The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 992 I Won’t Let You Hurt Scott

The mysterious man was also taken aback when he heard Scott’s words, and then he understood that Scott should already know what kind of situation he was in now.

Therefore, he didn’t insist on asking Scott to go to the stage. After all, no matter who he used to demonstrate to everyone, the final result would be the same.

He didn’t think that with Scott’s strength, he could escape.
So he glanced at Jacoff and said, “Then you come up and give everyone a demonstration.”

Seeing that the mysterious man actually gave up Scott and chose him, Jacoff immediately showed a trace of excitement in his eyes, and turned his head to give Scott a triumphant look.

Then he quickly got up on the high platform and stood respectfully in front of the mysterious man.

Natasha looked at Scott in a confused, and asked, “Why are you giving this opportunity to him?”

Scott smiled at Natasha and said, “This is not a good opportunity. If I guess it is right, he should be in danger.” “Danger?” Natasha was confused.

Scott nodded, looking serious. He said, “Although I don’t know why this person is hosting this grand banquet. He must cherish evil designs.”

“If I’m not wrong, the black light curtains around the square have trapped us here. If something happens later, remember to run as far as possible to the edge of the light curtain. No matter whether you can get out or not, go there and wait. Did you hear that?”

When Natasha heard Scott’s words, she looked at Scott in confusion. In her opinion, this should be a grand event. Why would Scott say something terrible would happen later?

However, despite the doubts in her heart, Natasha nodded to Scott. For some unaccountable reason, she felt that she should trust Scott unconditionally.

Scott took a deep breath. The strength of this mysterious man was profound. There would be a hard fight later. Scott could be sure of the situation at that time, and naturally he had no time to take care of Natasha.

Now he could only hope that Natasha would be lucky enough.

The mysterious man opened the lid on the rectangular box, revealing the person lying inside.

The man’s eyes were closed tightly, and his forehead was covered with intricate black patterns, which looked quite strange.

Jacoff glanced at the person in the box, and was shocked. He didn’t know why the expert put a person in the box, and it looked so terrifying.

The mysterious man smiled at Jacoff, and said, “Don’t be afraid, stay closer to me, and soon you will be able to give full play to the greatest value of your life.”

Although Jacoff was nervous, he did not dare to disobey the orders of the mysterious man, and immediately walked towards the box.

Seeing Jacoff approaching, the mysterious man immediately formed a complicated magical print on his hand, and then a violent force appeared, covering Jacoff’s body

In the next second, Jacoff felt a strong suction appearing all over him. A ripple of fear passed through him, and he instinctively retreated to the back.

But it was too late. Jacoff felt that he could no longer move. The suction was getting stronger and stronger. He felt that his vitality was draining, all of which was flowing into the person lying in the box.

“No!” Jacoff screamed, and then everyone saw that Jacoff had become a corpse.

When everyone saw the mysterious man make magical print, they thought he was going to perform some miracle, but in the end such a terrifying scene appeared.

Everyone screamed in fright, and the square suddenly became chaotic.

“It’s terrible, what the hell is this! Why did that person become a corpse!”

“Oh my god, that person must be a devil. Run away!”

“Why? That living person became a corpse that in the blink of an eye! Am I really not having a nightmare?”

Natasha was also shocked when she saw this scene, and then turned to look at Scott. There was a haunted look in her eyes.
She didn’t expect that mysterious people held this banquet with evil purposes.

Scott stared at Natasha and said, “Remember what I said just now. Run to the edge as much as possible, and stay away from crowded places.”

Natasha nodded seriously at Scott.

At this time, the mysterious man had already looked towards the audience. He showed a bright smile and said, “Don’t panic. Not all of you present today will end up like this. I will give priority to those with good aptitudes, so that power gained is pure enough.”

After everyone heard the mysterious man’s words, they immediately ran towards the distance in fright.

“Everyone, run! This man is a devil!”

The Andrew family who was in charge of preparing the banquet did not expect such a situation to happen, and the security forces instantly took action and rushed towards the mysterious person.

Each of them had a gun in his hand, and without hesitation, they shot the mysterious man on the high platform.

But the strange thing was that when the bullets approached the mysterious person, they stopped instantly, as if they were caught by an invisible hand.

The mysterious man looked at the bullets around him, with a smile on his face, and muttered, “People in this world are really interesting. Ordinary people can explode with such a powerful force by relying on such gadgets. It is not available in my world.”

“But to me, this level of power is no different from ants, so give up quickly.”

As soon as he finished speaking, those bullets all turned around, and they shot at those people of the Andrew family quickly, piercing them all through and killing them.

When everyone saw this scene, the expressions on their faces became even more flustered. A person who could not even be killed by a bullet was definitely the most terrifying demon.

The mysterious man killed the security force of the Andrew family, and then turned his head and looked over to Scott.
From the beginning to the end, Scott didn’t move, and kept staring coldly at the mysterious man.

“Boy, if I guessed correctly, you come here because of me?” the mysterious man said.

Scott pulled Muramasa out of the scabbard, looked at the mysterious man calmly, and said, “You are right.”

“Have your elders have told that it is far worse to deal with me with your little strength?” The mysterious man laughed.
Scott didn’t speak again, and was already preparing for the upcoming battle.

“Come here obediently by yourself, I can still let you die without pain. Otherwise, you will regret living in this world.” The mysterious man raised a hand and pointed to Scott.

At this moment, a woman stood in front of Scott, and it was Natasha.

“I don’t allow you to kill Scott. I can replace Scott!”


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