The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 795 Endings

Bland’s voice sounded very calm. But after listening to it, others could realize that there was a trace of vague murderous in it, which made them scared.

After Duffy heard Bland’s words, he shuddered involuntarily.

Although he scolded Bland as a coward, he knew very well that Bland’s strength was not what ordinary people could reach. If the strength of the six major families were at their peak now, he might still dare to scold Bland. But now the six major families had been completely defeated by Scott. He also got badly injured. If Bland took a move, he would only die.

After feeling desperate, Duffy took a deep breath and said, “I didn’t expect the six major Guwu Families will fall to the point where it is today. It seems that God doesn’t bless us.”

Bland chuckled, “Don’t push your own stupidity on God. Think about it for yourself. It is all because of your self-righteous decision, isn’t it? I had no grudges with you six major families back then, but you guys came to me. Now my apprentice encountered this kind of thing again. You guys failed again! Can you say that it is that God doesn’t bless you?”

Upon hearing Bland’s questioning, Duffy showed an awkward expression on his face. His lies were exposed in public.

It was really him who took the lead that year. At that time, he was also for the six major families. In the final analysis, it was because he felt that if the six major families joined hands, it would not be impossible to cope with Bland.

The current situation was so similar to that year, except that he once again made a self-righteous mistake. He thought that the six major families would join forces again to kill Scott, but he didn’t expect Scott to be so powerful. So it turned to be like this.

Over the years, he had been avoiding the real reason for those things that happened back then. He thought that he killed Scott and forced Bland out, and then joined forces to kill Bland. His guilty would disappear. Who knew that only Scott let them use up all their power, let alone deal with Bland?

“Kill me!” Duffy said.

Bland said with a smile, “Duffy, I won’t kill you. I will let you live in this world, letting you always clearly remember the damage you caused to the six major families just because of your self-righteousness. You have to carry with the guilt and continue to live.
Itis a better punishment for you, isn’t it?”

Duffy stayed where he was. A sense of frustration rose from the bottom of his heart. If Bland killed him now, he would still have the last trace of dignity. But Bland would not even bother to argue with him. This only showed that Bland had never regarded him as a match.

There was no humiliation which was crueler than the contempt.
Duffy had been holding the grudges for so many years. However, in the eyes of the other party, he was not nothing.
He, Duffy, was a complete joke!

In the audience, the black-robed man looked at the situation on the ring and cursed secretly, “It’s really a bunch of wimps. Even in this way, they can’t kill Scott. Now, Scott has a helper. The six major families are really worthy to be called stupid pigs!”

“These so-called representatives of C Country Martial Circle are just a bunch of fools. If I knew it early, I would not waste five top pills in vain.”

“Hmph, Scott, you are so lucky this time! But I won’t give up killing you. Let’s wait and see!” After muttering a few words to himself, the black-robed man turned and walked out of the gymnasium.
At this point, Scott’s challenge to the masters of C Country Martial Circle had come to an end.

Scott fought thirty-seven battles in a row, without losing a single one. The last battle was that he himself fought with four enemies at the same time. With just one move, he killed the heads of the Jones family and the Moss family. Moreover, even if Duffy and Bradford were still alive, they couldn’t practice martial arts anymore.

This battle was so wonderful. Many people posted the video on the Internet. After seeing the faint phantom of the palm in the video, they all said that it was processed by special effects in the later stage.

No one believed that Scott’s strength had reached such a point. More people thought that this was a video made by netizens to attract people’s attention.

Whether the scenes in this video were true or not, only those who were on the scene that day would know.

After the battle, the five major families were notorious because of besieging Scott. C Country Martial Circle no longer regarded the five major families as the example of Warrior Circle. Everyone despised those five major families.

Duffy, who was lucky enough to survive, was deeply saddened by all the consequences caused by him. Bland was right. Letting him live and watch the five major families decline because of him was the biggest punishment for him.

A week passed.

In the Davies House, at Scott’s room, Scott slowly opened his eyes. A sense of powerlessness surged to him. After a long time of adapting, he slowly recovered.

Since the battle that day, Scott had been unconscious. If Bland hadn’t said that Scott needed a long time to recover because of using his own power too much, Edith would have thought that Scott would pass away again.
Gritting his teeth and getting out of the bed, Scott turned his head and looked over. He found Edith lying on one side of the table

and sleeping. From between her eyebrows, he could see Edith’s fatigue.

As soon as Scott got off the bed, Edith opened her eyes. After seeing Scott awake, the fatigue in her eyes disappeared instantly. She smiled happily.

“You bastard! You finally wake up! Can’t you let me not worry about you once?” Edith complained.
Scott said with a smile, “I don’t want, either. But I’m easy to cause trouble.”

Edith rolled her eyes at him and said, “You lie back quickly! I’ll let Jennifer cook you something to eat. You have been in a coma for a week. You must be very hungry now.”

Scott felt touched. The feeling that someone cared about him after he woke up from a coma was what he always wanted.
Scott obediently listened to Edith’s words, then lay back on the bed, waiting for the food to be delivered with peace of mind.

After eating, Scott felt that the power in his body recovered a lot. The sense of powerlessness had disappeared without a trace.
It seemed that Cabala would not cause any harm to the human body. As long as there was time to recover, he would be able to return to the top again.

After regaining some strength, Scott walked around the room for a while, then left the room and walked over to the guest room.
He learned from Edith that his master had been staying in the Davies House during the week he was in a coma.

Scott had many doubts and wanted to ask the master for advice, so he immediately walked towards the room where his master was.

At the door of the guest room, Scott hadn’t knocked on the door before he heard a calm voice from inside, “Come in.”


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