The Untouchable Son-In-Law Chapter 423 – I’ll Support You

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‘Although Finn Taylor might be the eldest son of the Taylor family, he can’t match up to his younger brother. Why? Because he has been abandoned by his own family—nobody in the family even supports him. Besides, they’ve always treated him as a jinx. That might be a tall tale that someone made up, but it can’t be helped that so many in the family believe that Finn Taylor will bring the family down.’ 

Sprite had been assigned to support Finn Taylor, but he had never wanted to do so because he thought that he would face a horrible death once the young man lost to his younger brother. However, things would be different if he didn’t step forward to help Finn Taylor at all. That way, he would easily be able to absolve himself of all responsibility.

As such, Sprite made the decision to simply do nothing, even though he supported Finn Taylor on the surface. In reality, however, he had never even met the latter.

But things were different now. Finn Taylor had unexpectedly succeeded and took over control of Chicago’s Taylor family.

Naturally, Sprite wanted to make use of the younger man’s fight against Gremlin to get on his good side.

But of course, Finn Taylor was no fool. It took him no time at all to realize that Sprite wasn’t loyal to him.

Finn Taylor had one principle: to never doubt someone he used and to never use someone he doubted. ‘Sprite didn’t want to help me in the past, but he’s trying to suck up to me now that I’ve won. Who knows if he’ll kick me to the curb again if I were to fall from grace? I might not trust Sprite, but he’ll go against Gremlin. I hope they both die—that will be the best-case scenario for me.’ 

“There’s no need to get so anxious; I’m just joking. Come on in. Since you’re from Chicago’s Taylor family and you’re supposed to protect and support me, I’ll trust you.”

Finn Taylor’s words naturally didn’t convince Sprite, who knew that the younger man didn’t trust him. Yet, there was nothing else he could do. He could only take things one step at a time and hope to gain the former’s trust. If that didn’t happen, it would be good enough to stay alive.

“Mr. Taylor, your house is so big and beautiful.” Sprite wasted no time in trying to curry favor with Finn Taylor. Unfortunately, he was completely ignored.

To Finn Taylor, he had already gifted the house to his wife, and her name was on the property deed too. Even if the other man praised the house, it had nothing to do with him.

To Yvette Larson, it didn’t matter to her how much the man praised the house since this was her husband’s house.

Even more so, Linda James had nothing to do with the house. The house wasn’t hers, nor did she know Sprite. In fact, she was still confused about the man’s relationship with her son-in-law.

However, Francis Larson knew. He rushed up and slapped the old in the back of the head, throwing him to the ground. “Sprite, have you been doing alright? I’m just putting you in your place and letting you know that this is the Larson family’s house. I’m the one in charge. Don’t you dare kick up a fuss here.”

Although Francis Larson and Sprite didn’t know each other well, they had met several times.

“You’re Finn Taylor’s father-in-law?”

“That’s right. I’m his father-in-law.”

“You weren’t even worthy of carrying my shoes for me at that time. You were a nobody. Why are you doing so well now? Why don’t I have such a beautiful daughter too? If I did, Finn Taylor would’ve been my son-in-law, not yours.”

“Sprite, have you already forgotten what I said? This is my turf, so you better think through everything before you speak. Otherwise, I’ll let you die a miserable death. You better understand clearly that I’m no longer a nobody in Peregrine Hall. I’m Finn Taylor’s father-in-law.”

He emphasized the last words because he was proud of the fact. ‘Ha! Finn is the eldest son of Chicago’s Taylor family—the head of the Taylor family—and I’m his father-in-law!’ 

“Fine, I admit that you’re good. I’ll follow you from now on. I’ll call you Brother Francis in the future.”

“Are you stupid? I’m Finn Taylor’s father-in-law. If you call me your brother, won’t Finn have to address you as his uncle?”

“What? I feel like I’m the one at a loss having Finn Taylor address me as an uncle at my age.”

“Right, you feel like you’re at a loss. But that’s just how you feel. Does that matter? Who do you think you are?”

“What should I call you then?”

“Call me Mr. Larson. You can call him Mr. Taylor. There’s no need to be more affectionate than that.”

“I know Finn Taylor’s wife is named Yvette Larson; I’ll call her Ms. Larson then. However, I don’t know your wife’s name.”

“Hello, I’m Linda James. Who are you?” The older woman glanced at the man in front of her. ‘He looks like an important man. Why would Francis know him? Besides, Francis is acting so strangely today. He seems like a completely different person today.’ 

“Oh, Ms. James. Hello.”

“How awful that sounds. It’s been years since people have addressed me as ‘Miss.’ Don’t you think I’m a little too old for that?”

“How should I address you then?” Sprite was utterly miserable. ‘Are they nuts? They’ve scolded me for so long just because of how I address them.’

“Forget it. You can call me whatever you want since I don’t know you guys. Do whatever you want. Just don’t bother me..” Linda James waved the old man off.


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