The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 997 Power of Killing Immortals Sword

The mysterious man stared at Scott carefully, and after repeated confirmation, he found that Scott had reached the advanced stage of sublimation!

He looked at Scott as if looking at a monster. At that time, Scott hadn’t even reached the initial stage of sublimation, but his power was comparable to the initial stage of sublimation.

But now after he broke through, he had directly reached the advanced stage o sublimation.
What exactly was going on? Even in Cangyuan World, there was no such a monster with such a large breakthrough span!

“Hasn’t anima already been exhausted in this world? Why is there such a perversion?” The mysterious man murmured to himself.

After a while, his pupils shrank suddenly, and a possibility came to mind in his mind.

It’s XuanGong!

Only with XuanGong, could guy cross so many realms at once.

He came to this word this time to search for XuanGong, which was one of his tasks.

The mysterious man became excited as he looked at Scott, He didn’t expect that the guy in front of him would know XuanGong.

Although Scott’s strength had reached the advanced stage of sublimation after his breakthrough, there was still an insurmountable gap between the advanced stage of sublimation and Unrealm.

So, it was easy for the puppet to knock Scott out.

As long as Scott was caught, even if his mission to Earth failed, he would not come in vain.

If he could bring XuanGong back to the Cangyuan World, then he would make an unprecedented contribution!

After taking a deep breath, the mysterious man hurriedly shouted to the puppet, “Leave the old man alone, quickly grab that guy.
He is very important to me, come on!”

The puppet received the order and rushed towards Scott.

They began to fight in an instant, and they moved so fast that it was invisible to normal people.

Scott was also a little surprised at the improvement of his realm this time, although he had guessed before that if he broke through, he would definitely surmount the initial stage of the sublimation.

But even he himself did not expect that he would come into the advanced stage of sublimation! He only needed to take one step forward to reach the Unrealm.

From this, Scott also understood that XuanGong were indeed extraordinary. Compared with ordinary masters of the same realm, Scott possessed XuanGong, which was equivalent to playing an extra hole card.

Although Scott was at the advanced stage of sublimation, there was a big gap between it and the Unrealm. Fortunately, XuanGong had provided Scott with extraordinary power, allowing him to barely fight against this puppet.

Of course, the puppet suffered great damage because Thomas combined with the array at that time.

They fought against each other, and the square was in a mess. The roar of the battle made everyone tremble.

After another blow, Scott retreated quickly, his chest undulating.

At this moment, he had a long sword condensed from Xunjin in his hand, which looked quite different from Muramasa.

After his strength reached the advanced stage of sublimation, Scott no longer needed to use weapons to exert a stronger power. The long sword he transformed with power was even more terrifying than Muramasa.

It was that because he had just reached the advanced stage of sublimation and had not been able to contro his power well, and the side effects of Cabala were about to appear, Scott with serious injuries was unable to hold it for too long.
He stared at the puppet and narrowed his eyes. He must kill it in the next few minutes, otherwise he would also be defeated by

the puppet.

The mysterious man stared at Scott with a sneer, and said, “Boy, even if you have XuanGong, you are definitely unable to beat the puppet. Give up quickly, and I can keep you alive. You are so young. You don’t want to die here, right?”

When Scott heard the mysterious man’s words, his face sank, and he asked, “Do you know XuanGong?”

The mysterious man smiled and said, “It seems that what I guessed is right. Boy, XuanGong is a matter of great importance. As long as you are willing to hand it over, I can protect you from death and let you obtain infinite training resources in Cangyuan World!”

Scott thought about it for a while. It seemed that his original guess was correct. XuanGong was really extraordinary. This person who claimed to be from the Cangyuan World actually knew XuanGong, and he seemed to pay much attention to it.

However, Scott would not be bewitched by him. Although the puppet had reached Unrealm, it was not impossible to beat the puppet.

“Do you think I’m a fool? I won’t die today, you puppet can’t you beat me!” After speaking, the long sword in Scott’s hand dissipated, and a golden long sword appeared. It was Killing Immortals Sword!

After reaching the advanced stage of sublimation, Scott’s god soul had also been greatly improved. Not long after the breakthrough, Scott discovered that there had been some unprecedented changes on the Killing Immortals Sword, and some memories of manipulating the sword came into in his mind.

With those memories, Scott was confident that he could beat the puppet with Killing Immortals Sword.

The mysterious man noticed that the blade in Scott’s hand turned into a golden sword, but he didn’t care, only thinking that Scott had transformed a different weapon.

“Boy, you only have one chance. Don’t think I’m joking. What I just said is true. Don’t be ignorant!” the mysterious man shouted at Scott.

Scott ignored his words, but rushed towards the puppet.

He was almost reaching the limit, so he couldn’t delay any longer.

Seeing that Scott hadn’t obeyed his words, the mysterious man’s face became gloomy and he gave the puppet an order, “Break his limbs and keep his alive!”

The puppet didn’t hesitate, and the power in his body expanded again, completely suppressing Scott’s aura.

Seeing that Scott still had no hesitation, the mysterious man snorted and said, “Boy, you will regret the choice you just made!” Scott rushed to the puppet, the power on the puppet’’s palm exploded, and he patted Scott’s chest.

Scott quickly hid, holding the Killing Immortals Sword and slashing towards the puppet.

Upon seeing this, the puppet backed away quickly, intending to hide.

At this time, Scott showed a sly smile, and then the hand holding the Killing Immortals Sword released.


The Killing Immortals Sword was directly separated from Scott’s palm and flew towards the puppet.

Upon seeing this, the mysterious man sneered, “Do you think it can hurt a strong master at Unrealm? It’s ridiculous!”

As soon as he finished speaking, bright light burst out from the Killing Immortals Sword, an aura that completely crushed the puppet burst out, and then the sword light appeared, and it slammed on the puppet.

The light was fleeting, and Killing Immortals Sword had returned to Scott in the blink of an eye.

While the puppet was naturally split in half by the Sword!


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