The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 4166

When Levi Garrison’s figure was introduced into the hall of the dilapidated building, several figures floated into the courtyard again.

It was Meng Wuya and others who were constantly looking for opportunities to teach Levi Garrison a lesson.

Today they saw that Levi Garrison went to the main street of Longyang City after alchemy and followed in secret.

It wasn’t until recently that there was a faint energy fluctuation here, and Meng Wuya and others followed it.

Looking at the scattered corpses in the courtyard, Meng Wuya and the others fell into contemplation.

The aura fluctuations that overflowed before were not very strong, and they were barely able to detect it by means of a special perception technique.

“Look, miss, this costume should be the killer group of the Skeleton Swamp!”

“They are all leaders in the killer world. They have not failed in their missions for many years, and now they have been destroyed by people?”

“Killing so many strong people, you can still control the breath to such a weak point, what kind of cultivation realm can you do?”

Once this question was raised, everyone present was silent.

It is well known that when a cultivator runs a kung fu method against an enemy, it will naturally cause aura fluctuations, and the stronger the opponent, the greater the fluctuations.

However, being able to kill so many killers without any aura fluctuations can only show that this person has the strength to kill all killers in seconds.

“Could it be Levi Garrison?”

Meng Wuya was taken aback by this thought.

If it was really what Levi Garrison did, she thought of teaching the latter a lesson before, which would be tantamount to finding her own way!


Suddenly, Meng Wuya turned his head to look, and saw two black shadows disappearing from the wall.

The Taiyi Chamber of Commerce powerhouses followed closely, but they failed to catch up, so they had no choice but to give up.

“Let’s go back first! If Levi Garrison is not in the Taiyi Chamber of Commerce, then this is probably what he did.”

After Meng Wuya finished speaking, he took the lead in leading the people to leave.

After they left, a figure sneaked into the courtyard again. After confirming that there was no one alive at the scene, he hurriedly sent a message to the Zijin Chamber of Commerce.

“The entire army of killers was destroyed, and the eldest lady of the Taiyi Chamber of Commerce appeared on the scene. It should be killed by the strong men of the Taiyi Chamber of Commerce, and the gangsters disappeared.”

Levi Garrison didn’t know about this, but took the lead to leave the dilapidated courtyard.

After returning to the Taiyi Chamber of Commerce, he continued to refine the medicinal pills, but this time Levi Garrison used the top treasures of heaven and earth.

According to the records of alchemy in ancient books, a top-quality medicinal pill was refined, named Huichundan.

This elixir is almost a magic medicine that can bring the dead back to life.

Wei Shuyang, Meng Wuya and the others who rushed back screamed and reorganized their knowledge of Levi Garrison’s alchemy technique.

“Mr. Ye, your alchemy is a top-level existence even if you look at the entire Kunlun Ruins.”

“Forging is also at this level, but I don’t know why, I always feel similar to the taboo family recorded in ancient books!”

There was a hint of uncertainty in Wei Shuyang’s tone.

Levi Garrison’s eyes lit up, and the first thought in his head was Master Cheap.

“Could it be that Master is a taboo family?”

Levi Garrison was a little excited. He was not interested in Kunlun Ruins before, but now it is different.

Now that we have Master’s message, we must go and find out.

“President Wei, can you tell me about the taboo family?”

Levi Garrison asked.

Wei Shuyang sighed and said, “Mr. Ye, it’s not that I don’t want to tell you, but this taboo family is too mysterious. Even the records in ancient books are only a few words. I only discovered it by combining your forging skills and alchemy skills. A clue.”

Wei Shuyang’s tone was full of helplessness. In the final analysis, the Taiyi Chamber of Commerce was still too insignificant compared to the Tabu Clan.

Levi Garrison was a little unwilling, and then revealed some of his exercises, which made Wei Shuyang more certain of the previous speculation.


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