The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 799 Full-time Dad

Seeing Scott’s reactions, the master asked, “Do you know the Pantheon?” Scott nodded and then he told the master that the Pantheon wanted him to join them.

After listening it, the master said with a smile, “It seems that searching for Soul Setting Jade in the Pantheon is much easier than I thought. Since they want you to join, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to look for Soul Setting Jade in the Pantheon.”

“But my father once told me not to provoke the people from the Pantheon. Master, do you know anything about the Pantheon?” Scott asked.

The master showed a thoughtful look on his face and then he said, “Your father told you not to provoke the people of the Pantheon. It is very likely that he knows how powerful the Pantheon is. He is afraid that you will get into unnecessary trouble. He was not talking about there is something wrong with the Pantheon.”

“According to my understanding, the Pantheon can be said to be the top forces in the entire C Country, and even the world. They are much purer than those Guwu Families. They have been committed to maintaining the stability of Warrior Circle. Executor is a force under the name of the Pantheon.”

Hearing what the master said, Scott raised his eyebrows immediately. He didn’t expect that Executor belonged to the Pantheon.

If so, the Pantheon was not bad. After all, a force that was willing to maintain the stability of the Warrior Circle would not have any sinister purpose.

If this was the case, the reminder that his father gave him at the beginning might be because the strength of the Pantheon was too strong, and his father was afraid that him would provoke the people from the Pantheon for no reason.

“In addition to maintaining the stability of Warrior Circle, the Pantheon also holds a large amount of information about this world that you have never known before. Your understanding of this world is only the surface. If you have the opportunity to join the Pantheon, it will not be a bad thing for you, at least it can let you know more about the world.” The master continued.

Scott nodded, knowing that he was a little too defensive against the Pantheon before.
After seeing the power that the master showed him, Scott did feel that he knew too little about the world. If he had the opportunity, he would want to know some secrets about the world.

It was a pity that he didn’t know where the people of the Pantheon were, so he could only ask them when they came to him again.

“Well, I still have three years at most. If we can’t find the other two pieces of Soul Setting Jade within three years, I will only have to face that calamity.” The master was a little bit emotional.

“Master, don’t worry! I will do my best to help you get the remaining two pieces of Soul Setting Jade.” Scott said solemnly.

The master nodded, and then handed the piece of Soul Setting Jade in his hand to Scott, saying, “You carry this piece of Soul Setting Jade with yourself. It can help you focus on. With it, your reactive speed will be greatly improved. It is a very rare treasure.”

Scott did not refuse, and reached out to take the piece of Soul Setting Jade. After all, he had to know what Soul Setting Jade looked like, then he could go to find the other two. It was more convenient to bring a sample with him.

After telling Scott all of these, the master stayed at the Davies House for two more days, and instructedEllis and Hughes to stay at the Davies House during this period and to follow Scott’s arrangements.

The twins had been practicing martial arts with their master in the past. They had never experienced a secular life, so they were very happy to stay in the Davies House.

The most important thing was that Davies family was the largest family in B City. It was rich and powerful. The two of them had been entertained very comfortably by Davies family these days. Now even if Scott drove them away, neither of them wanted to leave.

Two days later, the master was going to make other preparations for the calamity three years later, so he left B City and gave Scott a contact method so that Scott could contact him after finding out Soul Setting Jade.
After the master left, Scott told Edith that he needed to find Soul Setting Jade.

Edith was naturally quite unhappy after hearing this. After all, Scott hadn’t been back for a long time. Now, Scott had to go out again. Of course she was very reluctant to bear it.

If this continued, Sherry would forget who her father was.

Scott also knew that he did owe Edith and Sherry, but the master taught him a lot that he could not just watch master’s imminent calamity and just ignored it.

He also wanted to live a normal and happy life with Edith and his daughter, but he couldn’t realize this wish now.

In order to make up for Edith and Sherry, Scott promised to spend a month with them at home, and then set off to find Soul Setting Jade.

Edith also knew that Scott was a man of love and righteousness. So she only complained for a while. She would not really stop Scott from doing his own things. So she quickly forgave Scott.

However, in order to let Scott experience the feeling of being a father when Sherry was growing up, Scott had to be responsible for all of Sherry’s daily life, such as food and entertainment, during the month when Scott was at home.
Scott must become a competent Dad within this month. Otherwise, Edith would not allow Scott to leave.

Scott naturally accepted it happily. He felt that it was not a difficult thing. Just babysit a child!

But when Scott was faced with changing Sherry’s diapers, was pissed off by Sherry, was tossed in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep because of Sherry, he really felt the difficulty of raising a child.

The difficulty of raising a child to an adult was no less difficult than reaching sublimation.
It was also after experiencing this that Scott realized that Edith’s contribution at home was not much less than that of him.

After leaving the child to Scott, Edith obviously felt relaxed. Taking advantage of this opportunity, she began to go shopping, jogging, and to apply a facial a mask every day. She began a leisurely and comfortable life.

When Scott was very anxious because Sherry didn’t eat well, something was happening in a building not far from the Davies House.

In a small room, a man in a black robe was standing in front of the window, staring at the Davies House not far away.

For a long time, in the black robe, a sinister voice came out, “Scott, it seems that you have had a good time during this period of time. You’re so happy to play with your child.”

“Unfortunately, my time is running out. People from the island country will arrive in B City soon. I must kill you before they come.”

“I have already figured out your wife’s habit of going out during this time, so cherish your last happy time. Because you will soon die in my hands!”


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