The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 784 Winning Streak

On the first day of challenging C Country Martial Circle, Scott shocked everyone with ten consecutive victories.

Those who originally thought that Scott was dicing with death were also deeply aware of the limitations of their vision. They felt that it was impossible for them to challenge the entire C Country Martial Circle, so they subconsciously thought that Scott would not do it either.

But Scott tald them with practical actions that the upper limit of martial arts was not as simple as they thought.

People from the five great families had a contemptuous attitude towards Scott before. However, after watching Scott’s first day of battle, they all had to start paying attention to this matter.

Scott faced two Grandmasters and eight Half Step Masters on the first day. Judging from the strength of the heads of the five great families, it was nothing.

But these ten battles of Scott were conducted at the same time. No matter how powerful a person was, his strength would be exhausted. But Scott’s strength seemed to flow continuously. After ten battles, he showed mo sign of fatigue.

Even the heads of the five great families still thought that they couldn’t do this.

Realizing the seriousness of the problem, the five great families summoned all the top players in the martial arts world to Phonix Restaurant that night. They said Scott was too arrogant and did not pay attention to the martial arts practitioners, encouraging them to deal with Scott together.

These martial artist were also bloody. After watching Scott’s battle for a day and Scott’s attitude towards them, with the encouragement of the people of the five great families, they were all excited and vowed to defeat Scott, making Scott understand the meaning of the phrase that there were mountains beyond mountains, some people outside.

This time, almost half of the people in C Country Martial Circle came to B City. The appeal of the five great families was still very strong. The number of master o of Grandmaster Circle alone was very large. Most of them were leaders of various martial arts sects.

Although only few people could reach Grandmaster Circle, in such a large C Country where martial arts had been inherited for thousands of years, there were countless martial arts sects. The number of Grandmasters was still quite large.
So from the second day, all the opponents Scott faced were Grandmasters.

This kind of grand occasion had never appeared in the history of the martial arts world. After all, no one had ever dared to challenge the entire C Country Martial Circle, so the situation of one person playing against many Grandmasters had never appeared.

The pressure on Scott had increased sharply. After all, fighting against a Half Step Master was different from fighting against Grandmasters. Even if Scott’s Xuanjin was long-lasting, he couldn’t stand fighting with so many experts in a row.

But Scott didn’t mean to back down at all. He completely regarded this challenge as a training for himself. Now his strength had reached a very high level. Only by fighting and making his body more perfect in adapting to Xuanjin could he have the opportunity to reach the advanced stage of Xuanjin.

Although he achieved the medium stage of Xuanjin very quickly, he had inner force as the foundation, so he adapted quickly. To achieve the advanced stage of Xuanjin, he had to go through a lot of tempering. It was not as simple as he thought.

Nowadays, nearly half of the people in C Country Martial Circlewere gathered in B City. Most of the stadium auditoriums were martial arts practitioners. With such a huge base, there were a few dozen Grandmasters.

It showed how difficult it was to leap from the medium stage of inner force to the advanced stage of inner force.

Xuanjin was much higher than inner force, so it was even more difficult to reach the advanced stage of Xuanjin from the medium stage.

From the second day of the battle, the heads of the five great families began to fight against Scott. They waited until the tenth battle to take the stage. At this time, Scott had consumed a lot of physical energy. With the strength of top masters, they were very likely to kill Scott directly.

But they still underestimated Scott’s strength.

The next day, Scott’s tenth battle, Payne, the head of the Fong family came to the stage to fight Scott. After a hundred moves, he was directly defeated by Scott.

On the third day, Rory, the head of the Jones family, played against Scott. Because the previous Grandmasters were a bit weak, Scott was in good condition, and he ended the battle with the Tianxing Blow.

On the fourth day, Edwin, the head of the Moss family, went to the ring to challenge Scott. Because he had already fought with two experts whose strength was not weaker than that of the heads of the five great families, Scott was exhausted by the time of the last battle. He finally had to use Thunder Shocking Blow to win the battle.

At this point, the five great families had thoroughly understood how strong Scott was.

And Scott was unable to hold on after four-day ultra-high-intensity battle, so he announced that the challenge would be suspended for three days, and after three days, he would conduct the last ten battles. Those who wanted to beat him only had the last ten chances.

The lobby of Phonix Restaurant.

The heads of the five great families gathered here.

At this time, the atmosphere in the hall was a bit solemn. After learning about Scott these days, they increasingly felt that it was an imminent thing to kill Scott.

Payne, the head of the Fong family, patted the table angrily, and said, “We should have fought against this kid in a row. Judging from the battle yesterday, he had reached his limit. But we just thought that one of us can beat him. How stupid we are.”

“Payne is right. Yesterday I clearly noticed Scott was struggling. If it weren’t for the power of his last move, I felt I still had a chance to comeback. Unfortunately, three of the five of us have been injured. There is no way to exert peak strength at all. Only relying on Duffy and Bradford, we cannot beat Scott,” Edwin said helplessly.

Both Duffy and Bradford realized that their strategy was wrong from the beginning.

But it was not their fault. After all, at the beginning, no one knew that Scott would be so horrible. If the five of them went to fight Scott in turn at the beginning, the whole martial arts world would laugh at them for jointly bullying a junior.

After all, it was the fault of pride.

“At this point, we can only fight for the last time. There are three days left. In these three days, you should quickly recover from your injuries. He did not stipulate that those who lose cannot challenge him again. Bradford and I, as the last choice, will fight with him. I hope we can defeat him at that time. At this time, we don’t have to think about our pride,” Duffy said.

“But even so, we may still not be able to completely defeat Scott. Yesterday Scott played against three maters with the same strength as ours. Now three of them are injured and their combat effectiveness is greatly reduced. I am afraid that the situation is not as good as yesterday.” Bradford said with some worry.

Duffy also knew that the current situation was not optimistic, but now they had no other way but to fight.
Just as everyone was sighing, a man wearing a black robe with his head covered by a hat on the robe appeared in the hall.

“Don’t be too pessimistic, I can help you get rid of Scott.”


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