The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 789 You Four Can Come on Together

“Kaiyang Hedi Pill?” Scott couldn’t help asking when seeing Payne’s changes.
Payne laughed, “This pill is much more powerful than Kaiyang Heqi Pill. Scott, just go to the hell!”

After speaking, Payne quickly rushed towards Scott, waving his punch which carried so much power. He was about to directly smash on Scott’s head.

Scott narrowed his eyes. The effect of this medicine seemed to be better than Kaiyang Hedi Pill. Now Payne’s aura had surpassed Maynard who had taken Kaiyang Hedi Pill.

Scott didn’t take it lightly. He immediately ran XuanJin in his body. With a full blow, he resisted Payne’s punch.

The collision between the two of them caused a small wind vortex directly above the ring. After it dissipated to the surroundings, the clothes of many people present were blown to the air.

Scott underestimated the power of Payne’s punch. After resisting Payne’s punch, Scott stepped back several steps before unloading the rest power of that punch.

Payne didn’t expect the effect of this pill to be so great. He was extremely excited. There was no more fear in his eyes when he looked at Scott.

“Scott, I lost to you once, so what? This time, I’m here to kick your ass. Your winning streak will be ended in my hands. I’ll kill you!”

Scott snorted coldly, “It’s nothing more than some external force. If you think you can beat me this way, you will be too naive.” After speaking, Scott rushed out with a stride, while running XuanJin in his body. Then he punched on Payne’s chest.
“Tianxing Blow!”

Payne immediately resisted. The battle between the them broke out instantly.

After taking that pill, Payne’s strength had reached the peak of Grandmaster Circle, basically the same as Scott’s, who had reached medium stage of XuanJin. Their battle was naturally wonderful. Everyone present all exclaimed again and again.
“Unexpectedly, the human body can reach such a limit. Now it seems that those world champions are nothing more than that.” “It’s really amazing. It’s my first time to see such a wonderful fight. I really have no regrets to come to B City this time.”

“This is only the sixth battle! But it actually appeared such a strong person. I don’t know if Scott can survive today’s ten battles.”

When Duffy and the other three saw Payne’s power, they all showed satisfaction. At the same time, they had absolute confidence in today’s results.

Now each of them had a pill which could increase their strength. Even if Scott could defeat Payne, there were four people waiting for Scott, so today Scott had no chance of surviving.

Duffy turned his head and glanced at the black-robed man. That man also showed a hint of satisfaction on his face.

There were two kinds of people in this world who you couldn’t provoke. One was the Grandmaster who had superb strength and had reached the realm beyond the reach of ordinary people, and the other was the persons who could refine all kinds of pills and medicine.

Because you never knew what kind of pill this kind of person carried with themselves. Sometimes, a small pill was enough to change the outcome of a battle.

The battle progressed to the heat. Although Payne’s power surprised Scott, the effect which this pill could maintain was not as good as XuanJin after all.

Seeing that he couldn’t solve Scott, Payne was also a little anxious, so that he made many mistakes in his moves.

“Damn it! How can this brat’s power last so long? It’s unscientific!” Payne cursed secretly.

Scott said with a smile, “The existence of inner force is not scientific, either. It’s time for you to go down.” After speaking, Scott quickly used the moves and struck at Payne.

“Thunder Shocking Blow!”

This was Scott’s strongest blow currently.

When Payne saw this, his face changed. But it was too late that he realized his made some mistakes. He could only watch Scott’s punch hit towards him.

With a scream, Payne fell directly down the ring. A large mouthful of blood came out from his mouth.

He stared at Scott, with a hint of unwillingness in his eyes. He thought that his strength increased after taking the pill and then he would surely defeat Scott. But Scott once again proved that even if he used external force, he was still not Scott’s match.

Scott stared at Payne indifferently, and then said, “The five major families are nothing but this. Even you took the medicine, you

still don’t deserve to be my match.”

Payne gritted his teeth and said with resentment, “Get over yourself I have already felt that you have used all your strength just now. This also shows that your limit is just it. You will have four more battles next. Your matches will be the other four heads of the five major families. Each of them has a pill like this in their hands. Even if you defeat me, it doesn’t mean that you can survive in the next four battles!”

Scott frowned immediately and glanced at Duffy. He saw that the other four people were all staring at him calmly and didn’t not worry about Payne’s defeat.

Scott didn’t expect that each of them had this kind of pill. Wasn’t it said that this kind of medicine was extremely precious? Soon, Rory, the head of the Jones family, jumped onto the ring and stood in front of Scott.

He looked at Scott with a sneer, and then said, “Scott, you should have heard what Mr. Payne said just now. We all have the kind of pill that he took. No matter how strong you are, and even if you can win one or two of us, I don’t believe you can win five battles in a row.”

Scott squinted his eyes. At this moment, he already felt that the strength in his body was somewhat empty. If each of them really had the pill, he might really not be able to hold it to the end.

Although he also had a pill to increase strength and had Cabala to increase strength, the duration of this method was very short.
It could last one battle at most. After that, he would fall into a weak state and could only be beaten by others.

Obviously, with his current situation, he was afraid that he had to use Cabala after this battle.

“Brat, let’s get started. Even if I lose to you, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you will definitely die in the hands of the people behind me!” Rory put on a fighting posture.

“Wait a minute.” Scott said.

Rory was stunned for a moment, wondering what Scott wanted to do.

Scott groaned for a moment, then looked at the heads of the five major families. His eyes fell on Duffy, Bradford and Edwin.
“I don’t want to waste my time. You guys can come on together. This will be my last battle today.”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone was shocked!


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