The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 790 Bring It On

“I shouldn’t have heard it wrong, should I? Scott actually let the heads of the other four major families attack him together? Is he crazy!”

“Holy shit! Scott is so arrogant now? It took him so long to defeat Mr. Payne just now. Besides, it seemed that he didn’t win easily. Now he wants to fight with the other four at the same time?”

“Maybe he knows that he will definitely lose, so he just let them attack him together, so that he will not be so embarrassed when he loses? After all, there are four people fighting against him. So even if he loses, it is nothing.”

“Anyway, I admire Scott’s courage. But if he does so, won’t he be afraid of being beaten to death by them?”

Everyone started to talk about Scott’s decision. They all felt a little incredible.

Duffy and the others were also a little surprised. Their plan was to consume Scott one by one, but they didn’t expect Scott to let them go on stage together.

Did this brat know that he was going to die today, so he planned to give up? Bradford and Edwin both turned their heads to look at Duffy, as if asking for Duffy’s opinions.
“Mr. Duff, what shall we do now?” Bradford asked.

Duffy looked thoughtful. After a long time, he stood up and said, “Since he made this request, we will satisfy him. Now that the matter has reached this point, whether we can win decently is not important anymore. Even if others think it’s us who bully him, we have to kill him today.”

“You guys have already seen his strength. We can’t judge him by his age at all. Since he gave us this opportunity, we don’t need to show any mercy to him.”

After speaking, Duffy walked towards the ring.

Both Bradford and Edwin nodded, and followed Duffy towards the ring.

Compared with the reputation, the most important thing was to solve Scott.

The three of them went onto the ring together. The four top Grandmasters stood in a row, all looking at Scott with indifference.

After hearing Scott’s decision, everyone in Davies family who was sitting on the other side of audience was anxious. Although they all knew that Scott’s strength should not be underestimated, they were really shocked after hearing that Scott wanted to challenge four top Grandmasters together at once.

“What is Scott doing! Does he want to die? They are top Grandmasters! Even the god will not be able to resist them.” Dick said anxiously.

“We must find a way to stop him. Or just stop the battle today! Challenging the four people is almost equivalent to committing suicide.” Brady also said.

Conor shook his head and said, “It’s useless. No one can change the decision that guy made. Moreover, he is not the kind of person who will be impulsive casually. He must have his own ideas when he decided it. They are already on the ring. It is impossible to stop it. Let’s just watch how Scott will deal with it.”

Several people were anxious and helpless. But they had no ways. They could only watch how Scott was going to deal with the heads of these four major families.

The reason why Scott did this was indeed due to certain considerations. Now he knew that each of them had a pill that could increase their strength. If he continued to fight them one after another, he could only insist on one more battle at most. After using Cabala, he definitely couldn’t continue to deal with the others.

So it would better to let them come on together. Scott planned to use Cabala at the critical moment to increase his strength to the strongest. According to his understanding of this Cabala, once it was used, let alone four top Grandmasters, even if the four top Grandmasters who took the pill would still not be his matches.

Doing so just saved time.

Of course, only people like Scott who practiced XuanJin and Cabala dared to do this.
Now everyone felt that Scott was asking for trouble. It was just because they didn’t know how strong Scott’s trump card was.

The black-robed man sitting in the audience watched the heads of the other four major families all come onto the ring. Suddenly, he sneered.

“What a stupid guy! If you fight them one by one, you may still have a chance to survive. But you even let them all go together! I think you can’t wait to die.”

“The pill I gave them is not fake. If the four of them take the pill and fight with you, even the God can’t save you!” On the ring, Duffy and the other three looked at Scott, with a trace of murderous expression in their eyes.

Scott looked at the four of them and smiled, saying, “Tsk-tusk. I let you guys come on together, but you guys really come up together. Aren’t you guys afraid that the reputation of your Guwu Families is ruined?”

Duffy snorted coldly and said, “Killing you is more important than fame.”

“Brat, it’s you who asked for it. It’s too later to regret!” Edwin shouted at Scott.

Scott said with a smile, “I didn’t say that I regretted it. Until now, I really know how shameful you guys are.”

“Hmph, I really don’t know what you think. You actually want to challenge the four of us alone. Do you really feel that you can’t live, so you want to die soon?” Rory said.

“You really think too much. Do you think the four of you can beat me? If so, I can only say that you are too naive.” Scott said.

“You are going to die soon, so don’t talk nonsenses. The four of us join hands, plus the pills. You can’t win. No matter how calm you pretend to be, you can’t change the ending.” Bradford said.

Scott curled his lips, thinking that these people were really confident in their teamwork. He really looked forward to seeing their reactions after they lost to him.

“Stop talking nonsense. Bring it on! I can’t wait to go home and rest.” Scott said.

Duffy snorted, “I’m afraid you won’t have this chance!”

Then he directly took the pill from his pocket and put it into his mouth.

“Take the pill! Make sure to fight him in the best condition! There must be no more mistakes this time!” Bradford and the other two didn’t hesitate at all. They took out their pills and put them into their mouths.

Almost instantly, on the entire ring, there were four auras rising into the sky. Everyone present could feel an invisible magnetic field around them, making their breathing feel oppressive.

Seeing that the four of them were so decisive, Scott raised his eyebrows. But he did not panic. Instead, there was a hint of excitement on his calm face.

If they wanted to fight, just bring it on!


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