The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 4171

Levi Garrison led the crowd to find the hiding place of Yunzhou, and then sailed to the sea of ​​death.

The hard work paid off, and as expected, a huge storm rose up in this sea area from a distance.

“Dad, I sensed the power of a powerful spiritual vein, right under that storm.” Levilia said suddenly.

Levi Garrison was overjoyed, he knew that Levilia had shown the talent of sensing spiritual veins before.

He never thought that with the improvement of his strength, this kind of talent would become more powerful, and he could detect the fluctuation of the spiritual pulse under the cover of such a powerful storm force.

“Master, this storm is extremely tearing, and we can’t approach it at all!”

Gongsun Yueying said with some trepidation.

Levi Garrison smiled without saying a word, and immediately jumped into the air, rushing towards the area where the storm was located.

“No matter how strong your storm is, I will break it with one punch.”

Levi Garrison immediately ran the basic exercises and tried his best to blast towards the center of the storm.

The terrifying power roared out, as if it could destroy the sky and destroy the earth, and it slammed directly on the storm.


The regional space began to vibrate violently, and the storm dissipated instantly after competing with Levi Garrison’s fist strength for a while.

Levi Garrison smiled as he looked at the calm sea again, and then sounded to signal Gongsun Yueying to drive the cloud boat over.

Everyone really found a giant spiritual vein in this sea area. After everyone used the power of the star vein to quench their bodies, their strength increased greatly again.

“Dad, when did you learn to make alchemy? The effect of this kind of cultivating alchemy is really good. It can actually eliminate the problem of physical endurance.”

Levilia said in surprise.

You must know that in the secular world, only Levilia could withstand the quenching of the dragon veins, and others did not dare to try it easily.

But after taking the medicinal pill Levi Garrison gave them, this confinement no longer existed.

Levi Garrison briefly explained, including the process of forging magic weapons.

Everyone was amazed, they did not expect that Levi Garrison had encountered so many things in the past few months.

“Next, we will destroy the Xingchen Sea Palace, and the two star veins cannot be spared.”

Levi Garrison said in a deep voice.

Everyone nodded in agreement, and now Levi Garrison is their backbone.

According to the information provided by Gongsun Yueying, the Xingchenhai Palace was at the bottom of the Xingchenhai, and everyone came to the door all the way.

Xingchenhaidian had already besieged Levi Garrison and damaged a lot of powerhouses before, and now that Levi Garrison was so powerful, they had no way of fighting back.

The powerhouses of Xingchen Sea Palace were killed, and the two star veins they controlled were also exhausted by Levi Garrison and others.

After solving the Xingchenhai Palace, Levi Garrison and others continued to kill Wandao City without stopping.

Many forces in Wandao City were caught off guard and were swept away by Levi Garrison and others.

Although Huangfu Hongsheng also brought many strong people to resist, but in the face of the huge gap in strength, they all became lambs to be slaughtered.

Several major sectarian powerhouses such as the Zijin Chamber of Commerce, the Heijia Tianjun, and the Tianyuan Sword Sect were slaughtered by Levi Garrison.

The resources held by these large sects were also occupied by Levi Garrison, and the entire Wandao City was under the control of Levi Garrison.

Levi Garrison then used various magical weapons and medicinal herbs as bargaining chips to recruit the Kunlun Ruins scattered cultivators and established his own sect.

The members of the Xingyue Shenzong were notified and moved to Wandao City to develop it into a base camp.

It took Levi Garrison nearly half a month to deal with these trivial matters.

However, the news that Wandao City had changed hands really shocked the sects in the surrounding area.

At the same time, I am afraid that the bandits are also silent, and many of them even take the initiative to make friends, in order to keep their own sects safe.

Levi Garrison also refused to accept the initiative of these people.

Levi Garrison is now trying to get his momentum to the top, so that other sects will not dare to attack easily, and he can leave and do his own business with confidence.


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