parked at the door. Obviously, there were already a lot of people. Moreover, Natalia and her husband, and several people were waiting at the door. When they saw Phoebe get out of the car, they immediately came to welcome her with great hospitality.

“Phoebe, I’ve been locking forward to you a long time ago. Welcome!” When Natalia saw Phoebe, an excited smile immediately appeared on her face. She came up to hold Phoebe warmly with a wide smile.

Phoebe was a little frightened and flattered by her enthusiasm. Moreover, she saw a lot of people standing around, as if they were waiting for her, which made her even more embarrassed.

“Natalia, I’m so sorry to keep you all waiting for me.” Phoebe said shyly.
Natalia waved her hand and said, “Hey, why are you embarrassed? You’re big deal. We’re holding this party tonight for you.” “Ah? For me?” Phoebe was immediately shocked. She felt a little weird.

Kurn, who was standing by the side, immediately glared at Natalia unhappily. He blamed Natalia for saying the wrong thing. He quickly stood up and said, “Miss Scott, Natalia was wrong. What she meant was that you haven’t seen each other for so long. A lot of people want to see you. So the party is for you.”

After Phoebe heard this, she had a bad feeling, but she couldn’t figure it out. Natalia had no motive to harm her.

Natalia said quickly, “Yes, I was wrong. Actually, that’s what I meant. We haven’t seen each other for so long. Many classmates want to see you.”

Phoebe smiled when she heard that she was happy to see many of her primary classmates, she didn’t think much about it.
Anyway, Ryan would be here soon. With Ryan around, she felt extremely safe and not afraid at all.

Then, as expected, she saw many familiar faces, all of whom were her classmates.

“Phoebe, you’re still so beautiful after all these years.”

“Nonsense. Phoebe used to be the prettiest girl in our class.”

“Hey, what are you talking about? Phoebe is much prettier than before, okay?”

“I don’t know who is so lucky to marry a beautiful woman like Phoebe!”

“You tell me. Whoever can marry Ryan must be his kind.”

Surrounded by Phoebe, her old classmates chattered and seemed very enthusiastic. There were two male classmates, whose eyes were especially bright, staring straight at Phoebe, making Phoebe a little uncomfortable.

Natalia saw Phoebe frown slightly and look a little unhappy. She immediately pushed them away and said, “Hey, what are you doing? You scared our class belle. She is now the chairwoman of a big company. Show her some respect, okay?”

They seemed to be led by Natalia. Hearing Natalia’s words, they immediately wipe their sarcastic expressions off their faces.

Then, Natalia said to Phoebe, “By the way, Phoebe, where’s your husband? Didn’t you say you should come together? Why hasn’t he come yet?”

Phoebe said, “He has been in the middle of something today. He will come later.”

Natalia and Kurn looked at each other and showed some excitement. Then they immediately said, “Since that’s the case, let’s go in first. Let’s enjoy the party!”

Phoebe saw that they were getting excited and not as frivolous as before, and she nodded and walked in together with them.

Soon, Natalia saw that Phoebe’s two bodyguards were coming in together. She said, “Phoebe, ask your bodyguards to wait outside.”

Phoebe was stunned for a moment and said, “They are my bodyguards. They should come with me.”

Natalia immediately pretended to be unhappy and said, “These bodyguards we hired are also waiting outside. Besides, this is our party. It’s not easy for us to have a chance to say our say. Don’t let them ruin our party.”

“But…” “Don’t you trust me?” Natalia said with a grim face.

When Phoebe heard her say that, it was hard to refuse, so she had to agree.


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