The Vengeful Son-in-law Chapter 148

Phoebe did not see the sinister glint in Zack’s eyes and was happy that Zack had mended his way.

In the past, she had a good relationship with Zack. When she was bullied at school, Zack would stand up for her. But later, when they all grew up and when things involved the interests of the family, Zack slowly became selfish and cold-blooded. If Zack could mend his way, she was still very happy.

She was quite tired now, but she still decided to go to dinner with Zack.
When she got into the car, she immediately closed her eyes to rest for a while.

Because today was a busy day and there was melodious music in the car, Phoebe dropped her vigilance and her body was very relaxed and she unconsciously fell asleep. But she did not know that Zack had changed direction. He did not go to the Michelin- starred restaurant at all, but to another place.

Zack was driving. When he saw Phoebe asleep, he was excited and nervous. As long as he sent Phoebe to Martin, he could get three million dollars. It was such a great deal!

He had convinced himself countless times, so he no longer felt guilty.

After sleeping for 20 minutes, Phoebe slowly opened her eyes. She realized something was wrong. This was not the way to the original restaurant. She quickly asked, “Brother Hao, didn’t you say we are going to the Michelin-starred restaurant? Why are we here?”

Zack smiled mysteriously and said, “Right, but there’s also a Michelin-starred restaurant here. We’ll be here soon.” Phoebe frowned. “Really? Why don’t I know?”

For some reason, she suddenly had a bad feeling.

Zack smiled even more brightly and said, “It’s new. That’s why you don’t know.”

Hearing Zack say this, she relaxed a lot. In her opinion, Zack was her cousin and had a close blood relationship with her. No matter how bad Zack’s character was, it was impossible for him to harm her.

“Here we are.” Zack stopped the car and said to Phoebe with a smile.
Phoebe looked out the window. Here was clearly a suburb. There was no Michelin-starred restaurant. “Zack, are you sure this is a Michelin-starred restaurant?”

“Yes, it’s inside. Just walk in.” Zack got out of the car first, then walked over and opened the door for Phoebe. Seeing that Phoebe frowned and was suspicious, he pretended to be unhappy and said, “What? Are you afraid that I will harm you?”

Phoebe did have such doubts, but when she saw the displeasure on Zack’s face, she gradually let down her defences and shook her head, “I didn’t mean that.”

“Then get out of the car. There won’t be any good food if we arrive late.” Zack said.
Phoebe had to get out of the car and go with Zack.

However, the more she walked in, the more she felt that something was wrong. This was clearly a suburb. There was no Michelin-starred restaurant.

Recalling Zack’s unusual behaviors, Phoebe immediately realized that she had been into a trap and immediately turned to leave.
However, it was too late for her to escape now.
Immediately, from the houses on both sides, a few people came out, stopped in front of her, and looked at her covetously.

Zack also turned around with a strange smile on his face and said, “Phoebe, aren’t we going to a Michelin-starred restaurant for a meal? Where are you going?”

In this case, even if Phoebe was stupid, she knew that she had been deceived by Zack. Her expression changed and she said sternly, “Zack! You brought me here on purpose? What do you want to do?”

Zack said with a hateful smile, “I brought you for a meal. What do you think I’m doing?”

He walked slowly towards Phoebe with an evil smile on his face and a strange fire in his eyes.

Seeing Zack like this, Phoebe’s heart beat faster and faster, and she was afraid. “Zack! You’re crazy. I’m your cousin! But you want to harm me?”

“Hahaha, I just brought you here to see someone. How could I harm you? I don’t want your money, neither your life.” Zack said hatefully.

When Phoebe heard this, she became even more flustered because she knew that Zack wanted her body! Immediately she was furious. “Zack, are you still a human? I’m your cousin. But you’re doing this to me! You’re a beast!”

Zack was stunned, then he came to his senses and spat, “Are you crazy? Will I do such a disgusting thing? I have told you I brought you here to see someone.”

As he finished speaking, a car came from outside the alley, stopped, and then, from the car, walked outside a handsome man.
Naturally it was Martin.

There was a wanton smile on his face, and his eyes greedily looked at Phoebe. There was a lewd green light in his eyes, which made Phoebe’s scalp numb.

“Tsk tsk, great, great, Zack. You did a good job!” As Martin walked over, he clapped his hands. The smile on his face was wild and evil.

Then, on Zack’s phone, he received a receipt from PayPal, which reminded him that he successfully got those three million dollars.

Zack hurriedly turned on his phone and saw the number. His face was almost crooked with that stupid smile. He was unusually excited and happy. “Mr. Gablehauser, this is what I should do.”

Martin smiled and said, “Good job.”

Seeing how the two were in cahoots, Phoebe was flustered and angry. She wanted to scold them, but she didn’t do it because she knew that it was pointless to do so now.

Calm down. In such a situation, she must calm down!

“Martin, I advise you not to act rashly. We have laws. There are cameras everywhere. You can’t run away if you commit a crime!” Phoebe said coldly.

Martin suddenly smiled. “Oh, are you intimating me? Phoebe, I think you’re not that naive anymore. Why are you still say something like this? So what if there are cameras? The cameras will show that you came with Zack. What does it have to do with me, Martin? Besides, I will record the whole video and record your coquettish appearance. If you want to live in shame in the future, you can choose to call the police. I promise I won’t stop you.”

“Martin, you! Shameless!” Phoebe gritted her teeth in anger.
“Shameless? There’s something even more shameless that hasn’t been done.” Martin walked towards Phoebe as he spoke.

Phoebe’s calmness immediately disappeared again. She took a few steps back and picked up a small branch from the ground.
She put it in front of her chest and trembled uncontrollably, “Martin, don’t come over! Otherwise, I’ll kill you!”

When Martin saw Phoebe like this, he was even more excited. He got a perverted excitement. The more Phoebe was afraid, the more he had a sense of achievement.

Walking up to Phoebe, he easily snatched Phoebe’s branch away, broke it, and then grabbed Phoebe’s wrist, looking at her like a cat torturing a mouse. “Phoebe, you’re in my hand.”

Phoebe tried to resist, but as a weak woman, she was no match for Martin. Martin soon pressed her against the wall.

“Martin! What do you want to do? Stop! My husband and the chairman of ZQ are friends. If you dare to do anything to me, he will not let you go!” Phoebe shouted!

“The chairman of ZQ?” There was some fear shown between Martin’s brows. But he quickly erased it and snorted, “Now you still trying to scare me? Don’t tell me that trash Ryan knows the chairman of ZQ. Even if he IS the chairman, why should I feel scared?”

At this time, Phoebe was completely flustered. She tried her best to resist, but she still couldn’t. Martin was much stronger than her.

She was now filled with regret and tears. Seeing Martin’s lips getting closer and closer, she was extremely desperate and really hoped someone to come and save her at this time.

But at this moment, a voice came…


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