The Vengeful Son-in-law Chapter 147

Ever since that day, Martin had a knot in his heart and always wanted to trouble Ryan! But he couldn’t find a chance and he got increasingly upset, so he came to drink today to relieve his anxiety. He didn’t expect to meet Zack here.

To be honest, he almost forgot about Zack. Now that he saw Zack, his first reaction was to think of Phoebe.
Then his mind began to liven up. Yes, why didn’t he start with Phoebe?

For the past two days, his mind was filled with images of Ryan and Kaylie staying together. He was almost bewildered. Every time he thought of it, he felt so uncomfortable all over. Since that was the case, he could deal with a man as the man dealt with him.
Besides, Phoebe was also one of the three beauties in H City. In terms of appearance, she was no worse than Kaylie at all.

He had let Phoebe go before for Rory’s sake. Now he had enough reasons to retaliate against Ryan. Rory would not say anything if he knew!

In just a few seconds, Martin thought of these in his mind. On the surface, he looked at Zack who became pleasing to his eyes.
He waved and said, “So it’s Mr. Scott. Come here. Come here and drink.”

His hospitality made Zack comfortable and excited. This was the first time Martin had called him Mr. Scott. Zack felt being respected.

“No, no, no. Mr. Gablehauser, just call me Zack.” Zack raised his glass and held it in both hands. His glass was lower than Martin’s. He did this to show his respect to Martin.

After three rounds of drinking, the two of them became more and more excited and began to talk.

Martin purposefully asked Phoebe about her recent situation. Zack was already resentful, and he told Martin about the recent events. “Mr. Gablehauser, it’s okay if I don’t say it. I’m angry when I think of it! Phoebe actually became the Chairman of our company. Now that she’s powerful, she kicked all the ‘founding fathers’ out of the board of directors!”

“Really? Isn’t your company going bankrupt? Why did Phoebe become the Chairman?” Martin was quite surprised. He knew SK Company and it was about to go bankrupt. How could Phoebe become the Chairman?

Zack drank half a glass of wine and said, “That’s because of that bastard Ryan. I don’t know how he got lucky. He actually met ZQ Inc’s Chairman and borrowed a hundred million from him to invest in SK. Now that Phoebe has more than 50% of the company’s shares. She’s in charge of the whole company. Damn it, f*ck!”

After Martin heard this, his eyes flashed. He immediately remembered the day he followed Ryan and saw Ryan drive into ZQ Plaza with his own eyes. He wondered if Ryan worked for the ZQ Inc. It turned out that Ryan actually knew the mysterious Chairman of ZQ Inc.

Damn it.

He was also cursing in his heart.

Was he going to let Ryan go?

To be honest, he was not willing, very unwilling!

Ryan had cuckolded him. If he let Ryan go like this, how could he stay in the circle in the future? He must take revenge!

This thought surged in his mind and became uncontrollable.

He put his hand on Zack’s shoulder and looked into his eyes. “Mr. Scott, do you want to revenge? Do you want to get back what you lost?”

Zack said without hesitation, “Yes!” Under the paralysis of alcohol, his eyes were bloodshot and his breathing became heavy.
Martin smiled like a demon, then put his mouth near Zack’s ear and said something in secret.

After Zack heard this, his originally blurred eyes instantly regained some clarity, and he swallowed heavily and said, “Mr.
Gablehauser, isn’t that good? No matter what, she’s my cousin.”

“What’s wrong? Think about it carefully. Phoebe kicked you out of the board of directors. Has she ever treated you like a cousin?” Martin’s voice was full of bewilderment. “Besides, there’s no evidence for this kind of thing. It’s completely harmless to you. Well, after it’s done, I’ll give you three million privately, okay?”

Three million!

Zack’s heart beat faster immediately.

Listening to Martin’s incessant temptation, Zack was also tempted. Finally, he gritted his teeth and agreed, saying, “Okay! I promise you!”

A chill appeared in his eyes and he muttered, “Phoebe, don’t blame me. You forced me!”

Martin was overjoyed to see Zack agree. He could not hide the smug smile on his face. He had already thought of the scene of Phoebe under him.

“Ryan, you piece of trash. You dare to touch my woman. Now I’m going to f*ck your wife and take a video! I’m curious about your expression when you see the video.”

It was another day of working overtime. Phoebe didn’t get off work until nine o’clock. She was already very tired.

As soon as she came out of the office, she saw Zack standing at the door. At this time, the lights in the company were turned off a lot. When she suddenly saw Zack, she was shocked. “Zack! What are you standing here for? Are you sick?”

Why did Zack appear here? Naturally, he came to wait for Phoebe. Originally, he was still a little nervous. He thought whether it would be too much to do this. After all, Phoebe was his cousin. If grandpa knew, grandpa would definitely be angry. But now that he heard Phoebe’s curse, he immediately became angry, and the original anxiety and guilt disappeared completely.

“Phoebe, I am waiting for you.” Zack took a deep breath and tried to make his expression look sincere.

Phoebe’s eyes were full of suspicion and vigilance. She stared at him and said, “What are you waiting for me for?”

Seeing Phoebe’s anti-theft eyes, Zack was angry again. “Damn it, I’m your brother at least. Why are you so wary of me?” “Phoebe! I know you’ve been against me all these years. I don’t deserve to be a brother. During this time, I’ve been thinking a lot.
I really felt that I was too cold-blooded and went too far, especially to you and Ryan. I didn’t do things a brother should do.” Before

Zack came, he had already prepared his lines and prepared his emotions. He began to speak, looking extremely remorseful. In order to get Phoebe’s trust, he deliberately slapped himself twice.

“Phoebe, I was wrong. Can you forgive me?”

Zack did the ruse of self-injury to win Phoebe’s trust.

Phoebe was originally a soft-hearted person. When she saw that Zack had swollen his face, she also felt pity.

Of course, Phoebe wasn’t a fool. She wouldn’t believe Zack so easily. “Are you planning something against me?” Zack was shocked. He was clearly acting very realistically. How could Phoebe know?

But soon, he saw the wariness in Phoebe’s eyes. He knew that he didn’t reveal anything. It was Phoebe who doubted his.

With that in mind, he gritted his teeth and knelt down directly in front of Phoebe! Phoebe was startled and quickly stepped aside. “Zack! What are you doing? You’re crazy!”

Zack went all out. Anyway, there was no one else but Phoebe now. “Phoebe, I really regret it. Are you so heartless that you won’t forgive me?”

Zack’s behavior really made Phoebe flustered. She said quickly, “Okay, okay, I forgive you. Get up!” “No! You didn’t forgive me. You are just trying to coax me!” Zack started his performance.
“Then what do you want to do?”

A hint of conspiracy flashed in Zack’s eyes. He took a deep breath and said, “Phoebe, you must have not eaten since you worked overtime, right? I made a reservation in Michelin and let me treat you to dinner, right? Speaking of this, we haven’t had dinner alone for a long time.”

Phoebe was indeed hungry as she worked overtime till now. Now that she saw Zack’s sincere look, she was also moved. She thought that Zack had really changed, and she was quite relieved to see this. She nodded and agreed.


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