The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 4169

Seeing this scene, everyone present was stunned.

Especially seeing Lei Kirin’s stern expression, if it were a human being, he would definitely be a top player with a thirteenth outfit.

Levi Garrison didn’t have the slightest surprise, Lei Kirin is a normal operation, and it will never miss the opportunity to appear before anyone.

“Well, be careful yourself, don’t take it lightly, those guys are still not easy to deal with.”

Levi Garrison reminded.

Lei Kirin looked at the reincarnation of the twelve main gods, and his eyes were filled with disdain.

Although the reincarnation of the twelve main gods has been extremely tough, he is still angry and angry when he is despised by a strange pet.

“Lord God, let me kill this monster!”

Lucas volunteered.

The reincarnation of the main god naturally agreed, and with his status, he could not compete with animals.


Lei Kirin was obviously very unhappy with the name ‘monster’, so he roared and attacked first.

Seeing that it suddenly released the power of thunder and lightning, a terrifying lightning bolt was released and slammed directly towards Lucas.

Lucas didn’t think that Lei Kirin was so powerful until he realized that it was too late.


The lightning bombarded Lucas’ energy shield, making a loud noise in an instant, and the energy shield was instantly shattered.

And Lucas was also stunned because he couldn’t dodge, and he died directly.

“What kind of monster is this, so powerful?”

“The leader of Lucas can’t even resist a blow?”

“Please also ask the Lord God to take action and kill this monster.”

The guardians of the gods took a deep breath and felt an unprecedented threat.

Because Levi Garrison didn’t make a move from the beginning to the end, just a monster around him has such combat power, one can imagine how strong he must be.


One of the main gods reincarnated suddenly shot, but Lei Kirin was not afraid at all, and directly fought with him.

Although the reincarnation of the main god was not killed in seconds, it was suppressed by Si Si, which shocked everyone.

In desperation, the reincarnation of the main god was involved in the battle again, and it was not until the three main gods shot together that the battle with Lei Kirin was worthy of a draw.

“Okay, don’t waste time with them, let’s go together, none of these people can be spared.”

The voice did not fall, Jun Lin rushed up first, his speed has reached the limit, and he did not give the Lord God any chance to react.

Bang bang bang!

Levi Garrison threw his fists recklessly, and the reincarnation of the Lord God was like a baby with no power to hold a chicken, and was easily beheaded by Levi Garrison.

The members of the base camp were shocked and stunned. They never thought that in just a few months, Levi Garrison’s strength had increased to this point.

But this is great news for the base camp, the protection of the gods and the reincarnation of the main god have overwhelmed them.

As Levi Garrison and Murong Qingxue joined the battle, the whole situation turned into a one-sided massacre.

In the face of Levi Garrison’s powerful power, the guardian of the gods and the reincarnation of the main god did not even have the chance to escape.

In just a few hours, tens of thousands of temple powerhouses and the reincarnation of twelve main gods were slaughtered by Levi Garrison.

In order to completely eradicate this scourge, Levi Garrison led the crowd to kill the gods guarding the nest directly according to the information obtained.

In one fell swoop, the twelve temples were also uprooted, similar to the remnants of the War Eagle Kingdom and the Eternal Kingdom who also killed a piece of armor.

Since then, the powerhouses of Levi Garrison’s base camp in the secular world have dominated, and there is no longer any force that can threaten their safety.

Next, Levi Garrison arranged the affairs of the secular world properly, and left the refined quasi-magic weapons, medicinal herbs, and heaven and earth treasures to everyone.

You You Qi handed over many treasures to the god and young marshals of Tiance Mansion, and let them take on the heavy responsibility of protecting Daxia.


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