The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 796 Grudges

Scott pushed open the door and walked in. Then Scott saw the master sitting on the bed with his eyes closed, his chest undulating, as if he was practicing the deep breathing.

Scott didn’t interrupt the master. After coming in, he sat down on the chair in the room and waited until the master had finished a complete deep breathing.

The master opened his eyes. His gaze fell on Scott, and then a smile appeared on his face.
“Recovered?” Scott nodded.

“You can fight against the five major families alone, and you also killed the two heads of the five major families. It surprised me a bit. Among my many disciples, you’re the best.” The master spoke.

Scott hurriedly said modestly, “I’m flattered. This is all because you taught me well. If I doesn’t learn from you, I will definitely not be able to deal with those Guwu Families.”

The master laughed, “Although I have taught you something, what I taught you is not enough to make you fight against the five major families. It seems that you have encountered some good stuff after you left the mountain. So you have the strength what you have now.”

Scott didn’t conceal it. He immediately told the master about XuanJin and Cabala.

Although this was Scott’s biggest trump card and secret, he could tell his master all without hesitation. Because Scott had absolute trust in his master.

Moreover, Scott felt that even though he had become a Grandmaster who had reached medium stage of XuanJin and he didn’t take those top Grandmasters seriously, he still couldn’t see through his master.

The reason for this feeling could only show that the master’s strength was still far greater than Scott’s imagination, so Scott was not worried about that the master would do something with him for the sake of XuanJin.

After listening to Scott’s description of XuanJin and Cabala, the master just nodded, without showing the slightest expression of surprise on his face, which made Scott a little strange.

Could it be that master already knew about the existence of XuanJin and Cabala?

It might be. The master had traveled all over the world and had known a lot. So it was not strange that the master knew the existence of XuanJin.

It was just that Scott had already imaged what kind of expressions would appear on the master’s face before he told the master about XuanJin. Now seeing Master’s calm face, Scott felt that it had not met his psychological expectations.

“It’s no wonder that you can challenge the four heads of Guwu Families alone. It turns out that you have practiced XuanJin, and you also accidentally got Cabala. It seems that you’re so lucky.” The master smiled.

“Master, you know the existence of XuanJin?” Scott asked.
The master nodded, “Of course! Not only I know, what I have been exploring all these years has something to do with XuanJin.”

Scott was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect that the master would have been exploring things related to XuandJin. It seemed that it was the right choice to tell the master about XuanJin. He also had a lot of doubts about XuanJin. Maybe the master could help him.

“Let’s not talk about this first. If I’m not wrong, you should be very confused about the fact that the six major families and many Guwu sects regarded me as an enemy, right?” The master changed the subject.

Scott nodded, “Indeed, the reason why the six major families came to me was because they learned that I was your disciple.
They said you did a lot of heinous things to them back then. Many of them said that you were their common enemy.”

The master laughed, “It seems that I need to explain to you what happened back then. Otherwise, I am afraid that I will become a ruthless demon in your eyes.”

Scott’s eyes immediately lit up. He was also very interested in what happened that year. He wanted to know exactly how the master had forged enmity with the six major families.

“You should be able to feel that the martial arts that I have taught you blends the strengths of all sects, and has almost no shortcomings, right?” the master asked.

Scott nodded. The martial arts of each sects had their own characteristics. The martial arts that the master taught Scott could indeed be said to be a blend of the best of all the sects. So far, Scott had not found there were the shortcomings of the martial arts that the master taught him.

“This set of martial arts is exactly what I created by absorbing the characteristics of the various sects in the world. I abandoned their shortcomings, and then created it. However, I didn’t know the characteristics of others sects back then. So I only had one way, which was to constantly fight against masters of various sects, and felt the characteristics of their martial arts from the battle.”

“In Warrior Circle, those Guwu Families always treat their martial arts as treasures, and never teach them to the outside world. In their opinion, their martial arts are the most perfect martial arts in the world. Others are not deserved to learn it.”

“But it is impossible for them not to fight against others for the rest of their lives. So at that time, I began to challenge the masters of these families. Of course, those fights were not as scary as your battle this time. By fighting against them again and again, I gradually grasped the characteristics of their martial arts, which have provided me with considerable help in creating my own martial arts.”

“At that time, I was also a little young and arrogant. I felt that these Guwu Families were too self-righteous. Their martial arts did have some good points, but it wasn’t like what they boasted. It only took me a few days to master the core of their martial arts. In order to make them aware of their shortcomings, I used their martial arts to defeat many of their masters.”

Hearing this, Scott was shocked. His master could learn other people’s martial arts so easily. Maybe only his master dared to say such words.

“Those people felt quite embarrassed because I defeated them with their martial arts, so they slandered me secretly learning their martial arts. Then they united with the major martial sects, saying that I despised them. They brought a bunch of people to besiege me and wanted to kill me.”

“It’s a pity that their strength sucked. At that time, I had a lot of achievements on my own martial arts. Besides, I got some good stuff by accident. I didn’t fear them at all, so I fought with them. Back then, the battle was fierce. Many people died in my hands.
Finally, they found out that they couldn’t kill me at all, so they gave up the plan to besiege me.”

“However, from that time on, these Guwu Families hate me guts, and felt that I had made their families ashamed, so they have been trying to kill me.”

“But they didn’t learn a lesson at all. This time, you gave them another lesson. In the final analysis, they asked for it.”

After listening to what the master said, Scott was also a little emotional. He didn’t expect that the master and these six major families still had such grievances.

Although the master said it calmly, he could feel that the situation that the master faced back then was not much better than him.

“It’s probably like this. It’s been so many years. In my opinion, my own set of martial arts is already a bit outdated. I didn’t expect that these families are still struggling with these things. They can’t move forward. I’m afraid it’s because they have been struggling with these useless things, so they can’t get improved.” The master said.

Scott nodded, feeling that what Master said was reasonable. People who practiced martial arts should really be pure. It was a waste of time to fight for the reputation all day long.

No longer worrying about the affairs of the six major families, Scott glanced at the master. Then he was thinking about XuanJin again.

“Master, since you know the existence of XuanJin, you should also understand the power of XuanJin. I will tell you the cultivation method of XuanJin. Hope it can help you.”

A mysterious smile appeared on the master’s face. He said, “No need! XuanJin and Cabala are yours. It has nothing to do with me, so you don’t need to tell me.”


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