The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 4168

Inside the base camp.

Levilia and the others all had heavy expressions on their faces, and the high-intensity battles for days made everyone physically and mentally exhausted.

Even if the members of the base camp rely on the various equipment of the God’s Brain, they can only reluctantly resist.

“Everyone, hurry up and repair, a new round of attacks by the guardians of the gods is coming soon.”

Zoey Lopez said in a deep voice.

The continuous fighting has caused many people to suffer internal injuries, but they are still barely supporting with amazing perseverance.

However, everyone knew that, judging by the strength of the two sides, it was only a matter of time before the base camp was completely breached.

After all, none of the twelve reincarnations of the main gods have been involved in the battle. Once they all join, Levilia and others may not be able to last long.

Of course, there are many other forces that follow the guardians of the gods.

They were all suppressed by Levi Garrison before, and the remnants of the Eternal Kingdom bore the brunt of it.

Boom boom boom!

With the deafening sound of the road, the people who were repairing in place immediately stood up, armed with weapons and ready to fight.

Because they all knew that the movement just now was the result of the last defensive formation being broken.

“Everyone fight with me!”

Levilia rushed out first.

Everyone is already holding the determination to burn the jade and stone. This time should be the general attack guarded by the gods.

However, when Levilia and others went out, their scalps became numb, because the guardians of the gods and the reincarnation of the twelve main gods were all in it.

“This seat has long said that Levi Garrison will pay the price for his arrogance, and today is the death of his relatives and friends.”

“Come on Levi Garrison and come out to die. Today our twelve main gods have all been reincarnated. I want to see how arrogant he is?”

“The previous feud for robbing the dragon veins will be settled together today!”

These powerhouses guarded by the gods have long held back their fire, and now they are finally able to pretend to be a tiger, and naturally they will not miss the opportunity of Xi Lei Levi Garrison’s Landing.

They didn’t launch a general attack before because they were concerned about Levi Garrison’s strength, but after several days of crazy testing, it was clear that Levi Garrison was not in the base camp.

This further strengthened the determination of the gods to guard and completely destroy the base camp, and they now have the advantage.

However, just as the two sides were about to start, a cold voice came from the air.

“Want to settle with me, okay! I’m here, I hope your mouths will be so tough.”

Before the words fell, everyone saw a huge cloud boat descending from the sky, and Levi Garrison and others walked out slowly.

“Dad, is it really you?”

“The boss is back!”

“Master, it’s Master, now we have hope.”

Everyone in the base camp also quickly recognized Levi Garrison. Originally, he was stunned, but at this moment, he was instantly inspired.

“Everyone’s been waiting for a long time!”

Levi Garrison waved his hand in greeting, and the scene became quiet for a moment, and he heard him continue: “Let’s talk in detail when I get rid of these trash fish first.”

“Lord Lord God, it was he who robbed the dragon vein at the beginning, which delayed the awakening time of the adults.”

Lucas directly accused Levi Garrison of his “crime”, and the twelve reincarnated gods looked at Levi Garrison with a bit more murderous intent.

“Eastern Monkey dares to destroy the good deeds of this god, let you disappear completely today!”

A Western Lord God with a ring of fire in the back of his head said in a cold voice.

“Levi Garrison, your kid is dead. These adults are the real reincarnations of the Lord God, and any one person can crush you to ashes.”

Lucas said contemptuously.

Levi Garrison said with a smile, “Really? Since it’s so good, let’s go together! Don’t waste time.”


Just then a roar came.

Everyone saw Lei Kirin shaking his head and walking out, as if there were seven big characters written on his face: Why kill a chicken with a slaughtering knife?


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