The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 8 Lucky Customer

Early the next morning, Edith got up, put on light makeup and a clean work suit, and arranged her appearance in front of the mirror.

Scott looked at Edith’s serious face smiling, and said, “Don’t be so nervous, didn’t I tell you? I have friends in TY Real Estate Inc, and I have already said our situation to him.”

“Even if you really know the people inside that building, they can’t sell the office building to us at a price of 5 million. I can only try to talk to them about this matter. I hope that they will not drive me out when I am there.” Edith doesn’t distrust Scott, but itis too difficult for people like Scott to do it.

Scott didn’t mind either, smiled and helped Edith get her coat and went out toward the outside.
These two people rode trams and Scott took Edith all the way to TY Real Estate Inc.

At a tea shop opposite the office building of TY Real Estate Inc., Nyla and Albie are sitting by the window with their eyes staring at the door of TY Real Estate Inc.

“Albie, to what extent do you think they will talk today? Is it really impossible for TY Real Estate Inc. to sell office buildings with 5 million to Edith?” Nyla asked.

“Of course, I’m afraid they both have difficulty entering the company’s doors today. Some time ago, Grandpa asked me to come here to talk about the office building. When they heard that I could only pay 8 million, they directly drove me out. Not to mention Edith has only 5 million.” Albie promised.

“What if all of a sudden the nerves of people in TY Real Estate Inc. are out of order, and Edith really buy the office building with 5 million?” Nyla asked again.

Albie immediately laughed and said: “This possibility is as small as the possibility that Scott is the boss of TY Real Estate Inc, so don’t worry about it, they can’t do that.”

“That’s right, Scott, if he were the boss of TY Real Estate Inc, sows would be able to climb trees.”Nyla laughed.

After a while, Scott rode a tram and took Edith to the door of TY Real Estate Inc.

“Itis very funny. They even came by riding a tram. They are really shabby.” Nyla saw Scott and Edith and immediately burst into laughing.

Albie sneered, too, and was ready to watch the jokes of Scott and Edith.

After Scott stopped the tram, he smiled and said to Edith, “Go in, people should have been waiting for you.”

Edith said, “If I go in like this, will people kick me out?”

“Don’t worry, they will absolutely not. The employees of TY Real Estate Inc. are now of good quality and will not do such a thing as knocking people out.” Scott, talk.

“It seems that TY Real Estate Inc is yours. How do you know about the employees?” Edith rolled her eyes at Scott.
“Actually… TY Real Estate Inc. is really mine.” Scott laughed.

“Come on, don’t brag with me here. If only Real Estate Inc. were yours. It’s better to do less daydreaming. Go with me.” Edith was a little speechless, and then she went inside TY Real Estate Inc.

Scott looked at Edith’s back and thought he could swear to God that he was not daydreaming just now.

Edith entered the hall of TY Real Estate Inc, and immediately a woman came up, smiled and asked, “Hello, can I help you?”

“Well, I’m from Patel family. I came to talk to your general manager about buying an office building.” Edith spoke with some trepidation.

“It turned out to be Mrs. Patel. Our general manager is waiting for you in the office. Please come with me.” The woman was still very polite.

Edith was a little surprised. She didn’t expect the staff here to be as qualified as Scott said.

She followed the woman toward the inside, and after a while, the two people arrived at the door of the general manager’s office.
“The general manager is waiting for you inside.” The woman said, and left here.

Edith reached out and knocked on the door, and immediately there came a voice: “Please come in!”

Edith pushed the door and went in. Aryan Lloyd, who had received Scott’s order, immediately greeted her and let Edith sit on the sofa.

Edith didn’t expect him to talk about buying an office building today. The general manager seemed to be easy to talk to, which made her feel at a loss.

“Hello, I’m …” Edith began.

“I know you, Mrs. Patel, are you here to buy an office building? Patel family has sent people here before, but for some reasons, they did not buy that office building.”

“You are just coming today. Our company has a lucky activity now. The first person to buy a house here today, no matter what he buys, we will sell it at 50%. I have to say that you are really lucky.”

Aryan explained it with a smile. Scott told him this statement in order not to make Edith suspicious.

When Edith heard Aryan’s words, she immediately widened her eyes and exclaimed, “Lucky activity? Really? ”

“Of course, it is true. Do you want to sign the purchase contract now? After signing the contract, the office building you saw before belongs to Patel family. “Aryan said with a smile.

Edith couldn’t say any words. She thought she had to spend a lot of time talking with the general manager today, but she didn’t expect to meet this lucky activity.

“But I haven’t heard of any lucky activities here before.” Edith said.

“Since it is a lucky activity, it can’t be said naturally. Otherwise, I am afraid that a large group of people will compete for the first place in the company.” Aryan explained.

Edith felt speechless for a moment.
This lucky activity sounded so unreliable, but there was nothing wrong with Aryan’s explanation.

Then, under the guidance of Aryan, Edith successfully signed the contract, and then transferred the money that Francis gave her to buy the office building of TY Real Estate Inc.

When they left, Aryan also took a group of employees to bid farewell to this “lucky” customer.
From the beginning to the end, Edith felt as if she was dreaming, and was a bit dull.
She took the contract and went outside, but she still didn’t came out from the atmosphere just now.

She walked straight in front of Scott and murmured, “Scott, I was chosen as their lucky customer. The first person to come to their company today can enjoy a 50% discount no matter what they buy. Did you know this in advance? You deliberately let me come here so early?”

Scott smiled bitterly at Edith, then put a finger on his lips and said, “Keep the inside information confidential.”


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