The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 793 Besieging

The whole gymnasium fell silent in an instant.
Everyone was so shocked by the scene they saw just now, so that their first reaction was not to exclaim, but to be dumbfounded.
“Did I see special effects just now?”

“Did you see it? I thought it was my own illusion. My God! Has Scott arranged a holographic projection around the ring? Although the phantom just now was a little fuzzy, I’m sure that it definitely appeared.”

“How could there be a holographic projection? Even if there was, it would have been broken by the battle.” “Is Scott’s strength already so terrifying? He knocked them off the ring without even touching them. It’s terrible!”

“Holy crap! After watching Scott’s battle, even if you tell me there are gods in this world, I will believe you.”

“Buddy, can the circle above Grandmaster Circle that the master said can bring its own special effects?” Dick asked Baron.
Baron was also stunned at this time, completely unable to figure out why Scott’s attack just now had such an effect.

“Umm, maybe we will know when Scott reaches that circle.” Baron said.

“Can Scott reach that circle?” Dick asked.

“Definitely.” Baron’s eyes suddenly became firm.

On the ring, Scott was also staring at his palm a little surprisingly. He didn’t expect that he would release such a terrifying power under the state of using Cabala.

What he didn’t expect most was that a looming phantom appeared directly after he pushed his palm to the front. Even he himself did not expect that his attack could have such an effect.

When the strength reached a certain level, it would make such an effect? This was indeed a bit of a violation of common sense, so it was still a bit hard for Scott to accept it at a time.

Before Scott could continue to think about the effect of the blow he had just made, he felt the feeling of bursting power in his body quickly receding like a tide in the blink of an eye. Instead, it was an unbearable feeling of exhaustion.

Scott had never felt so exhausted. That feeling hit to him, causing him to sit directly on the ground.

In this state, Scott didn’t have the slightest strength. It was already his limit to barely sit on the ground. Now, even a child could kill him.

After Duffy and the other three fell under the ring, two of them couldn’t move at all. Bradford managed to maintain a trace of consciousness, but his arms kept twitching constantly. It seemed that even if he survived, he would become a useless person.

Only Duffy could barely sit up from the ground. At this time, the corners of his mouth were full of blood, his face was pale. He was dying.

He endured the pain, turned his head to glance at Bradford and the other two who were next to him. Seeing Bradford’s eyes still open but he had no ability to move, Duffy felt a little helpless.

He set his gaze on Rory and Edwin again. He saw that the two of them had stopped moving and their face were dreadfully pale.
It seemed that the two of them were dying. Duffy’s face changed, and then he vomited blood out again because of the anger.

“Rory, Edwin!” Duffy shouted at the two.

But he didn’t get any response. These two people would never have a chance to give any response again.

Duffy felt extremely sad. He didn’t expect the four of them to join forces to deal with Scott, and even each of them took the pill, but they still failed to defeat Scott, and even two of them died in Scott’s hands.

At this point, the five major families had been completely defeated.

When Payne saw the situation here, he was also anxious. He hurriedly dragged his badly injured body towards this side. Seeing that Rory and Edwin had already passed away, Bradford was so injured and Duffy was covered in blood, he uttered a mournful cry.

He turned his head to look at Scott on the ring, gritted his teeth and shouted, “Scott, damn it! The three heads of the six major families died in your hands. You are a sinner! You aren’t qualified to live in this world!”

When everyone present heard Payne’s shout, they immediately understood that Rory and Edwin, who had fallen on the ground, were gone. Suddenly, there was a hint of horror in their hearts. They did not expect that Scott actually killed two Grandmasters directly.

Scott didn’t have the mood to deal with them at this time. He just wanted to lie down and had a good sleep.

When Dick heard Payne’s shout, he felt so angry. Then he shouted, “Shame on you! You are obviously defeated by Scott. Now you’re still accusing him. You four joined forces just for killing Scott. But Scott killed you guys. Now, you actually said Scott was guilty. No wonder my master doesn’t like you shit Guwu Family. You guys are too hypocritical!”

All the audience present did not have some extreme thoughts. After watching the battles these days, they had already noticed the hostility of the five major families towards Scott. From the beginning of the promotion of the Martial Conference, they had already known that the five major families came for Scott.

Everyone thought that warriors relied on their strength. In the ring, whether they lost or died, they could be responsible for themselves. So even they lost or died, they couldn’t blame others.

Besides, the four of them did not feel shameless when they joined forces. Now that they had lost, they even accused Scott of killing their men. It was too ridiculous.

“What a shit five major families? You are defeated, but now you are actually still complaining. It is really shameless.” “Unexpectedly, the head of the dignified Guwu Family would say such words! It’s so funny.”

“They can kill others, but they don’t allow others to kill them. Is this the logic of Guwu Family? The reputation of Warrior Circle is ruined by such people!”

Hearing everyone starting to accuse him, Payne was a little at a loss. He didn’t expect that these lowly people would dare to accuse him.

He even wanted to stand up to argue with those people.

Duffy sighed helplessly, “The matter has already come to this point. The reputation of the five major families can no longer be preserved. Arguing with them will only make their impression of the five major families worse and worse.”

Payne understood what Duffy meant, so he could only grit his teeth but had nowhere to vent his anger.
“Then what shall we do now? Our loss is so great! We just give up like this?” Payne asked.

A vicious look flashed in Duffy’s eyes. He said, “The matter has reached this point. We don’t have to care about others. If we can’t kill Scott this time, the sacrifice of Maynard, Rory and Edwin will be in vain.”

After speaking, he stood up directly, exhausted his last bit of strength, and shouted at the people of the five major families.

“Everyone in the five major families listens to my orders. Now Scott has reached the limit. He can’t fight anymore. He killed the three heads of the six major families. He is the enemy of all of us. If we don’t kill him today, he will be the disaster of Guwu Family in the future.”

“So Scott must die today! You guys are going to attack to him together. Then he has absolutely no chance to survive!”


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