The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 786 Ainsley

“Go away. Listen, my grandfather is the head of the Wong family, the best one among five great families. If you dare to hurt me, my grandfather will not let you go!” Ainsley shouted at the men with a flustered look.

The men all sneered and didn’t believe Ainsley’s words at all.

They were also from the Warrior Circle. They came from some little sects. They drank a lot of wine at that time and when they came out, they happened to see Ainsley. They were slavering after her look and brought her to this dead end.

“If your grandfather is the head of the Wong family, I would be the head of the Chan family. Don’t lie to us. Will the granddaughter of the Wong family have no protection?”

“Little girl, don’t be afraid, we are not bad guys. As long as you are obedient, we will not hurt you, and will make you feel good enough, okay?”

“Hey, sure enough, women in secular society are beautiful. Such a small girl is so glamour. There is no such a beauty in the deep mountains.”

Seeing that these people didn’t believe her at all, Ainsley was anxious, only despair was left in her heart.

Scott and Conor watched this scene. If the person being forced into the corner was a girl they didn’t know, they had already taken action to beat up these rogues.

But Ainsley’s words made them hesitate.

“Help her or not?” Conor asked Scott.

“How do you think?” Scott asked in reply.

“In my opinion, leave her alone. Although she is young, she is from the Wong family after all. People from the Wong family are trying to kill you. She may harm you after you save her. Why invite trouble to yourself,” Conor said.

Scott smiled and said, “Maybe she will give up the idea of killing me after I save her.”

After speaking, Scott walked towards the men.

At present, he and the five great families were as as incompatible as fire and water, and this girl ridiculed himself for being ugly last time, it was not the reason Scott sat idly by.

He had his principles. If Duffy was the one in trouble today, he might leave without even looking. But Ainsley is just a little girl who was ignorant of worldly affairs. She was too young and naive. When Scott saw her, the first thing he thought of was that she was only a minor child. As for the grievances with the Wong family, it was not caused by Ainsley, and Scott didn’t need to e visited his anger to a child.

Ainsley was in despair. At this moment, Scott appeared behind those men, and Ainsley was stunned.

At that time, she prayed in her heart. She hoped that her grandfather would suddenly appear and save her. She hoped that some chivalrous people would appear to help her escape this disaster.

She never though that the person who appeared would be Scott.

Scott stretched out his hand, patted one of those men on the shoulder, and said, “She’s still just a child. Isn’t it a bit brutal of you to do this?”

The man turned his head and glanced at Scott. Because he had drunk, he didn’t realize who the person in front of him was for a while, and he cursed directly, “Who the hell are you? Don’t be nosy. Get out of here!”

Several other people also looked towards Scott, all with disdain on their faces.

“How dare you dampen our spirits! Guys, let’s knock out this kid before playing with this little girl.”

Those men didn’t take Scott seriously. Although they were just from a small sect, they were warriors. In this secular society, there were few people could smother them.

Scott curled his mouth, pinched a person’s arm directly, and broke one of his arms.

Others were shocked when they saw this, and they wanted to subdue Scott together.

Scott made a quick and clean shot. Wimps from small sect were unable to pose a threat to him.

In just a few blinks, those people all fell to the ground and wailed.

After being beaten, those men also became sober. At this time, they looked at Scott and suddenly realized that this person was Scott who had won the battle for four days in a row!

“Scott! It’s Scott! Are you blind? How can you not recognize Scott!”

“How did you have the brass to blame us? Obviously, you scolded him first!”

Scott felt that these people were a little noisy, and directly gave them a kick, causing them to faint on the spot.
Ainsley watched Scott help her knock out these guys, and she was stunned.

Her grandfather kept telling her that Scott was an excrescence, an enemy of the Wong family, and a heinous villain, so he must be killed. But now it was this heinous villain who saved her from a bunch of bastards, which completely overturned her imagination..

She stared at Scott for a while, and then slowly said, “Did you save me to catch me and threaten my grandpa? If this is the case, I will commit suicide in front of you now, and I will not let you succeed.”

Hearing Ainsley’s words, Scott was a little bit dumbfounded. He didn’t expect that this little girl was young and her mind was complicated.

“Can’t you think about something normal? You are just a young girl. Go home and stop wandering around. If you encounter this kind of thing again, no one will help you anymore.”

Scott spoke to Ainsley, then turned and walked out of the alley.

Conor kept watching. After seeing Scott coming over, he smiled and said, “I said that even if you saved her, she wouldn’t necessarily be grateful to you in her heart. See, she thinks you have a bad intention to save her.”

Scott didn’t speak, and continued to walk outside.
Ainsley stared at Scott’s back, then gritted her teeth and quickly followed.

“You…can you tell me why saved me? I’m obviously an enemy with you, but you still help me. Didn’t you trouble yourself by doing this?” Ainsley shouted from behind.

Scott stopped, turned to look at Ainsley, and said, “You are just a child. Why are you my enemy? The matter between me and your grandpa has nothing to do with you. Hurry up and take a taxi and go home. Don’t be outside alone.”

When Ainsley heard Scott’s words, she felt uneasy in her heart.
She watched Scott continue to walk towards the front, didn’t stop, and continued to follow.

Seeing that Ainsley had been following him, Scott felt a little strange, and said, “What are you doing? Aren’t you afraid that I will change my mind and catch you?”

“I don’t think you are that kind of person, and… I have something to tell you.”

Ainsley lowered her head to play with her fingers, guilty conscience in her big eyes.


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