The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 787 Scott’s Attitude

Among a small noddle restaurant.
Scott, Conor and Ainsley sat down at a table.

The waiter brought a bowl of hot noodles to each of them. There was a layer of coriander and a few pieces of minced meat floating on the noodles.

“Didn’t it say that this is beef noodles? Why are there noodles but no beef?” Ainsley asked curiously.

She grew up in the Wong family and didn’t have much contact with the outside world. Naturally, she had never eaten at a noodle restaurant like this one. Just now she saw the picture on the sign outside. It looked very appetizing and she almost salivated. But now when she saw the noodles, her smiling face was full of confusion.

Scott and Conor looked at each other with a smile on their faces, and felt that this girl was indeed too naive.
“Don’t you know what pictures are for reference only?” Conor asked.

“I know. But if he can’t make the noodles as shown in the picture, he should not use that picture to publicize. Isn’t that a lie?” Ainsley was still serious.

Scott smiled and said, “Actually, it is difficult for the boss. There is a rule for making beef noodles. He can only use beef from one cow a year. He sells so many bowls of noodles a day, so he can only put little beef in each bowl.”

Ainsley nodded and said, “It turns out that this is the case. Why can he only use beef from one cow a year? Is it because killing more cows is too cruel?”

Scott nodded when he saw that the little girl was so naive.
“Stop thinking about beef. Tell me what you want to say to me,” Scott said.
Ainsley immediately put down the chopsticks in her hand, looked at Scott with a shame on her face, and said, “Actually, I ran

out by myself today, and the reason why I was harassed by those people was because I have been following you. You entered the bar and I didn’t dare to go in, so I kept waiting outside, and I ran into those nasty guys.”

Scott looked strange and asked, “What were you following me for?” The shame on Ainsley’s face was deeper, and after hesitating for a while, she said, “Stalk you… and… kill you.”

Hearing Ainsley’s words, Scott and Conor immediately showed an expression of astonishment, and then Conor burst into laughter.

Ainsley blushed immediately when she saw Conor laughing, then she gave him a stern look and said, “What are you laughing at? Is what I said funny?”

“No no, you go on, I won’t laugh anymore,” Conor said quickly.
Scott also wanted to laugh, but he held back in the end.
“Then why did you want kill me?” Scott asked.

“Because you are grandpa’s enemy. Grandpa said that you are a heinous person and will pose a very big threat to the Wong family. If you are not be killed, grandpa can’t even sleep well. Now Grandpa and others are very anxious about it. I wanted to share some for grandpa, so I came up with this idea,” Ainsley said.

Scott smiled. He didn’t expect this girl was so considerate, but she was too naive.

“But I have given up this idea, because I suddenly feel that you are not a heinous person as grandpa said. Otherwise, you wouldn’t save me,” Ainsley added quickly.

“So I want to know why you helped me. Aren’t we enemies now? You saved me. Didn’t it mean helping your enemies?” Ainsley asked the question in her heart.

Scott stared at her and said, “You also said, I am your grandpa’s enemy, not your enemy. You are just a naive kid, you shouldn’t be involved in this kind of thing. Yes, and… even if I saved you, you won’t be able to cause any trouble to me.”

Ainsley thought about what Scott said. After hearing his last sentence, she was a little unconvinced and said, “Who said I won’t be able to affect you? Don’t underestimate me, I am very strong.”

“Since you are so strong, why can’t you beat up a few hooligans?” Scott asked with a smile.

“Then…that’s an accident. Well, don’t think you can look down on me as you saved me. My strength can be out of your imagination.” Ainsley stared at Scott, trying to make herself look more powerful.

Scott didn’t speak, but in his heart he felt that Duffy’s education method was very problematic.

It could be seen from Ainsley’s innocence that she must had received too much protection since she was a child, just like Lily.
But now Duffy had brought Ainsley to B City to experienced the struggle between people. He must be trying to train her.

This approach was like spoiling things by excessive enthusiasm, and for Ainsley, it was not a good thing.

It was like parents preventing their children from falling in love before college, but when the children went to college, parents quickly urge them to get into a relationship.

If this were not the case, Ainsley would probably not have the idea of coming and killing Scott alone in order to help her grandpa.

“But anyway, I still want to thank you, you are not as damning as I imagined. After I go back, I will persuade grandpa not to be obsessed with killing you.” Ainsley continued.

Scott reached out and touched Ainsley’s head and said, “Don’t be naive, silly girl. Your grandpa will never sleep well before killing me. Although there is no hatred between me and him, the world between adults is so complicated. Everyone has their own purpose. At this time, there is no good and bad.”

Ainsley was stunned. She didn’t think Scott’s words were shocking, but the moment Scott touched her head made her feel a pure concer.

Since childhood, no one had ever touched her head like this.
“Don’t be stunned. Eat quickly, it will be cold later. I will let him take you back to your place after eating,” Scott said.
Ainsley nodded, bowed her head and started to eat noodles. Although there was little beef in the noodles, it tasted good.

Conor stared at Ainsley, his heart full of emotion. Someone like him who entered the society in his teens had never been so naive.

Although Ainsley was a member of the Wong family, her innocence would not be changed.

At the same time, he felt pity. It was a pity that Scott would definitely not let Duffy go for what the Wong family did. He didn’t know that how this little girl would think when Scott killed Duffy.

Shaking his head helplessly, Conor stopped thinking about it, but smiled and asked Ainsley, “By the way, don’t you want to kill Scott, can you tell me how you’re going to kill Scott?”

When Ainsley heard Conor’s question, she blushed again, and then said angrily, “By honey-trap, OK?”

Both Conor and Scott laughed when they heard it.


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