The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 4175 THE END

In order to investigate the whereabouts of Master Cheap, Levi Garrison absorbed the power of countless star veins along the way, and his strength finally reached its peak.

“It’s time to go to Kunlun City to investigate the taboo clan.”

Levi Garrison made up his mind to rush directly to Kunlun City, but he was told to go to Li’s house before he entered Kunlun City.

Levi Garrison was quite surprised, as if his every move had been controlled by others, but he clearly didn’t feel that someone was watching him before!

With great curiosity, Levi Garrison came to Li’s house, and when he entered the reception hall, he saw an old man sitting in the middle, who was his cheap master.

“Master, is that you?” Levi Garrison felt incredible, and even wondered if he had hallucinations.

Li Qingfeng said with a smile: “Stinky boy, I thought you forgot about Lao Tzu! How about it, is this journey still comfortable?”

Li Qingfeng had a good smile, just like the first time they met, causing Levi Garrison to be in a trance for a while.

The two chatted on their knees, and Levi Garrison understood the reason.

Li Qingfeng had been secretly escorting Levi Garrison in order to find a successor.

It just so happened that Levi Garrison and Li Qingfeng had very similar experiences when they were young, both of them were abolished. In addition, Levi Garrison’s physique was just right for the exercises, so they chose to preach and accept the profession.

“King’s Landing, in fact, there is a world outside the Kunlun Ruins, where there are countless real demons, and the mission of the master of the Kunlun Ruins is to protect.”

“But don’t worry, those demons have been chased away by Lao Tzu, and it is impossible for them to make a comeback in a short time, but it will depend on you in the future.”

“Also, I also sent cronies in the secular world to look for people with superpowers, and trained them to hide in the general population. These years are also for the selection of talents.”

Hearing what Li Qingfeng said, Levi Garrison suddenly realized that this is the biggest secret of the Baolong family!

Knowing all the truth, Levi Garrison felt that the burden on his shoulders was a little heavier.

“I have worked hard all my life, can’t you feel sorry for me and let me go?” Li Qingfeng scolded with a smile.

Levi Garrison had to agree, but the demons outside the territory would not attack in a short time, so Levi Garrison planned to return to Daxia first and continue to live the life of ordinary people.

Li Qingfeng didn’t stop him either. After all, there was a taboo clan, so there wouldn’t be too much trouble.

So Levi Garrison took his family away from Kunlun Ruins and returned to Daxia.

Ten years later.

A holiday island in Daxia.

Levilia has grown into a slim big girl, and she is teaching two little boys to practice.

“Xiaojian, Xiaoxian, can you be more serious? In this case, I will let Uncle Azure Dragon (Qinglong) teach you.”

Levilia said with a straight face.

The two little boys looked alike, about six or seven years old, and they were the twins Ye Jianzi and Ye Xianji that Zoey Lopez gave birth to Levi Garrison.

Ye Jianzi and Ye Chen Xianji were busy practicing hard. They knew that Uncle Azure Dragon (Qinglong) was never soft in training, and he was far from being as gentle as his sister.

Levi Garrison put his arms around Zoey Lopez and looked at the distant scene with a happy smile on his face.

As for the grandmother and grandparents of the three children, they are worried.

“Time always goes by so fast, the kids are so big in the blink of an eye.”

“Boss, I can’t beat Xiaofan and Xiaochen now. Uncle’s majesty will soon be lost.”

“You couldn’t keep it for a long time, did you forget that you were pressed and rubbed by Levilia ten years ago?”

The sound of footsteps and ridicules came one after another, Levi Garrison turned his head to look, and saw the five Azure Dragon (Qinglong) Vermillion Birds coming side by side.

Followed by Zhou Nanyan and Wen Lei.

“Brother, you promised to introduce me to a young talent, why haven’t you fulfilled it?”

While speaking, Zhou Nanyan handed over the washed fruit, and Levi Garrison unceremoniously picked up an apple and nibbled it.

“Your vision is too high. Isn’t the young sect master of Qingxuan Shenzong very good, and is it not in your eyes?”

Levi Garrison rolled his eyes and said.

Zoey Lopez suggested, “It’s better to have a martial arts contest to recruit relatives!”

“Agree with what Ziran said.” Wen Lei hurriedly coaxed.

Levi Garrison shrugged and said, “I don’t care, as long as you are happy.”

The crowd burst into laughter, they looked into the distance, and the sea was calm.

The sky is sunny and sunny, and it is a rare good weather!

Levi Garrison lived the life he wanted.

Family, friends, brothers and apprentices are all around.

Feels great.

Such a carefree life should go on and on…

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