The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 791 The Power of Cabala

Scott didn’t use Cabala at the beginning. He wanted to see what his state was after he had reached medium stage of XuanJin and what his limit was.

After taking the pills, Duffy and the other three directly rushed towards Scott in order to save time. The four of them surrounded Scott.

Scott immediately ran XuanJin and covered his whole body with XuanJin, forming a simple defense.

When fighting against four people at the same time, the most important thing was to withstand everyone’s attacks. Scott was only himself, so he could only rely on this method to reduce the damage he would receive.

Facts had proved that the defensive method recorded in Secret Skills was still very effective. Some general attacks would not cause too much damage to Scott at least.

The four of them ran to Scott. However, Scott was so fast. He used his power to the limit, blocking everyone’s attack in an instant, and then he quickly punched to Duffy.

Duffy, who took the pill, reacted not much slower than Scott. He directly punched back. At this time, Bradford’s attack had reached Scott’s back. Scott didn’t care about it at all.

“Brat, you actually exposed such a fatal point at the beginning. It seems that this is already your limit. Go to the hell!” Bradford shouted, and then his punch hit Scott on the back.

Bradford’s imaginary scene did not appear. He originally thought that Scott would get some minor injuries at least after receiving his punch, and then Scott was panic. However, after Scott suffered his punch, it seemed that nothing happened.

“This is impossible!” Bradford exclaimed.

Although he didn’t use his full strength just now, his punch had a very powerful power after he took the pill. It was impossible to have no impact on Scott at all.

Scott turned his head to look at Bradford, grinned, and then said, “Are you tickling me? Can you do more?”

Bradford was furious. He didn’t expect Scott to dare to humiliate him so much, which made him quite angry.

“I don’t believe you can hold on! There are always times when you can’t laugh!”

The four men fought Scott back and forth. Scott was indeed quite passive. In addition, the four of them all took the pill and their strength was unstoppable. For the first time, Scott felt it tricky.

Other people all were worried about Scott. Watching Scott be beaten so miserably, they were not very optimistic about Scott.
“Four people fight one person! These old guys are really shameless. Scott is probably in danger this time.”

“He asked for it! He insisted on letting the four of them attack him together. Now he can’t beat them! So he can only blame himself.”

“Tsk-tusk, Scott, such a genius, is actually so stupid this time. It is a pity! No matter how powerful he is, he could only be remembered by everyone as long as he is alive. Once he dies, everyone will forget him soon.”

Seeing that Scott was obviously about to be unable to hold on, Baron, Dick and the others were all anxious.

“No! If this goes on, Scott will definitely be beaten to death. We must come onto stage to help him. They can bully Scott together. Then we can come on stage to help.” Dick stood up directly.

Baron hurriedly stopped him and said, “Are you crazy? They are all Grandmasters. You can’t help him at all.”

“But we can’t just watch Scott being beaten like this.” Dick was anxious.

“We have already notified our master. If I don’t count wrongly, he should be able to come over today. Now we can only pin our hopes on master. For other things, we can’t do anything at all.” Baron said.

Dick gritted his teeth and came back to his seat. He punched heavily on his thigh, hating that he was too weak to help Scott.

“This brat should have reached the limit. Next, he will be killed by them. Even if he is invincible, he will not be able to escape to be killed after all.” The black-robed man looked at the battle on the ring and sneered.

After Scott was beaten by Duffy and Bradford, he quickly backed up a few steps. Then he reached out his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth.

In the battle just now, he was already slightly injured. Sure enough, he couldn’t deal with the four people when he was at the normal state of medium stage of XuanJin.

“Scott, you can’t win today. Just give up! This is your only choice.” Duffy stared at Scott and said, feeling that this matter would be quickly over today.

Scott smiled faintly. Then he said, “Do you think this is my limit? Don’t think that only you guys have a way to improve the


After finishing speaking, Scott directly used Cabala. He only felt that XuanJin in his body began to run. The muscles of his whole body began to absorb the energy which XuanJin exploded. For a while, Scott’s skin turned red as if he had stay in boiling water for a long time.

An aura of rushing into the sky instantly enveloped the entire gymnasium. The gymnasium was an indoor architecture, so there was no wind blowing in at all. However, at this time, everyone’s clothes were floating with the airflow. This was wind whirlpool which Scott’s aura condensed!

Scott’s aura completely surpassed the sum of Duffy and the other three. The four of them couldn’t open their eyes.
Scott only felt like there was an energy reactor in his body, with endless power rushing towards him everywhere.

Scott knew that Cabala could greatly improve the strength, but he didn’t expect that Cabala would be so terrifying. He felt that his body was about to burst because of the power.

Duffy and the other three looked at Scott dumbfoundedly. The changes in Scott’s body were already a bit scary at this time.
They would never expect that Scott would have such a change at this time.

“What? Is this brat still a human being?” Rory muttered to himself, staring at Scott.

“Could it that he has already broken through to that realm? Only people at that realm can make these changes at this time!” Duffy was also staring at Scott.

The black-robed man in the audience was expecting Scott to be killed. But seeing Scott’s changes, he stood up directly.
“How the hell is this! Has this brat known that stuff?” Dick and others who were still worried about Scott were all stunned after seeing the changes in Scott’s body.

Dick looked at Scott for a long time, and then muttered to himself, “Is Scott going to blow himself up?”


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