The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 995 Fierce Battle

Thomas turned pale when he saw the person carried by the mysterious man open his eyes.
He felt this person had reached Unrealm!

“How is this possible! He makes me feel like he is a master who has reached Unrealm. Has his strength reached Unreal?” Thomas exclaimed.

The mysterious man was already seriously injured at this time because he forcibly helped the container absorb power. However, he didn’t have the slightest worry, because the container he cultivated had already awakened, and no one could hurt him today.

This container was actually a puppet cultivated by the mysterious person through a certain method.

This was a unique method in his world. Although it was also defined as the evil method, the passageway could only bear the passage of people at the advanced stage of Zhuji Realm, in order to had an invincible helper, the mysterious man could only use this method.

The magical print of absorbing power was formed hastily, the absorbed power was not selected, and the process of absorbing power by Thomas’ attack. Therefore, although the power of this puppet seemed to have reached the Unrealm, it was worse than Unrealm.

But even so, the strength of the puppet was not comparable to that of Thomas, who had nor stepped into Unrealm.

The mysterious man stared at Thomas viciously, and then ordered the puppet, “Kill him.”

The puppet nodded to the mysterious man immediately, and after taking a step, he was already in front of Thomas.

Upon seeing this, Thomas was about to move out to resist the puppet.

But the puppet was so fast that he kicked Thomas’ stomach directly, and Thomas flew upside down.

The mysterious man showed a sneer on his face and said, “Even if his strength is somewhat different from that of the Unrealm, he will absolutely knock you, a guy who has not reached Unrealm, out.”

Thomas landed on the ground, stabilized himself. His face turned pale. He was indeed not the opponent of the puppet, and the puppet could kill him easily.

Was he really going to die here?

If this was the case, the puppet would become a huge threat to C Country and even the whole world.

Thomas glanced at Scott, and gave him a questioning look.

Scott nodded, affirmed.

On Thomas’ palm, two flames instantly appeared, and then he rushed toward the puppet again.

A huge fireball appeared in the air and smashed towards the puppet.

The puppet was not afraid at all, stretched out a hand, a powerful force erupted, and directly resisted the fireball.

At this moment, a golden light erupted from the ground, and in the blink of an eye, a golden enchantment was formed around Thomas and the puppet. Nine dragons appeared, the sound of dragons chanting made the survivors at the edge of the light curtain tremble.

As early as when Scott realized the strength of the mysterious man, Scott had already begun to transfer the power of god soul to the array, waiting for the key moment to start the array.

At that moment Thomas gave him a questioning look, naturally asking him if he was ready for the array.

During the battle at that time, Scott had already left the array on the ground.

The mysterious man saw the sudden appearance of the array, his face sunk, and he exclaimed, “Damn! Isn’t there a fault in martial arts in this place? Why is there an advanced array?”

The moment Thomas saw the array appeared, he was slightly surprised, but he did not hesitate at all. Taking advantage of the appearance of the array, he attacked the puppet again.

The array was controlled by Scott, and naturally, Thomas wouldn’t be attacked.

The array also reduced Thomas’ pressure a lot, at least now he was qualified to meet this puppet head-on.

The mysterious man carefully observed this array, and then said coldly, “Even if you have the assistance of the array, itis still impossible for you to beat my container, which has reached the Unrealm! When the power of the array is exhausted, you will die!”

Although he said so, it was obvious that the mysterious man had panicked. It seemed that he didn’t know whether the puppet could resist Thomas and the array.

Scott sat in the distance, staring at the situation in the array, using all available means to help Thomas, allowing him to have a fighting power comparable to the man at Unrealm in a short period of time.

With the aid of the nine dragons, Thomas may not be defeated in this battle.

An unprecedented battle broke out, and a series of earth-shaking sounds spread around, making people all over Moss City think that the end of the world was coming.

Although the puppet was tyrannical, it also began to become stretched in the fighting with Thomas.

At this time, Thomas only needed one chance to defeat the puppet.

Just as Scott was staring at the battle over there, a strange feeling surged into his heart, and his eyes widened in an instant.

Because of the previous fight with the mysterious person, although he was seriously injured, Scott still had some unprecedented insights.

These insights had caused some changes in him, who had hit the bottleneck for a long time.
Fighting was always the best way to make improvement.
Scott had a strong feeling that he was about to break through!

The chances of epiphany in this kind of battle was rare. Scott didn’t dared to hesitate at all, and quickly closed his eyes, carefully experienced the feeling, and prepared to break through.

There were waves of power visible to the naked eye around Scott, his pores began to open, frantically absorbing the power in the surrounding air.

At this moment, Scott was as if he had entered concentration, and everything around him no longer had any influence on him.
At this moment, only the breakthrough was left in his heart.

Because of Scott’s temporary breakthrough, the array was out of control, and Thomas obviously felt that his battle had become a bit more difficult again.

But fortunately, after the array was formed, even if no one controlled it, the power in it would not dissipate, so Thomas would not be defeated because of this.

While Thomas was fighting hard, the mysterious man looked at him with a slightly helpless smile on his face, and then muttered, “Unexpectedly, I’m in such trouble.”

“But even if there is no way to find out the relic this time, it doesn’t matter. As long as I can kill the strongest person in C Country, it will be much easier to send someone over next time.”

“Don’t think that you will have a chance to comeback with the assistance of the array. Today, I will definitely kill you, even if the price is my life!”

After finishing speaking, the mysterious man sealed the

print again, and then a powerful suction appeared, which directly drew out half of the vitality in his body and merged it into the puppets body.


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