The Untouchable Son-In-Law Chapter 427 – Untitled

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“Don’t worry. Leave this to me and do what you have to.” Francis Larson was different after all. He had been part of Peregrine Hall too, even though he had been forced to leave after a series of failures. However, he was still familiar with fights like this as compared to an average person.

As such, he readily agreed to his son-in-law’s request.

“Oh right. Don’t tell Yvette about this since it’s so complicated.”

“Don’t worry. Leave the family to me. You can do whatever you need to; I’ll take care of them.”

Having been reassured by Francis Larson, Finn Taylor left for the abandoned warehouse where Gremlin had been killed. ‘Why did Gremlin get killed here? Shouldn’t he have met the person at a hotel or restaurant? Why would he meet that person here? Besides, there isn’t anything to eat here. What could he have eaten to be poisoned?’ 

By the time Finn Taylor arrived, Hunter Sullivan had already been there for a while. After inspecting the place meticulously, the latter realized that this was merely an ordinary abandoned warehouse.

It had been abandoned for nearly five to six years, and based on the footsteps made in the dust, two people must’ve visited the warehouse. This meant that Gremlin probably died in the hands of that person.

“Look at the footprints; they’re from high heels. Do you think it was a woman or a man pretending to be a woman?”

It was obvious that Gremlin would be found, and so would the footprints since it had been years since anyone else had been there. This could only mean that the culprit had deliberately left those footprints.

‘Could this be a trick? Was it really a woman, or could a man have killed Gremlin and put on high heels to fool us into thinking that he’s a woman?’ 

“That’s hard to say. From the footprints alone, it was probably a woman, but they might also be trying to fool us. However, there’s something I haven’t been able to wrap my head around. I’m sure you’ve already guessed that it’s someone on my grandma’s side in Peregrine Hall who did this. I’m sure they would want to frame me for killing Gremlin, so why would they leave behind a woman’s footprints? I’m not a woman.”

“Could there be more to this? Maybe they’re trying to frame someone else.”

“Someone else? It must be someone around me then. Do you mean those men are actually after Yvette?”

“We can’t rule out that possibility.”

Just then, Logan Yeats arrived with Hilary Stone.

When the latter spotted the corpse on the ground, she let out a surprised yelp.

Finn Taylor had been observing the woman from the moment she walked in. Her expression came as no surprise to the former since he could tell that she was indeed shocked by the man’s death.

“Don’t kill me, Finn Taylor. Gremlin was the one who instigated me. I don’t want to die with him. We’re family, right? I won’t go against your family anymore. Please don’t kill me.” Up until now, Hilary Stone still had no idea who had killed Gremlin and instinctively thought that Finn Taylor was the culprit.

After all, Gremlin had kidnapped the latter’s mother-in-law.

Hilary Stone had been an accomplice too. ‘Is he going to kill me too?’ 

“Remove your shoes.”

Although Hilary Stone was confused by that order, she dared not disobey the man.

Hunter Sullivan strode over and snatched her shoes away to compare them with the footprints on the ground. Eventually, he shook his head.

Finn Taylor had asked the woman to remove her shoes because he wanted to know if they matched those on the ground. But now that they weren’t similar, it could only mean that Hilary Stone hadn’t been to the warehouse before this.

“Don’t worry. We won’t kill you. We didn’t kill Gremlin either; we just found out about his death. Do you see the footprints on the ground? They’re from a pair of high heels. That means it was a woman who killed him.”

Hilary Stone was terrified, and she nodded frantically. “It wasn’t me. I didn’t kill him. Don’t try to frame me for this. Someone is setting me up.”

“Setting you up? Who would do that?”

Hilary Stone wanted to reply that they were the ones who held a grudge against her, yet there was no way she’d say so unless she had a death wish. “I don’t know, but I definitely didn’t kill him. Think about it—he’s Gremlin! Do you know how powerful he is? There’s no way I could’ve taken him down.”

“Don’t worry. He wasn’t beaten to death but poisoned. He ate something and died, so you’re not out of my suspect list. You were the last one he saw, and he died in the hands of a woman. You two must’ve eaten together, right? It’s entirely possible that you killed him.”

“No, no. That’s impossible. Why would I want to poison him? There’s no conflict between us.”

“Everyone knows that you guys have met and schemed to do something together. Maybe he deviated from your plan and you wanted to get back at him for that, so you poisoned him. Who knows?”

“No, no. There was nothing of that sort. Besides, I didn’t kill him.”

“Do you want to live or die?” Finn Taylor suddenly asked a strange question.

“Of course, I want to live. Please don’t kill me.”

“Alright then. Do as I say from now on, or else I’ll take it that you killed Gremlin.”

“Fine, I promise that I’ll listen to you from now on.”


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