The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 998 End

The mysterious man was dumbfounded when he saw this sudden change.

“This… how is this possible? That’s a master at Tongxuan Realm! How could he be killed by a guy at the advanced stage of sublimation!”

This was completely unexpected by the mysterious man. He thought that no matter how strong Scott was, he would only hurt the puppet at best. How could he split the puppet in half?

At this time, he thought of the golden sword. It seemed that the sword was extraordinary!

However, it was too late. The puppet was dead, and he was seriously injured. He had no support, and could only become a lamb to be slaughtered by Scott.

Seeing that the puppet was dead, Scott was also relieved. After admiring the power of Killing Immortals Sword, he also felt weak and wobbly, and almost fell to the ground.

Although the power of Killing Immortals Sword was great, even in his heyday, Scott could only perform an attack like that just now once.

The reason why he was able to perform that blow just now was entirely because he was trying to squeeze his own potential.

In addition, his control of the Killing Immortals Sword relied on the power of god soul. After breakthrough, his god soul had been restored to a certain extent. Only then did he successfully perform the blow just now.

At this point, Scott had also reached the limit.

This was definitely the most difficult battle he had ever experienced in his life. If it hadn’t been for the breakthrough in battle to bring him new power, he wouldn’t know what his end would be like today.

He walked towards the mysterious man, who looked desperate at this time. He did not expect that he would end up like this today.

When Scott arrived in front of the mysterious man, he directly stretched out his hand and tapped lightly at the mysterious man’s limbs. Four rays of light appeared, directly piercing the mysterious man’s limbs.

“Boy, just kill me. But remember, my death is definitely not the end. It is just the beginning!” the mysterious man shouted at Scott.

Scott ignored him, grabbed his clothes, dragged him to Thomas.

Thomas had passed out in a coma at this time, Scott reached out and grabbed him, and walked towards the outside of the square with them.

At this time, the square was no longer obstructed by the black light curtain. After people discovered that the light curtain disappeared, they all fled away.

A large number of dried corpses fell on the ground, plus the damage caused by the previous battle, the square at this time was like a purgatory on earth. No matter how courageous a person was, he would not dare to continue to stay in this place.

Scott dragged the mysterious man and Thomas toward the front in this way. He must leave here as soon as possible. After all, this was the territory of S Country, and the movement just now should have alarmed the military.

People from the military would come over soon. If they would not miss the chance to seize the two outstanding masters from C Country. After all, it could become the capital for negotiations with C Country.

The current Scott and Thomas, the lord of the Pantheon, were absolutely of inestimable value to C Country. Once they were arrested, or S Country killed them directly in order to reduce the strength of its enemies, then everything they did today was in vain.

But Scott had reached the limit, and he even doubted whether he could get out of this square in the end.

He just felt his dizzy, and he might fall down at any time.

Just when Scott was about to be unable to hold on, a petite woman appeared in front of him.

“Scott, I followed your instructions and found a place with few people. I survived.” Natasha looked at Scott gratefully.
Scott smiled at her and said, “Get out of here. The military will block this place later. If they see you here, they will take you back to and interrogate you.”

Natasha looked at Scott with concern and said, “Scott, are you exhausted now? If you can’t get out of here quickly, I can help you. Several members of our family are still on standby. ”

Scott stared at her and asked, “Can I trust you?”

Natasha nodded seriously and said, “I will never hand you over to the military. I know your worries. I will take you to a safe place.”

“Okay, I’ll leave it to you for the rest of the matter.” After saying this, Scott couldn’t hold on anymore and fell straight down.

Natasha saw Scott’s look, showing a trace of distress. And then, she beckoned to the Andrew family who was on standby in the distance. The few people quickly ran over, took Scott, the mysterious man and Thomas, and quickly left here.

After about ten minutes, a few helicopters flew over the central square. On the roads around the square, tanks marched neatly, quickly enclosing the entire square.

On the helicopter, several well-trained soldiers from S Country were chatting and laughing.

“The superior said that an important situation has occurred in the central square and asked us to come here in a state of first- level combat readiness. Here is only a square, and what important things can happen here? I think it is really a fuss.”

“I heard that there were several people from C Country fighting here, and I heard that there were casualties. I don’t know the specific situation, but the first level of combat readiness is indeed a bit too serious.”

“The battle of people from C Country? Do they use their martial arts? I heard that martial arts is just a bluff.”

After speaking, everyone burst into laughter.

After a while, the helicopter stopped more than ten meters above the central square, and everyone looked towards the square, wanting to see what was going on on the square.

When they saw the situation on the square at this time, they were stunned. A few people even began to nausea, and some couldn’t bear to watch the scene below.

The entire square had been ruined, with countless potholes and cracks, making people sacred.

Coupled with the pieces of dried corpses that had been drained of vitality and fell to the ground, the entire central square was like a purgatory on earth, making everyone unable to smile again.

“Didn’t it say it was just a few people from C Country fighting here? Why… Is it like this?”?” “It’s really horrible, what is going on, why did those people become like this. There are more than 5,000 corpses.” “Do people from C Country really know martial arts? It’s so terrifying. It’s like having just experienced a nuclear war here!”

“My God, if this is really man-made, how powerful is C Country is?”

Everyone looked at the scene on the square in shock, even if they hadn’t seen battle scene, they had already known that the battle must be extremely fierce from the traces on the square.

Since then, C Country had forever become the nightmare of the soldiers of S Country who witnessed this scene.


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