The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 993 Vital Moments

Scott looked at Natasha standing in front of him with a slight stunned look.

The mysterious man was also taken aback, then looked at Natasha and said with a smile, “Unexpectedly, there was a little girl who took the initiative to die for you. It’s really touching.”

“In that case, I will fulfill your wish!” After speaking, a long whip appeared in the mysterious man’s hand, wrapping around Natasha’s body.

Upon seeing this, Scott hurriedly dragged Natasha behind him, and shouted, “I asked you to run away. You will only distract me, and then we will both have to die!”

He waved the Muramasa in his hand and tried his best to block the long whip that the mysterious man wielded.

Scott only felt that his scalp was a little numb. This was just the most common blow of the mysterious person. As a result, Scott resisted with all his strength and almost failed to resist it. It was easy to know how strong this mysterious person was.

When Natasha hear Scott shouting at her, she immediately came back to her mind. Now it’s not the time to be mad. In front of this terrifying demon, negotiation was useless. She would only be killed for nothing.

So, she quickly turned around and ran towards the edge of the light curtain.
According to Scott’s instructions, she did not run with most people, but ran in a direction with relatively few people.

These people rushed to the edge of the light curtain. They thought they were going to escape the disaster, but they were surprised to find that they couldn’t get out of the light curtain at all.

This place was like a prison at this time, trapping them all inside.

Natasha already knew it, so she was not too surprised. She kept Scott’s advice in her heart and stayed in a place with few people.

“Scott, you must be safe.” Natasha looked in Scott’s direction and prayed silently in her heart.

Scott was relieved to see Natasha running away.

On the whole square, Scott only cared Natasha a little. After all, Scott relied on her to enter here. At that time, Natasha laid down her life for him, which moved him.

Sa if possible, Scott would still save Natasha.

As for the other people in the square, Scott was helpless. Their survival depended on fate.

Seeing Scott blocking his attack, the mysterious man raised his eyebrows, and said with a smile, “Unexpectedly, you can resist my blow. It is really unexpected.”

Scott didn’t hesitate at all and used Cabala directly. He knew very well that in the face of such a terrifying enemy, any hesitancy would only make him die faster.

With the cohesion of power, Scott’s strength at the moment had also reached the medium stage of sublimation. Although he was still no match for the mysterious man, at least he would not be left defenseless.

The mysterious man was a little surprised to see that Scott still had a way to improve his strength.

He didn’t intend to continue wasting time. The most important thing was to grab Scott first and let the container absorb his power.

“Boy, even if you have every means, you can never escape. Give up now!”

After speaking, the mysterious man quickly rushed towards Scott.

Scott didn’t hesitate at all, and swiped straight ahead.

“Tianxing sword technique!”

A series of sword lights attacked the mysterious person, with a magnificent momentum.
However, the mysterious man waved his hand directly, and Scott’s attack disappeared.

Scott’s look changed, and then he hurriedly used the second sword technique.

“Moon Invitation sword technique!”

The mysterious man didn’t take Scott’s attack seriously at all. A light appeared in his hand, colliding with the moon-inviting style, and then Scott’s attack was dissolved in an instant.

Scott gritted his teeth, condensed all his strength on Muramasa, and slashed down towards the mysterious man.
“Thunder Shocking sword technique!”

The huge sword light slashed towards the mysterious man, and the mysterious man showed a stern look, and said with a smile, “This trick is is barely qualified, but it’s not strong enough to hurt me.”

After speaking, the mysterious man stretched out two fingers, a sword-shaped light appeared, and in the blink of an eye, it swelled to hundreds of times its size, much larger than Scott’s sword light.

People who watched the battle from a distance saw this scene and exclaimed.

The sword light slashed towards Scott, and directly smashed Scott’s sword light, and then hit Scott.

Scott’s body was thrown into the distance in an instant, and he went out for tens of meters before stopping.

At this time, he was already full of blood, and he completely lost his combat effectiveness.

He gritted his teeth and sat up from the ground, looked down at Muramasa in his hand, and found that his Muramasa was broken in two.

Shaking his head and grinning his teeth, Scott glanced at the mysterious man in the distance and muttered, “Do I really have to die here today?”

“Edith, Sherry, I’m afraid I won’t have a chance to see you again.”

The mysterious man walked over to Scott, looking indifferent, “If you were born in our place, you would be treated as a genius, and you would enjoy the best resources. Unfortunately, human destiny cannot be changed. Your greatest value now is to give the vitality in your body to my container!”

The reason why Scott was still alive was precisely because the mysterious man wanted the container to absorb the vitality in him.

Scott stared at the mysterious man and asked, “Who are you?”

The mysterious man smiled and said, “I am not a person from this world, but now these are not important to you anymore. You will die!”

After speaking, the mysterious man stretched out his hand to Scott.

Scott kept repeating the words that the mysterious man said that he was not a person in this world. Scott didn’t understand what he meant.

Seeing that the mysterious man was about to catch him, Scott had also taken out his mortal determination and poured all his power of god soul into the Killing Immortals Sword, intending to die with him.

At this moment, a breaking wind sounded, and it quickly struck Scott and the mysterious man.

In the blink of an eye, a violent flame enveloped the mysterious man and prevented him from shooting Scott.
Scott looked intently and found that the person who released the flame was Thomas!

This old guy was finally here!

Seeing Thomas appeared, Scott was also relieved, knowing that he was finally saved today.

Thomas turned his head and glanced at Scott, and said embarrassingly, “I’m a bit late, are you okay?” Scott rolled his eyes at him and said, “You should think of a way to beat this guy.”

Thomas nodded and looked at the mysterious person. He was full of righteousness, and he said coldly at the mysterious person, “I don’t care where you are from. With Thomas and me, you will undoubtedly die!”


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