The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 794 The Master Comes

As soon as Duffy finished speaking, the audience was shocked again. Everyone did not expect that Duffy would be shameless to such an extent that he would incite the people of the five major families to besiege Scott when Scott was in weak state.

For a while, everyone began to scold Duffy, but Duffy didn’t care about this anymore. The five major families had lost so much to kill Scott. If they couldn’t kill Scott today, it would be a huge blow for the five major families.

The people of the five major families were all so furious at this time, especially the people of the Jones family and the Moss family. The death of Edwin and Rory made them unable to maintain their sanity. Now they didn’t care if it was right or not. They just wanted to kill Scott.

“Damn Scott! He must pay for the price today!”

A member of the Jones family stood up and screamed hysterically before rushing towards the ring.
Seeing this, many people from the five major families all rushed towards the ring.

“Kill Scott and avenge Mr. Edwin and Mr. Rory!”

“Kill him! We can’t let this kind of scourge stay in the world!”

Davies family sitting on the other side suddenly panicked when they saw this.

Baron and Dick stood up directly and rushed towards the ring.

Foley, Brady and the others did not hesitate at all, and rushed towards the ring.

“These bastards actually want to take advantage of Scott’s perilous state! Shame on them!” Foley yelled.
Everyone in Davies family rushed towards the ring, no matter they practiced inner force or not. They just tried to prevent the five major families from attacking Scott.

The people fought together in an instant. The scene was quite chaotic for a while.

However, the strength of Davies family was far too weak compared to the five major families. Just relying on Brady and Baron, there was no way to resist these people from the five major families.

Besides, among the five major families, in addition to the five heads of the five major families, there were other Grandmasters.
Once they made a move, Davies family couldn’t resist at all.

Everyone was worried. They didn’t know how to deal with the people of the five major families. If this continued, Scott would definitely be killed by them.

At this time, Scott had already lost the strength and sat on the ground. He was lying on the ring. Fighting sounds came to his ears, but he was somewhat helpless.

He had heard what Duffy said just now. Although he felt Duffy was shameless, he couldn’t do anything in this situation.

According to Secret Skills, after he entered a weak state, it would take him several days to recover. Now it was impossible for him to get up from the ground.

Was he really going to die at the hands of the five major families today?

Such a question popped into Scott’s mind. Although he knew that the situation was no longer under his control, he was still a little unwilling.

In his cognition, even if he had to die, he could not die in the hands of these despicable and shameless people from the five major families.

People from the five major families were all masters who had practiced martial arts for many years, and many of them were strong. It didn’t take long that Brady and others couldn’t hold on.

“What should we do? If it continues like this, we definitely can’t resist these people.” Brady shouted.

Dick was already anxious, and then he shouted, “Damn it! Even if I have to die today, I won’t let them hurt Scott!”

“You finally know to fight for your buddy! Good!” Just when everyone was desperate, a voice sound behind them.

Dick was taken aback for a moment. Baron also was a little astonished. Then, both of them showed ecstasy on their faces.

They all turned around and looked behind them. When they saw the old man who stood behind them, they all exclaimed, “Master!”

Bland looked at the two of them with a smile on his face. But he did not help them stop the five major families.
Because at this time, two figures had already rushed into the crowd of the five major families, punching them at a rapid speed.

Baron looked at the two of them, with a burst of joy on his face. Then he said, “It turned out to be Ellis and Hughes. It seems that today’s crisis has been resolved.”

Everyone present did not think that the situation on the ring would change like this at this time. They were so shocked.

“Ellis and Hughes? Why have I never seen them before?” Dick on the side asked.

“Of course you haven’t seen them. These two guys became the master’s apprentices long time ago. Now their strengths should have reached Grandmaster Circle. According to my guess, their strength is as the same as the heads of Guwu Family. Oh, it is worth mentioning that the two of them are twins. When fighting together, their cooperation can be said to be so perfect. Their combat effectiveness is quite terrifying.” Baron explained.

Dick’s eyes widened immediately. He didn’t expect that the master would have such powerful apprentices, which made him, the master’s most proud disciple, felt somewhat embarrassed.

However, after hearing Baron’s explanation, Dick felt relaxed a little. Since the master came with his two apprentices, Scott would not be killed by those people.

The speed of Ellis and Hughes was so fast. In the blink of an eye, they had already solved all the people who had rushed over from the five major families.

Even the Grandmasters of the five major families were not spared.

After the rest of people from the five major families saw how powerful Ellis and Hughes were, they all had the idea of shrinking.
No one dared to rush forward again.

Scott felt relieved when he heard Baron and Dick shouting out the master. Although the arrival of the master surprised him a bit, he knew that nothing would happen anymore since the master was there. So he closed his eyes comfortably and fell asleep to the utmost.

Seeing that the chaotic settled down because of the sudden appearance of the three people, Duffy’s anger rose again.

He originally thought that Scott was bound to die under the chaotic. Who would have expected that the brat would have such good luck? At a critical moment, his reinforcements arrived.

His gaze fell on Bland. Then he gritted his teeth. The reason why the five major families dealt with Scott was largely because of the old guy in front of him.

“Bland, you old asshole! You dare to show up! Why don’t you to be a coward for a lifetime?” Duffy shouted.
Bland appeared in front of Duffy in an instant. No one saw how he did it.

“So I have to watch you bully my apprentice and do nothing?”


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