The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 785 A Man in Black Robe

Duffy and the other four people turned their heads and looked at the door. After seeing the man in black robe, they showed s a suspicious look.

“Who are you?” Duffy stared at the man and asked.

The man in black robe walked in and said, “It doesn’t matter who I am. The important thing is that I can help you get rid of Scott.”

“Oh? Why should we trust you? Why are you helping us?” Duffy asked.

“The reason is very simple. I also want to kill Scott. I think it is a valid reason. It is enough for us to cooperate,” the man in black robe said unhurriedly.

“Our five great families have joined forces, but we are still unable top beat him. You are only one person. Why should we believe that you can help us kill Scott?” Duffy asked.

The black-robed man smiled, then took out a small bottle from his clothes and said, “Of course I can’t get rid of that kid, so I will come to you to cooperate.”

“What I have in this bottle is a kind of pill that can enhance human strength. You must have heard of the Kaiyang Hedi Pill. The pill in my hand has the same effect as the Kaiyang Hedi Pill, but it has no side effects.”

Duffy and the other four people instantly fixed their gazes on the bottle in the hands of the man in black robe.

They naturally knew the reputation of Kaiyang Hedi Pill. This pill, which had the effect of Kaiyang Hedi pill but had no side effects of Kaiyang Hedi Pill, was a good thing that everyone pursued.

Among the six Guwu Families, only the Law family had such things as Kaiyang Hedi Pill, which was enough to show that this kind of pill was scarce.

“I can give each of you a pill. Then it should be easy for you to kill Scott, right?” the man in black robe continued speaking.
Duffy and others were shocked in an instant. This pill was always in demand, but now the man in black robe actually said that he

would give each of them one, which naturally surprised them.

“Do not fool us. The pill you mentioned is originally a treasure among the treasures. It is even harder to find one. You actually want to give each of us one. Do you think it is this way? Is the pill a jelly bean? I think you were sent by Scott to fool us,” Payne said, staring at the man in black robe coldly and said.

“That’s right, this kind of pill is hard to find. How can we believe that the pill you gave us is genuine? If it is a poison, wouldn’t we have to suffer,” Rory also said.

The man in black robe didn’t panic at all. After laughing twice, he said, “This kind of pill may be really hard to find for you, but to me, it is really like jelly beans.”

“Who are you fooling? Why should we believe what you said,” Payne said again.
“Because I am from Valley of Medicine God.”

As the man in black robe said, he took out a wooden token from his clothes, and there was a word “medicine” written on it, and the whole wooden token exuded the scent of herbal medicine.

When hearing the words of the black-robed man, Duffy and others widened in astonishment at the token in his hand.

In a bar in B City called Golden Bar.

Scott was sitting in front of the bar counter with Conor drinking.

After four days of fighting, Scott felt exhausted physically and mentally, so he came to the bar to have a drink and relax.
Conor looked at the young men and women dancing on the dance floor not far away, with emotion on his face.

“Before I was just a pancake vendor. Who could know that I would take over the underground world of B City now?” Conor said with emotion.

No matter where it was, the existence of underground forces would not be scarce. Conor followed Scott to B City and naturally continued to do his job.

In the past, Conor was emperor of the underground world in J City. Now it was not difficult for Scott, the head of the Davies family, to help Conor dominate the underground world in B City.

“Or, organize your staff and open a pancake shop. I believe that with your abilities, it won’t be a difficult problem to open a chain store across the country in one year. Those who will follow you in the future can also sell pancakes, isn’t it better than living in fighting now?” Scott said with a smile.

Conor smiled after hearing what Scott said, and said, “Actually, I have had this idea, but fighting and killing will not end because of my withdrawal. There will always be new people to fight and kill. The nature of this society will not change because I sell pancakes. What I’m doing now will help you to a certain extent. If I go to sell pancakes, it will be a competition with you. I remember that there is a chain restaurant under the Davies family, and one of its specialties is pancakes. In business, I definitely can’t be better then the Davies family.”

Scott also smiled knowingly. Although he and Conor were just joking, there had indeed been too many changes between them in the past two years, which made people sigh with emotion.

Scott finished his glass of wine and said, “Let’s go, my wife and Sherry are still waiting for me. If it’s too late, I might have to be scolded again.”

Conor laughed and said, “Who would have thought that Scott, who has never been afraid of even the five great families working together, is a man who is afraid of his wife?”

Scott glared at him and said, “What do you know about it? It is because I love my wife.”

After speaking, he walked out towards the outside.

Conor hurriedly followed and didn’t pay for the wine, because Golden Bar was under the name of the Davies family. They came here to drink, and no one dared to come over and ask them for money.

Outside the bar, Scott turned and walked in the direction of the Davies Mansion.

Conor followed him and lit a cigarette.

Scott immediately said, “Stay away from me. Sherry is so young. Smoke is bad for her. Don’t make the smell of smoke still cling to my clothes.”

Conor smiled when he heard Scott’s words, and directly snuffed out the cigarette in his hand.

When the two came to an alley, Conor suddenly stopped.

Scott was a little strange, turned to look at him, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Did you hear a cry inside?” Conor asked.

Scott looked into the alley and listened carefully. He did hear some messy shouts.

The two looked at each other, and then both walked into the alley.

After passing the corner of the alley, the they saw that in the dead end, a few tall men were pushing a little girl in the corner.
The men were drunk, with alcohol on their breath, staggering drunkenly to their feet.

The little girl was scared, holding a wine bottle in her hand, waving at the men.

Both Scott and Conor were a little surprised after seeing the little girl, because the little girl stuck in a dead end was the granddaughter of Duffy, Ainsley.


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