The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 798 Bland’s Request

“It’s really terrifying!” Scott muttered to himself.

If he really reached this circle, when he fought that day, he would only need to point his finger at them, then he could kill Duffy and the other three so easily.

Such masters in this circle could no longer be described by common sense. Their strength was comparable to gods.
The one in front of Scott was exactly like a god.

“If I guess right, you can reach this circle when you reach the top of XuanJin. At that time, your strength will have a qualitative leap.” The master said.

“In the final analysis, Grandmaster Circle is just the masters in the eyes of the secular people. sublimation is the circle which is separated from the secular world in the true sense.”

“However, because of it, there are very few who can get to this point. That’s why you know Grandmaster Circle, but you have never heard of sublimation.”

Scott nodded and understood what the master meant. Although most of Guwu sects had been separated from the secular world and most of them hid and dedicated to the pursuit of martial arts, in the final analysis, there were still inextricable links between them and the secular world.

Only those who had reached sublimation were truly free from the constraint of the secular world. Those who could achieve this step also had their own pursuits. Their ideas were probably not understood by most worldly people, so there would be some rumors about Grandmaster Circle in secular world, but there were never rumors of sublimation.

Even if there was, people would not believe it.

After all, those masters who reached sublimation were really amazing.

“Okay, all the doubts in your mind should have been solved. Next, can I tell you the reason why I stay here and wait for you to wake up?” the master smiled.

Scott nodded quickly and said, “Please tell me.”

“Actually, I want to seek some help from you so I stay here until you wake up.” The master spoke lightly, with a trace of vicissitudes in his eyes.

“Master, if you have anything to need my help, just tell me. I will definitely do my best.” Scott said without hesitation. If it wasn’t the master, he would certainly not be able to have what he had today. The master saved him and taught him a lot. So he would not refuse any request of the master.

“I also told you just now. I am exploring some things about XuanJin. Over the years, I have found some clues and even found a crucial place. Once I can enter that place, I believe all the doubts about XuanJin can be solved.”

“But I need a special key to enter that place. I have been looking for the whereabouts of this special key all these years.”

With that said, the master took out a green jade pendant from his pocket. There were very complicated patterns on the jade pendant, which looked like a certain totem. When Scott saw it, he felt that the totem above was so vivid, which was a bit scary.

Scott didn’t know why he suddenly became concentrated after staring at this jade pendant for a while.

“This jade is called Soul Setting Jade. This is the key to that place. But this is only one of them. There are three pieces of Soul Setting Jade. Only I get three pieces can I open the place I said. After so many years, I only found one piece.”

“But fortunately, I have grasped the whereabouts of the remaining two pieces” “Because of some special reasons, in the near future, I will experience a calamity. If I want to escape this calamity, I have to enter that place. If I can’t avoid the calamity, I will die.”

“My time is running out. In order to deal with the upcoming calamity, I still need to make a lot of preparations, which means that I don’t have enough time to find the remaining two pieces of Soul Setting Jade.”

“This time, you gave me a big surprise. With your current level, it should not be too difficult for you to help me find the two remaining pieces of Soul Setting Jade, so I want you to help me to find the remaining two pieces of Soul Setting Jade.”

After listening to the master’s words, Scott’s face showed a dignified look. He did not expect that even if the master’s strength had reached such a level, he still had to face a calamity. It seemed that no matter how strong one person was, he would encounter his own trouble.

“What kind of calamity you will encounter?” Scott asked.

Master said with smile, “There are some things that you are not suitable to know now. Knowing it is not good for you. When the time comes, you will naturally know what kind of calamity I will face.”

Scott nodded, understanding what the master meant. Then he said, “I will naturally help you. Even if the remaining two pieces of Soul Setting Jade are in the place where are full dangers, I will help you get them.”

The master glanced at Scott with some relief, and said, “Thank you!” “Looking for Soul Setting Jade requires you to leave the Davies House. I know you may be worried about Davies family’s safety,

especially the situation of your wife and daughter. So in order to give you peace of mind, I will let Ellis and Hughes stay in the Davies House to protect your wife and daughter and stabilize the situation in Davies family.”

Hearing what the master said, Scott felt grateful. What the master said was indeed what he was worried about. If he left, he would be worried about Edith and Sherry most.

Now that the master promised to let Ellis and Hughes stay at the Davies House, Scott had nothing to worry about.

Scott knew the strength of Ellis and Hughes well. Neither of them was weaker than the head of those Guwu Families. If they two joined hands, they would be able to burst out incomparable power.

As long as it was not a master who reached sublimation came to make trouble, the two of them could definitely deal with all the troubles that Davies family would encounter.

“Thank you for your understanding! Master, I will definitely help you find the remaining two pieces of Soul Setting Jade.” Scott bowed at the master, “Where are the remaining two pieces of Soul Setting Jade?”

The master took out a piece of paper and handed it to Scott, saying, “After all these years of searching and collecting information, I finally determined the whereabouts of these two pieces of Soul Setting Jade.”

“After many grabbing and auctions, one of them finally came to the hands of a family in an island country.” “The other piece is in the hands of the Pantheon.” “There are detailed whereabouts of them on this paper. You can have a look.”

Scott was taken aback when he heard the Pantheon. He didn’t expect that the stuff the master was looking for would actually be in their hands.


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