The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 797 sublimation

After Scott heard what the master said, he was stunned for a moment. In his opinion, XuanJin was more powerful than inner force. This should be the cultivation method that all warriors dreamt of.

No matter how strong a warrior had, he would definitely try to learn it as long as he knew the existence of XuanJin. After all, once they had cultivated XuanJin, it meant that the starting point was dozens of levels higher than others. No matter how hard they worked to cultivate inner force, they couldn’t reach the level of XuanJin

When Myles learned that Scott cultivate XuanJin, he didn’t even avenge Theodore. He even asked Scott to teach him XuanJin, which was enough to see how attractive XuanJin was to warriors.

However, now Scott wanted to teach the master XuanJin, but the master directly rejected him, which made Scott a little stunned.

“Master, the subtlety of XuanJin is far from comparable to inner force. If you cultivate XuanJin, your strength will definitely increase by more than one level. Although this is me who got it accidentally, all of my skills were taught by you. It is reasonable for me to teach you the cultivation method of XuanJin.” Scott said.

The master said with a smile, “I know you are good for me. But XuanJin has no effect on me anymore.” The master said.

Scott was shocked when he heard this. The master said that XuanJin had little effect on him! So it was only one possibility, which was the strength of the master had far surpassed Grandmaster Circle. His strength had reached a level that ordinary people couldn’t imagine, so XuanJin didn’t have much effect for him.

For a time, Scott felt that the master became mysterious again.

When Scott asked the master if he had reached Grandmaster Circle, the master said that it was more than 30 years ago, and did not admit that he had reached Grandmaster Circle.

Scott subconsciously thought that the master’s strength reached Grandmaster Circle. After all, he had only known Grandmaster Circle at that time. How could he know there was a higher circle above Grandmaster Circle?

Now after hearing the master’s words, Scott instantly confirmed that the master’s strength must have been above Grandmaster Circle.

Scott didn’t know how terrifying the master’s strength was. He even wanted to see the master use all strength to fight one day.
But Scott didn’t know if he could see it in this life.

“Master, has your strength surpassed Grandmaster Circle and reached a higher level?” Scott asked tentatively.

The master smiled, “There is indeed a higher circle above Grandmaster Circle.”

When Scott heard it, the first reaction in his mind was that the master did not answer his questions directly, which meant that there was indeed a higher circle above Grandmaster Circle. But no one knew whether the master reached that circle.

With previous experience, even if the master said that he had reached a higher circle than Grandmaster Circle, Scott would not doubt it.

But since the master didn’t answer Scott’s question directly, it meant that the mater definitely didn’t want to directly say what circle he reached. So Scott didn’t ask the master again.

“I watched the video of you fighting with Duffy and the other three people that day. At the last moment, a huge phantom of your palm appeared, right?” The master asked.

Scott nodded immediately. Although he didn’t know why the master suddenly mentioned it, this was indeed a doubt in Scott’s mind.

If this phantom hadn’t been seen in those videos on the Internet, Scott would definitely think it was just his own illusion.

“To be honest, I really suspect that the phantom that appeared that day was my illusion. After all, how could this happen in a normal battle?” Scott said.

The master smiled mysteriously, “What you saw is not an illusion. Look at my hand.”

Scott looked at the master in surprise. He didn’t expect that the master would be sure that what he saw was not an illusion.
Scott lowered his head and looked at the master’s hand, wanting to know what the master wanted him to see.

The master made his two finger like a sword. Then he pointed at a table not far away, and asked, “What can you feel?”

Scott stared at the master’s fingers carefully. He could clearly feel that there was a strong concentration of power on the master’s two fingers. The strength of the power might have surpassed the strongest blow Scott used that day.

Scott was surprised that the master could perfectly control such a strong power on his two fingers. Scott couldn’t reach such level.

Just as Scott stared at the master’s fingers carefully, the master smiled faintly. Then, Scott saw that a sword-like shape appeared on master’s two fingers. The phantom was quite clear, which was a hundred times clearer than the phantom he created that day.

“How… how is this possible!” Scott exclaimed.
Master waved his two fingers. Then the sword-like phantom above smashed into the ground with a volley, and there was a loud noise. Then, Scott saw a long crack appearing on the concrete floor, which was shocking.

Scott stood up directly and stared at the master with an incredible face. He had always been calm, but now he opened his mouth in shock.

The master looked at Scott’s shocking face, and then teased, “I just wanted to show you the power. Do I need to repair the ground?”

“No… No.” Scott stared at the master blankly. He didn’t expect that the master could not only make a phantom appear on his fingers, but the power of this phantom was so scary. No wonder that the master wouldn’t take those Guwu families seriously.
Even the strongest Grandmaster couldn’t resist the master’s blow.

Scott thought that his XuanJin was already very powerful, but now he knew that he was far from being truly powerful.
“Master, what is going on? Why your attack just now was so terrifying?” Scott quickly asked.

The master took away the phantom on his finger, and said with a smile, “This is the power that can be exerted by the people who reach above Grandmaster Circle. During your battle, at the last moment, you barely entered this circle, so that the phantom would appear.”

Scott was at lost. He did not expect that the power of his blow would have reached such a terrifying state. No wonder that unscientific sight would appear.

It was just that no matter how strong his blow was, it couldn’t be better than the blow that the master had just shown casually.
“Master, what circle is this? Why is it so strong?” Scott tried to restrain his shock. Staring at the master, he asked.

“This circle is called sublimation. When you reach this circle, you can release your inner force and kill people from the distance.
You can also control the shape of the inner force and then everyone can see your inner force.”

“That is sublimation.”


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