The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 4174

However, at this critical moment, a figure flashed over at a very fast speed and came between Gong Qianqiu and Xiao Feng.


Xiao Feng slammed into the chest of the person who came, and there was a faint sound of broken bones.

“Little Seven!” Gong Qianqiu exclaimed, she didn’t think that at this time, the Seven Holy Sons sacrificed her life to save her.

“Sister, I finally did… a big thing for you!”

The Seven Holy Sons lost their vitality as soon as they finished speaking.

Gong Qianqiu’s grief came from it, and he did not think that the deceived person saved his life, and there was no regret in the eyes of the Seven Saints.

“Sister, I’m sorry for you!” Gong Qianqiu raised infinite remorse in his heart. Before that, all the seven saints were used.

“Xiao Feng, I’m going to kill you!” Gong Qianqiu rushed towards Xiao Feng as if going crazy, she would definitely die with Xiao Feng.

“This should be what I said to you.”

Xiao Feng was expressionless, he had waited too long for this day to take revenge.

The two sides fought a few more moves, and Xiao Feng directly killed Gong Qianqiu.

I feel that the vitality is quickly passing away, and all the past things appear in my mind.

“The two people I played hardest on, one saved my life and the other killed me.”

“Maybe this is life!”

Gong Qianqiu slowly closed his eyes and completely cut off his vitality.

Xiao Feng didn’t stay in Taixu Shenzong for too long, he knelt down directly to Levi Garrison and said, “Master, I have not had many days. My disciple is not filial, and I have failed your expectations, so let’s just let it go!”

After Xiao Feng finished speaking, he turned and left, looking at his resolute back, Levi Garrison sighed faintly.

He could feel that the aura in Xiao Feng’s body seemed to be weakening rapidly, and it seemed that he was able to improve the realm of Dao at a great price.

Levi Garrison did not stop Xiao Feng from leaving, just as Gong Qianqiu said before his death: Maybe this is life!

Gong Qianqiu paid the price of her life for her evil deeds, and Xiao Feng paid for the mistakes he once made.

“The rest of the leaders of the Taixu Shenzong will not be left behind.”

Levi Garrison said coldly.

Then Levi Garrison personally killed Xuan Ming, Duguxiao and other Gong Qianqiu’s confidants, and the Taixu Shenzong disappeared in an instant.

The hatred of attacking the base camp was finally repaid, and Liao Yelin was the family who returned to the city of the sky. He vowed to kill Levi Garrison quickly.

After cleaning up the remnants of the Taixu Shenzong, Levi Garrison planned to find the whereabouts of the promoted clan, but Meng Wuya brought people there.

“Levi Garrison, please follow me back to the Taiyi Chamber of Commerce headquarters, otherwise don’t blame me for forcibly tying you away.”

Meng Wuya’s tone was cold.

Levi Garrison said with a smile: “If you can’t persuade you to change it, it seems that your Taiyi Chamber of Commerce is also impatient, so let’s clean it up with you!”

The two sides did not speculate on the spot. Meng Wuya thought that it was enough to bring more than a hundred peak powerhouses of the Taiyi God group. He never thought that Levi Garrison would kill all these powerhouses without any effort.

“Meng Wuya, you go back to the Taiyi Chamber of Commerce headquarters to report a letter, I will personally go there and destroy the Taiyi Chamber of Commerce, get out!”

Levi Garrison kicked Meng Wuya fiercely. Although she was also seriously injured, she managed to save her life after all.

Levi Garrison learned through interrogation that the Taiyi Chamber of Commerce, the Zijin Chamber of Commerce, and the family headquarters of Liao Yelin’s family were all in the City of the Sky.

So directly rushing to the city of the sky, Levi Garrison decided to completely eradicate all hidden dangers.

After all, Wandao City also belongs to the doves occupying the magpie’s nest, and it is difficult to guarantee when the Zijin Chamber of Commerce will kill them back.

About half a month later, Levi Garrison rushed to the city of the sky, he directly found the helm of the three major forces, and directly launched a bloody revenge.

Under the crushing of Levi Garrison’s powerful strength, the three major forces suffered heavy casualties, and finally chose to surrender to Levi Garrison, which was barely able to save his life.

Sweeping the three major forces of the city of the sky, Levi Garrison also obtained more than ten star veins that they mastered.

Levi Garrison didn’t miss this precious opportunity to improve his strength, and immediately used the star vein to temper his body, and his strength was greatly improved again.

And Levi Garrison learned from Bingchi that the largest central city in the Central Region is called Kunlun City, which is the center of the entire Kunlun Ruins.

The taboo lineage is the most powerful force in Kunlun City, and it is also the existence of the ruler of Kunlun Ruins.

Among them, the most prosperous of the taboo lineage is the Li family. The head of the Li family, Li Qingfeng, is extremely terrifying and is the strongest ruler of the Kunlun Ruins.


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