The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 999 S Country Bowed Down

The battle in the central square quickly attracted the attention of all countries.

The destruction of the central square was horrible, and there were thousands of corpses drained of vitality on the spot. No matter where, it was a major event that could affect the world.

And not long after that battle, there were already videos recorded on the Internet by survivors using their mobile phones.

Although in order to avoid causing panic, countries were controlling the spread of these videos, making the public feel that this was just a rumor.

Of course, the senior leaders of all countries were very clear that this was what happened.

The heads of state held meetings based on the videos circulated on the Internet and the information investigated by their respective intelligence agencies to discuss the seriousness of the incident.

They confirmed from the video that three people from C Country caused the terrifying scene in the central square!

All the three men had substantial ability, relying only on the strength of their physical bodies, they had caused a destructive force comparable to a small nuclear bomb.

This allowed everyone to refresh their knowledge of C Country martial arts.

Although they were not sure why the three people fought in the central square, they was clear that if C Country sent such a strong man to their country, they would definitely be caught off guard without any precautions.

Suddenly, all the countries around C Country became a little worried, for fear that C Country would create such a surprise for them any day.

After all, if such a terrifying strongman was sent, there was no way for countries to investigate. They could never interrogate every person from C Country.

Such a strong man was definitely much more powerful than directly launching a missile.

And S Country, who knew the truth about the central square, had an indescribable fear of C Country.

The commander of S Country did not expect that the mysterious person he trusted so much was to rob people of their vitality in the banquet he held.

Those who attended the banquet that day were all powerful men from all over the country. The mysterious man killed thousands of people at once, which was equivalent to directly hitting their nation’s economy. Numerous large companies became headless and fell into a dispute over the power on the same day.

The commander of S Country was heartbroken and felt that this was the responsibility caused by his negligence. The next day, he resigned from his position as commander.

The battle in the central square also made the people of S Country understand the true strength of C Country. They even tried to provoke C Country before. How stupid they were.

The battle at central square awoke all the high-level officials in S Country.

After they unanimously discussed, they finally decided to bow to C Country, which gave C Country countless benefits. They also announced to the public that C Country would be the leader of S Country in the future. If anyone wanted to fight against C Country, S Country stand out for the first time to help C Country.

This result was unexpected by the high-level official of C Country. Even Magnus was a little surprised. He didn’t understand that Scott and Thomas were just trying to catch a mysterious person, but in the end S Country bowed to them. It was really a great surprise.

However, after the battle in the central square, he couldn’t contact Scott and Thomas, which made him a little anxious.
He originally thought that S Country had arrested them, and he went to query S Country.

But S Country said that when they rushed to the central square, there was no one on the ground except the mummy, and they didn’t know where Scott and Thomas had gone.

And if they really caught Scott and Thomas, they would not surrender, but would use them to threat Magnus.

Magnus felt that there was some truth in what S Country said, but he couldn’t feel relieved before he could find Scott and Thomas. After all, they were the great contributors to this incident.

And this battle also made him realize the value of Scott and Thomas, so he hoped that they were safe.

He had sent someone to find the traces of the two, and the S Country also agreed that they would definitely help C Country find Scott and Thomas.

After half a month.

In a private estate on the outskirts of Moss City.

Scott walked out of the room, his face still pale. Obviously, his injuries had not fully recovered.

However, after half a month of recuperation, he felt much better and his realm has stabilized.

At this time Thomas was watering the flowers in the courtyard of the manor, which seemed quite leisurely.

This manor was specially prepared by the Andrew family for Natasha. In the past half month, Scott and Thomas had been recuperating here.

Natasha also kept her promise, did not hand them over to the military, and provided them with a good environment for healing.
Scott and Thomas didn’t know what was happening outside, and they didn’t know that Magnus was sending someone to look for them.

Scott walked close to Thomas and stopped by a stone table. Then, he sat directly on the stool beside the stone table.

“How was interrogation? Did he say anything worthwhile?” Scott stared at Thomas and asked.

The mysterious man was also brought to this manor by Natasha. During this time, his life was also saved through some drugs.
After Thomas recovered a little from his injury, he began to interrogate him.

“He’s dead. He died this morning, and he didn’t say anything useful,” Thomas said lightly.
Scott was taken aback, but he didn’t expect the mysterious person to die.

But this guy was injured seriously, and gave the puppet half of his vitality, and then his limbs were broken by Scott. It was a miracle that he could live until now.

“What is certain now is that this person is from Cangyuan World, and his purpose is to find something and occupy this world.”

“They opened up a passageway from Cangyuan World to the Earth. This could only bear the passage of people at the advanced stage of Zhuji Realm. Zhuji Realm is the advanced stage of sublimation.”

“That’s why he used the method of plundering the lives of others to create a puppet that reached Tongxuan Realm, which is the Unrealm.”

“He is dead, the people of Cangyuan World will send others over, and this world will soon become .” After speaking, Thomas showed a trace of emotion on his face.
Scott stared at Thomas and asked, “What kind of place is Cangyuan World? Doesn’t it belong to the earth?”

Thomas looked at Scott with a mysterious look in his eyes, and then murmured, “It’s not so much that it doesn’t belong to the earth, it’s better to say that there and this universe are two places.”

“That is a place independent of our world, and this is the biggest secret that the Pantheon have always kept.”


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