The Untouchable Son-In-Law Chapter 421 – Heartless

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Seeing that it was Hilary Stone who was calling, Finn Taylor picked up the call.

“Finn Taylor, you’re finally picking up my call. I guess you should already know what’s going on. I have Linda James. What are you going to do?”

“Hilary Stone, are you stupid? What does that have to do with me? Do I even have a relationship with Linda James?”

“What do you mean? Isn’t Linda James your mother-in-law? Are you going to sit back and watch while I kill her?”

“Mother-in-law? I’m single; I don’t have a girlfriend or a wife. What mother-in-law are you talking about?”

“Right, right. I won’t argue with you over this. Even if she’s no longer your mother-in-law, she was once your mother-in-law. Are you really going to do nothing about this?”

“Do you have Yvette Larson’s phone number? I can give you her number if you don’t. If you don’t want to contact her, I could give you Francis Larson’s number too. I think it’s better that you look for them instead of me. After all, I bear a grudge against Linda James. You should know about how Linda James told Melanie Taylor about my secret. Do you think I’d want her alive? Oh right, didn’t you say that you have Linda James? Why don’t I give you a sum of money, and you can kill her for me.”

“What? You want me to kill Linda James?”

“What’s the big deal? You’ve already kidnapped her. Are you afraid of killing her? Weren’t you just threatening me about it?”

“No, get this clear. I’m the kidnapper; you’re supposed to save her. Why are you trying to kill her?”

“You’re the confused one. If you want your hostage to be saved, you should be calling her family. Why did you call me?”

“Finn Taylor, I’m asking you one last time, so don’t try to play tricks on me. Are you going to pay me or not? I’ll let her go if you do. Otherwise, I’m going to hold her hostage.”

The man on the other end of the call simply ended it without saying a word.

Hilary Stone was about to say something when she heard the beeps from her phone. ‘He hung up too! Francis Larson hung up on me, and now, Finn Taylor hung up too! And it’s because they both don’t want to save her. They want Linda James dead!’ 

In fact, Hilary Stone had done the second call on speaker mode. Hence, Linda James had heard the entire conversation.

The former ripped the duct tape off Linda James’s mouth. “Linda, did you hear that? I called your husband and asked him to save you, but he hung up on me. You refused to believe me, but look, you’re familiar with Finn Taylor, right? He hung up on me too, and he even told me that he’d pay me to kill you.”

“Finn Taylor, you b*stard! I was really blind! How could I have married my daughter to you?” Linda James was fuming because of what she had heard. ‘I was really blind. Why did I agree to let Yvette marry such a b*stard? I’m still his mother-in-law. Even if they’re divorced, I’m still his ex-wife’s mother! All he has to do is pay to get me out of here. Why did he refuse? I’d understand if he’s poor and unemployed, but he’s the eldest son of the Taylor family! He’s loaded, yet he doesn’t want to save me! No! If I ever get out of here, I’m definitely going to beat him to death. Not just Finn, but Francis as well. How could he choose not to save me? I’m his wife!’

Hilary Stone turned to Gremlin. “What are we supposed to do now? Kill her? They both don’t want anything to do with her. I can’t possibly call her daughter.”

“Are you stupid? Do you really think her daughter wasn’t beside them just now?”

“What do we do then? Do we really kill her?”

“Kill her? I wish! I’ll be in deep trouble if I kill her. They’re really scheming. They know that I wouldn’t dare to do that.”

“Why? Do they have a secret of yours?”

Gremlin was definitely not going to let Hilary Stone in on his secret that Finn Taylor would be angered if he were to kill this woman. Then, the latter would spare no effort in hunting him down. Eventually, he would even have to face off with Maximus Brugel.

“No, but you don’t have to know anything. However, I have a good idea now. I want to see what Linda James will do to those two men if I were to let her out.”

Hilary Stone burst into laughter. ‘Given Linda James’s personality, she’ll surely kick up a huge fuss over how the two men refused to save her.’ 

“Linda James, why don’t we release you now?”

“Yes, hurry up! I want to kill them both!”

“Alright then. If you manage to kill Finn Taylor, I’ll give you 150,000 dollars. Of course, you won’t get anything if you fail.”

The sky-high offer caused Linda James’s eyes to light up. Although she was leading a comfortable life in Number One Pacific Heights, she didn’t have any money of her own. Her daughter was the one who controlled the family’s finances.

She could ask her daughter for money, but the latter would always ask for a reason and ask how the money was going to be spent.

Her daughter would be alright giving her a few hundred dollars for her to go out with her friends but definitely not thousands. As such, 150,000 dollars was almost unheard of to Linda James.

“How will you give me the money if I really kill him?”

“Don’t worry. We know each other, so I’ll record it down for you.” Hilary Stone acted as the middleman.

“Alright.. I’ll trust you for the last time, Hilary. Just you wait—I’ll kill Finn Taylor!”


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