The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 9 Keep Promise

Edith blinked and watched Scott with some special feeling in mind that she never had before.

Yesterday, in front of so many people, Scott said she would buy the office building at a price with 50% off. Today she achieved it.

Although she bought it due to a lucky-draw activity held by TY Real Estate Inc., she would not know anything about the activity without Scott.

Edith got the sense of security from Scott for the first time. He did as well as she expected.
Edith said, “Well. I will keep the secret. Go to ride your bike.” Scott smiled and went to ride his battery bike. Edith sat on the back seat and held his waist after a few seconds of hesitation.

Scott sat straight at that moment of his waist being held by Edith. It was the first time for Edith to hold him, which made him a little bit nervous.

Right now, Edith was the same nervous as Scott since she touched the strong muscles on his belly.

Edith was surprised, “This guy…has muscle?”

In a milk tea shop.

Nyla doubtfully looked at Edith and Scott outside the shop; she did not expect Edith to get out in such short time.

Nyla asked Albie, “She comes back so soon. You see something in her hands. She made it?”

Albie answered, “Impossible. Did you see she looks so upset? She would not act like this if she really made it. I think, she was already got rid of before talking more.”

Nyla agreed with him and nodded, “Yes. How soon! She cannot do it.”

“Let’s go. I am sure they failed. Wait to see what she will explain to Francis grandpa?” Albie sneered at them and left the shop with Nyla.

In the afternoon.
In Patel family’s villa.

After getting Edith’s call in the morning, Francis asked the family to get together again and informed them he would have an important message to all.

“What do you think about it? Only one day passed.” “Anything else? It must be she cannot buy the office building with five million yuan.” “Sure. I guess it. I think, this time she and the useless Scott will be excluded from our family.”

“Correct. They cannot handle so easy case. Our family does not allow such rubbish in.”

Albie and Nyla listened to what other people were discussing, with pleased smile. Both of them witnessed how Edith was upset when coming out of TY Real Estate Inc. and they were certain that Edith failed to buy the building, so Francis called family here for her problem.

“Grandpa, you allowed Edith five days to do it. But she gave it up only one day later; even did not try to carry on. For these persons easy to give up, our family could not let them stay further.” Albie whispered to Francis.

Hearing this, Francis was also some of embarrassed. He knew what they were discussing and also believed, Edith asked all family to gather here to tell them that she was unable to buy the building but only to give it up.

He thought it, “Hum. Edith, you are a lemon. If you don’t go on, I would not keep you in our family.”

Soon later, the door of the villa was open. Edith and Scott came in.

All people became quiet and turned back to watch them.

They sneered, with great pleasure to see how miserable they would be.

Albie stood up with watching Edith, smiling to say, “Edith, though you failed today, have another try tomorrow. Give up for only one trial? Grandpa had taught you how to succeed from troubles before. Right?”

Nyla continued, “Please. She is the right person to be talked about how to succeed from troubles? See who is staying with her.
Scott Davies, a lemon, well-known as he is. Edith, I am afraid you started to follow him.”

Edith walked grimly to Francis with the contract sighed in the morning in hand.
Albie said to her rudely, “Edith, don’t beg grandpa to forgive you. Get out now!” Edith stared at him and said, “How do you know I failed?”

Albie talked back with great confidence, “How? Have you made it? In the morning, I saw you upset when out of their building.
Not to say, it is a mission impossible for you.”

Edith said, “Sorry, I let you down. I called grandpa to gather you all here to make you know, I have already got the office building.”

Everyone was shocked by what Edith was saying.

Albie opened his eyes wide and shouted to Edith, “You made it? Edith, don’t make fool of us. How could you make it in one day?” Nyla also shouted, “Yes, grandpa. Edith is not capable of doing it, but lie to you. She is making fool of you. Please let her go.” Edith did not care about what they talked and gave the contract to Francis.

“Grandpa, please check the contract.”

The whole family was extremely surprised that she even had already got the contract.

Albie and Nyla were still doubtful about it. But if it was true, they could not say anything to humiliate her.

Francis read the contract carefully. He knew it was true with a stamp of TY Real Estate Inc. on it. Then smiled.

He was excited to say, “Well done, Edith. Finally, you get the building with only five million yuan. You are worth the reward; from now on, salary doubled and 10% more bonus.”

Albie and Nyla still could not believe it. Albie said in a rush, “Grandpa, it might be a fake contract. Don’t get cheated.” Francis glanced at Albie and said, “You think I am too old to know true or false?”

At this moment, Albie realized Edith did give a true contract. He was frustrated with the reality.

“Ok, stop. Edith did a good job. Keep up with her! Meeting finished.” Francis was ready to end all.

“One minute!” someone said. It was Scott.

Francis looked at Scott and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Scott watched and smiled at Albie, “Mr. Francis, did you forget? Yesterday, I made a bet with Albie. If Edith buys the office building with five million, Albie has to kneel down to apologize to her. Now, Albie, you are a loser. Keep your promise.”


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