The Untouchable Son-In-Law Chapter 426 – Family

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While Finn Taylor indeed wished for Gremlin’s death, he didn’t want the latter to die without even knowing why. After all, Gremlin represented much more.

Although Finn Taylor was now the head of Chicago’s Taylor family, he had always been viewed as an abandoned child by the family.

What did that mean? It meant that the whole family looked down on him and treated him as a nobody.

This was a rule set by his grandma. Although she had already passed away, her men were still around.

Finn Taylor hadn’t killed off these men who still held great power within Peregrine Hall. ‘Why would Gremlin suddenly come to San Francisco to challenge me? He can’t possibly be that fearless and daring. It’s obvious that someone is backing him up. Who else would do this? It’s obvious that the men behind him are my grandma’s men. It won’t be easy dealing with them. They’ve all toiled for the Taylor family for decades and have made great achievements. How am I supposed to answer to everyone else if I were to kill them? What would the rest of them think of me? Won’t they rebel against me instead?’ 

But Finn Taylor was now most concerned about why Gremlin had suddenly passed on. There was only one possibility: his grandma’s men had killed him.

This complicated things since there was only one reason they would do so—to accuse Finn Taylor of killing Gremlin.

If they succeeded, they would then be able to steal away everything that Finn Taylor had from him. After all, there weren’t many Taylors left in the family.

‘Apart from me, there are only my mother and younger brother. We can forget about Donovan since he’s such an idiot. Let’s talk about my mother then. She’s such an interesting character. She’s so power-hungry that she’s willing to even fight against her own son for power! Since that’s the case, I guess they’ve never treated her as someone on my side. All things considered, this will mean that there will be nobody from Chicago’s Taylor family once they defeat me. Then, Peregrine Hall will belong to an outsider.’ 

Gremlin seemed like nothing more than a playing piece, yet he was hiding such a massive secret—he was being used at such a critical moment to bring the entire Taylor family down!

‘No, that won’t do. I can’t just sit back and watch all of this happen. I have to go all out. There’s no need to hold back anymore.’ With that thought in mind, Finn Taylor immediately made a call to Zachary Kennedy.

The latter was the best at technology amongst his men, and he was adept at using his skills to monitor others. As such, Finn Taylor put him in charge of surveilling those men from Peregrine Hall.

What the former needed to do was resolve the matter before those men even had the chance to step foot in San Francisco. This meant that he had to make Gremlin completely disappear from the face of the earth, as though he had never existed in the first place.

The reason was simple.

Didn’t those men want to frame him for killing Gremlin? If he had indeed killed Gremlin, they had better show him proof by bringing Gremlin’s corpse forward. Otherwise, they had better shut up.

This was Finn Taylor’s only choice; he had been forced into a corner.

“Have you thought about how you’re going to deal with this?” Francis Larson asked his son-in-law.

“Pretty much. I’m going to destroy his corpse and prevent news from getting out. I’m sure that news has already spread, but we can’t let them know about it because they were the ones who killed him.”

“What do you mean?”

“To put it simply, those men from Peregrine Hall sent Gremlin to my side to kill me, but they killed him after he failed at his mission and tried to frame me for it. They’ll then strike while I’m down and say that I’m not fit to be Master Peregrine since I killed someone from Peregrine Hall.”

“That’s true. They should be the ones then.”

“Elliot Jensen.” Finn Taylor mentioned a name. There were two men who held special positions in Peregrine Hall. One was his master—Maximus Brugel—and the other was Elliot Jensen.

His grandpa was the one who had brought Maximus Brugel into Peregrine Hall, and the latter was one of the most powerful men within the organization. On the other hand, his grandma was the one who had brought Elliot Jensen in when she first married into the family.

Before Frida Cameron had married into the family, Elliot Jensen had held a high position in her family—almost similar to the family head. Even so, he had always been suppressed in Peregrine Hall and had never enjoyed true power because of Maximus Brugel.

That naturally pissed him off, yet he hadn’t been able to do anything about it over the past few decades because Maximus Brugel was too powerful. The latter was probably a hundred—or even a thousand times—more powerful than he was.

However, there was no turning back now. Since he had already made the first move, Finn Taylor had to fight back by destroying all evidence.

“Since you’re so determined, you should just do it!”

Francis Larson had no intention of stopping his son-in-law. He understood that they were now in the same boat—if anything happened to either of them, both of them would fall.

Since the latter thought long and hard before coming up with his plan, what Francis Larson had to do was support him.

“I’ll leave our family to you.. Don’t leave the house and protect the two of them well.”


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