The Vengeful Son-in-law Chapter 142

Logan gave Acre a heavy beating.
Logan had never felt happier, nor had he felt more excited!

Acre had always been one of the most popular figures in school. There were a group of boys under Acre’s management, and no one dared to disrespect him. Over time, in everyone’s mind, Acre was an invincible existence.

Even Logan thought so, but after a fight with Acre just now, he realized that Acre was so weak and vulnerable.
“Are you pleased?”

On the way back, Ryan asked Logan.

Logan blurted out, “Yes! Very pleased. I’ve never felt so pleased before!”

Now Logan’s face was full of smiles, with his fists clenched. The blush on his face had not dissipated yet, and he looked especially excited. He clenched his fists and waved them in the air, uttering some sounds.

Ryan smiled calmly and did not say much.

For Ryan, what happened just now was not worth mentioning. With his status, dealing with a small college student was not something for showing off.

One advantage was that Logan’s attitude towards him had changed dramatically. Logan no longer called Ryan a loser, but a brother-in-law.

“Brother-in-law, how did you practice? It’s amazing. So many people are not your match. It’s so awesome!” Logan looked at Ryan, his eyes shining lights.

Ryan smiled and said, “You want to learn?”

“Yes, yes!” Logan nodded seriously. With blushes appeared on his face, he said, “Brother-in-law, can you teach me? When I learn martial arts, I won’t have to be afraid of Acre next semester! I’ll be the boss in school! And that b*tch Winnie, I’ll make her regret, kneel down in front of me and sing the song ‘Conquering’ to honor me!”

Logan was the typical type of person who would feel satisfied with a little learning. He was easy to get carried away with a little success as if he was very awesome.

Ryan shook his head unnoticeably and said faintly, “If you want to learn, it’s not impossible. You must learn basic skills first. Get up at six o’clock tomorrow. Go for a morning run with me around the green Lake. Tie five kilograms of sandbags on your feet.
Stick to the plan for a month, then you can practice standing on stakes.”

Logan immediately complained, “Ah? It’s so troublesome. Is there a quick fix?”

“You think this is hard?”

Logan replied seriously, “Yes, I think the protagonists in the novel are all directly practicing superior martial arts. They easily become martial arts masters, invincible in the world.”

“Wash up and sleep. There is no shortcut in the world. To succeed, you must first lay the foundation.” Ryan said with deep meaning.

Logan thought for a moment, clenched his fists, and said, “Fine, it is just to lay the foundation. Even you can do it. I have no reason not to!”

Ryan looked at him, and the corners of his lips raised. Ryan didn’t say what he meant. He was trained to master the martial arts and suffered more than he had just said. He had been practicing basic skills since he was six years old. When he was ten years old, he was thrown into the hunting field by his grandfather to refine his skills, where he almost got killed.

In the process, he suffered so many setbacks, injuries, and much pain.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but think of another person.

lt was his brother, Owen!

Owen was also the Eldest Young Master in the Howards.

Ever since childhood, he and Owen had been competing. They were trained together, grew up together, and fought together.
Ever since childhood, Ryan had better talents than Owen, no matter it was in martial arts, business, medicine, or learning.

It was exactly because of this that he got more attention from his grandfather, which made Owen jealous of him and regard him as a thorn in his heart.

Although Owen acted as if he cared for Ryan in the family very much, Ryan knew that Owen hated him a lot. On that night four years ago, Owen hit him the hardest, and almost killed him!

Now that four years had passed, he had been vindicated and had inherited more than 50 billion dollars from his grandfather. The person who felt the most unfair and angriest was probably this elder brother, right?

What was Owen like up to now?

Ryan had a feeling that his brother would definitely come to trouble him one day.

However, he was not afraid. Instead, he looked forward to it, as it was time for him to settle some things.

For example, why did grandpa suddenly get sick four years ago and was then in a persistent vegetative state?

It was a mystery.

Ryan had always believed that Owen was the one who caused it.

For the next two days, there was a belief that supported Logan, who got up early and joined Ryan in the morning run, to improve his physical quality and to become a strong man.

But this kind of passion only fueled Logan for two days. On the third day, he couldn’t stick to the plan.

Logan immediately backed out.

Ryan had expected this outcome a long time ago, and he did not force Logan to exercise.

One day, Ryan got up at five in the morning. Instead of running, he drove his Audi car to a place in the suburbs.

It was the place that buried the body of his grandpa Anderson.

Ryan couldn’t get rid of the regret for not being able to see his grandfather for the last time!

He had wanted to come over to see his grandfather a long time ago, but he held back, which was not because he had no conscience, but because he had no confidence to face his grandfather.

Grandpa had high hopes for him, but now he lived like this and let grandpa down!

If grandpa hadn’t finally woken up and made things right for him, he would still be hiding and waiting now.

Ryan sighed. He was already in a low mood even before he arrived at the place to visit the tomb.

It was not dawn yet, and the whole land was dark.

After Ryan parked the car and turned off the engine, the light around disappeared totally. It was in a public cemetery, where graves and weeds were everywhere. From time to time, chirps of insects and crows came, which made the place especially desolate and gloomy.

Ordinary people who were in such a place would be scared to tremble, and would not dare to stay long.
But Ryan was not afraid at all. He got out of the car and slowly walked up.

It was quiet as if he was the only one left.

“Grandpa, unfilial grandson is here to see you!”

Soon, Ryan found the tomb of his grandfather Anderson. He took out the incenses from the bag and lit them. The light of the fire cut through the darkness, but it made the context even more gloomy and desolate.

Ordinary people would have been scared quickly if they had encountered such a situation, but Ryan was not afraid at all. He only felt guilty, angry, nostalgic, and sad… His heart was filled with emotions that were extremely complicated.

He lit the incenses and kowtowed respectfully to his grandfather three times. The voice of kowtowing was so loud that it could be heard from far away.

After finishing all the formalities, he sat beside his grandfather’s tomb and muttered to himself about what had happened over the years. Before he knew it, tears had already wetted his cheeks.

He spent more than an hour ‘chatting’ in front of his grandfather’s tomb. It was not until it was already dawn that he was ready to leave.

At this time, he looked in a direction and said faintly, “Friend, you’ve been peeping at me for so long, shouldn’t you come out?”


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