The Vengeful Son-in-law Chapter 546

In Ryan’s opinion, the Vitality Pill was already a very extraordinary elixir. Even Chou’s fatal injury could be healed in a short time.
Now that Chou said that there was another treasure in the world that was far more valuable than the Vitality Pill, he couldn’t be uninterested.

Chou took a deep breath and said, “I don’t know exactly this treasure’s name. A few hundred years ago, some people called it the ‘Fruit of God’. In the past hundred years, others called it the Colorful Fruit of Essence’. In the West, they called it the ‘Tears of Earth’. In our LT Organization, they called it the ‘Fruit of Life’. Its much more precious than the Vitality Pill!”

Fruit of God, Colorful Fruit of Essence, Tears of Earth, Fruit of Life? When Ryan heard these names, he was stunned. Why did it sound so unreal? “Oh, God. What is it exactly?” Ryan asked with a frown.

Chou smiled bitterly and said, “I don’t know exactly what it is, because I haven’t seen it before. I just heard it before when I was in the LT Organization. It’s a mysterious fruit. It only bears fruit once in a hundred years, and it can’t be planted. It only grows on cold snow and it can increase the origin vitality of humans. It can be said that the most precious treasure in this world. Every time it produces fruit, countless people will fight for it.”

Hearing this, Ryan had a strange expression on his face. He looked at Chou and said, “Chou, you’re kidding me, aren’t you?” Ryan had a vision and abundant experience, but he had never heard of such a treasure, which was so incredible.

If there were that thing, why were there no records on the Internet or in books? It was the 21st century, an era of highly developed information. Nothing could be completely hidden.

Chou saw through what Ryan was thinking. He smiled bitterly and said, “Young Master, just take my words for a joke. I’ve never seen it before anyway. I’ve only heard it by chance many years ago. Master Sunny might know something, but I have told you all I knew.”

Ryan nodded. He didn’t take it to heart and didn’t believe what Chou said.

However, as soon as they finished speaking, Ryan suddenly raised his eyebrows and looked in one direction. Immediately, a red figure appeared there.

The red figure was Sunny.

She showed up without any warning. If not for Ryan had reached the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, she would not have been discovered in advance.

Ryan took a look and felt the terrifying aura on Sunny’s body. Sunny’s cultivation was extremely profound. She was in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, just like him. Her strength was more terrifying than before. Even he had no absolute confidence that he could defeat Sunny!

It seemed that Sunny’s decline period had passed, and her strength had improved a lot. Sunny was also the beneficiary in that dual cultivation.

This reminded Ryan of how he felt last time, which was very unforgettable. From this point of view, if they could continue the dual cultivation, wouldn’t they soon break through to… Ahem! “Stop thinking about that. That double cultivation was a necessity. You dare to dream of next time. Ryan, I despise you!” He thought in his heart.

Sunny looked over and seemed to feel Ryan’s thoughts. Shyness flashed across her cold face. There was an invisible blush and she glared at Ryan with embarrassment.

She had tried her best to forget what happened last time during this period of time. Now that she saw Ryan, those shameful memories came back!

She was a senior member of the LT Organization and was regarded as the next Saintess. She had never been offended like this by a man. Ryan was the first and only one!

Ryan was also shocked when he saw Sunny’s shy and angry eyes. He quickly lowered his head and suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

Only then did Chou notice Sunny. He immediately went forward and made a bow respectfully, “Master Sunny.”

Sunny returned to her cold and aloof appearance in a second, just like a fairy that nobody could fool around with her. Even though she was standing there, she still gave people an unreal feeling that she seemed to disappear with the wind at any time.
Chou was known as the underground emperor of H City, who controlled most of the dark deal, but in front of Sunny, he still had to be respectful sincerely.

Sunny nodded gently and said, “There’s another way to call it, ‘Life Elongating Fruit’.”


Ryan was stunned by her words. Immediately, he realized that Sunny was continuing Chou’s topic.

And, according to Sunny, this fruit truly existed?

Ryan immediately asked, “Is there really such a magical fruit? How does that produce?”

Sunny deliberately did not look into Ryan’s eyes and moved her face to the other side. She said, “It is not clear how it produces.
There is indeed such a fruit. And this year is its mature period. Many forces have their eyes on it, and there will be a bloody battle.”

Chou’s eyes flashed with enthusiasm. He suppressed his excitement and said, “Lord Sunny, did the LT Organization send you to pick the fruit this time?”

“And Fausto from the Southern State.” Sunny said. When she mentioned the name, fear flashed in her eyes.

Chou immediately narrowed his eyes, took a deep breath, and said, “Even Master Fausto would go? Then LT Organization is determined to get the fruit this time!”

Sunny nodded and said, “That’s right.”

Hearing what they said, Ryan was sure that there was indeed such a fruit. He was surprised, even felt it incredible. He was not only a martial artist but also a master of science. He had learned a lot of scientific knowledge. From his knowledge, he could not imagine why the earth could produce such a fruit. It was amazing that it could increase the origin vitality of humans.

“How does this work? Is there such fruit on earth? It’s completely unscientific.” Ryan said with a frown.

Sunny glanced at him and immediately turned her gaze, saying, “This kind of fruit began to appear more than 300 years ago. It bears fruit once in about 112 years. Each time, it is in the coldest place on earth. It is probably related to the change of the earth.
More than 500 years ago, the earth began to appear as an invisible spiritual Qi. The spirit fruit should be the result of this Qi.”

“Spiritual Qi?” Ryan felt it more like nonsense and said with a smile, “Sunny, you’ve read too many novels about cultivation, haven’t you? Spiritual Qi?”

Sunny looked at him disdainfully, as if she was mocking him for having a narrow view. “You are the master in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm? If it weren’t for the change in the earth’s environment and spiritual Qi’s appearance, you would have been able to reach the Innate Realm? What is Innate, do you understand?”

When Ryan heard this, his body shook slightly. Indeed, more than three hundred years ago, there was indeed no Innate Realm.

It was in the recent hundred years that experts in the Innate Realm gradually appeared. Could it be that there was spiritual Qi existing?

To him, this was a little incredible.

Sunny sneered and added, “I heard that the effects of this fruit are unprecedented strong, like the omnipotent elixir. If an ordinary person takes it, he can not only get rid of all karma, but also break through to the Innate Realm. There are numerous forces and big shots try everything to get this fruit.”

Then, she sighed again and said, “This time, the fruit is in H Country. I’m afraid it will cause a bloody battle.”

Ryan’s expression also became serious. He could imagine that if there was such a fruit, then it would be wars among the country.


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