The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 4170

Levi Garrison settled everything in the secular world, while waiting for Zoey Lopez, Levilia and others to rush to Kunlun Ruins again.

This time, when I entered the Kunlun Ruins, I was very familiar with the road, especially with the two girls of Murong Qingxue as guides.

Looking at the scenery in the Kunlun Ruins, Zoey Lopez and others sighed repeatedly, saying that it was like a fairyland.

After entering the Kunlun Ruins, Levi Garrison took everyone to the Dragon Burial Valley to improve his strength.

After all, the power of Tianlei here is enough to allow everyone to greatly improve their cultivation in a short period of time.

In addition, there are a lot of heaven and earth treasures in the Yunzhou cabin, which are reserved by Levi Garrison for everyone.

at the same time.

The Zijin Chamber of Commerce also received information: the first batch of killers were wiped out, and Levi Garrison’s whereabouts were unknown.

Huangfu Hongsheng and others suspected that Levi Garrison was secretly transported to the headquarters by the Taiyi Chamber of Commerce for protection.

However, what Huangfu Hongsheng didn’t know was that Meng Wuya was also looking for traces of Levi Garrison everywhere.

For the entire Taiyi Chamber of Commerce, Levi Garrison is a huge treasure that must not fall into the hands of other sects.

So Meng Wuya launched all power to find Levi Garrison.

the other side.

Levilia and others spent a full week to improve.

Afterwards, Levi Garrison led the crowd on the cloud boat and continued to move forward. During this period, he also provided others with equipment such as speeding boots, peerless weapons, and medicinal pills.

On the way to Wandao City, Levilia and others seized all the time to practice.

Since these people are coming to Kunlun Ruins for the first time, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth here is extremely pure, which is also of great benefit to their improvement.

For this reason, Levi Garrison deliberately slowed down Yunzhou’s speed, and what made him laugh the most was that Levilia and Lei Kirin became good friends.

Don’t look at Lei Kirin’s opportunity to appear before anyone, but he is extremely humble in front of Levilia, which makes Levi Garrison quite curious.

After all, once Lei Kirin put it on, he didn’t even care about himself. Although it was a tyrannical meal at the end, Lei Kirin still enjoyed it.

After half a month, Levi Garrison and others finally came to the vast sea of ​​stars.

“This sea area is too big!”

“It’s no smaller than the four oceans in the secular world. I never thought that the Kunlun Ruins would be such a sea area.”

“And this is only the sea area of ​​Wandao City. I’m afraid there are similar places in other places. It’s really amazing.”

Zoey Lopez and others were amazed again and again, but Levi Garrison was extremely calm.

“Master, it seems that the Xingchen Haidian was hit hard last time, otherwise we would have been discovered as soon as we approached.”

Gongsun Yueying said with a smile.

Levi Garrison said with a smile: “Not necessarily, we abandoned Yunzhou a long time ago, and we did a very good job of hiding our breath. It is normal for them not to find out.”

“By the way, master, I heard that there are several star veins in Xingchenhai, which makes Xingchenhaidian proud to grow into a top large-scale sect.”

“But due to the vast sea area of ​​Xingchen Sea, there are only two star veins found in Xingchen Sea Palace. If you dig for a long time, you will be able to find other star veins.”

Gongsun Yueying said solemnly.

Levi Garrison suddenly became interested, the star vein is higher than the dragon vein level, if you can get it, it will be of great help to improve your cultivation.

“Do you know the approximate location?” Levi Garrison asked.

Gongsun Yueying recalled seriously for a long time, and then slowly said: “There is a record in ancient books that there is an area in the southwestern sea of ​​Xingchen Sea called the Sea of ​​Death, where storms gather all year round, and many passing ships and even Yunzhou are involved in it. Can’t survive, I think it’s very suspicious there.”

“It’s a bit like the Bermuda Triangle of the secular world!”

Zoey Lopez muttered softly.

Levi Garrison said in a deep voice: “Then let’s go to the sea of ​​death to see the situation first. It must be a huge energy pull to be able to roll up a monstrous storm.”


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