The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 783 I Won’t Be Responsible for Kicking You to Death

Time flew, and the day of the Martial Conference came soon.

But at this time, no one cared about the Martial Conference. The focus of everyone was on Scott. Everyone wanted to see how Scott challenged the whole C Country Martial Circle.

Jiujiang Stadium, the venue of the Martial Conference.

At this time, a very large ring had been built in the gymnasium. Considering the destructive power of the masters in Grandmaster Circle, Scott specially found enough hard metal to build the ring, so as to prevent it from being demolished just after a fight.

On the second floor of the gymnasium, there was also a ring, which was made by five great families to hold the Martial Conference.

But at this time, the second floor was empty, and everyone gathered on the first floor, waiting to see Scott’s battle.

As a very famous commercial gymnasium in B City, the space of Jiujiang Stadium was naturally larger than expected. Only one floor could accommodate nearly 20000 spectators.

The first floor of the gymnasium was full of people, and all passageways had been surrounded. Many people who didn’t buy tickets want to take the opportunity to sneak in to see Scott fight.

After all, this scene was rare, and everyone didn’t want to miss it.

People from the five great families had been sitting closest to the ring, waiting for Scott to appear.

Sitting in her seat, Ainsley looked at the people around with expectant expressions, with a trace of disdain on her face.
Although Duffy’s arm really shocked her that day, in her heart, Scott was still not qualified to challenge the entire C Country Martial Circle.

“I am wondering how far Scott can hold on this time. He regards the masters of the martial arts world of C Country as his opponent. His courage alone is admirable,” an audience sitting next to Ainsley said something.

“That’s right, I was there when the Davies family held a banquet before. That day, Scott fought against a very powerful master, which gave me a glimpse of Scott’s strength. In fact, Scott is very powerful. I feel that even if he can’t beat everyone of C Country Martial Circle, he can at least hold on for a long time,” another said.

When Ainsley heard the conversation between these two men, she immediately curled her lips and said, “You really underestimate C Country Martial Circle. Scott is indeed a bit powerful, but compared to the entire C Country Martial Circle, he’s still a long way off.”

“Oh? It seems you are very knowledgeable. Are you also a member of C Country Martial Circle?” the man asked with a smile.

Ainsley immediately raised her head proudly and said, “Actually, I am from the Wong family, the head of the five great families.
My grandfather said that I have great talent in martial arts. In a few years, I will be stronger than Scott.”

The two people were surprised when they heard what Ainsley said. During this time, they had also heard about the five great families and knew that these five great families were quite powerful, so they did not underestimate Ainsley.

Not long after, a figure appeared at the entrance of the gymnasium, and everyone immediately cheered.

Scott stepped on the ground lightly with his toes, and in the blink of an eye, he reached the front of the ring, and with a light leap, he was already on the ring.

“Small trick. This guy doesn’t have much abilities except for showing off,” Payne, the head of the Fong family, said with disdain.

The remaining few Patriarchs also did not take Scott’s tricks seriously. As the heads of the five great families, they had a massive ego. Although Scott had killed Orion, they still didn’t think Scott had the strength to beat them.

Only Duffy was silent at this time. After experiencing Scott’s strength personally that day, he increasingly believed that it was not

advisable to fight Scott alone. In his opinion, killing Scott required the cooperation of the heads of the five great families.

After falling on the ring, Scott glanced at the audience and said loudly, “Today, I, Scott, set up the ring here to challenge all the masters of C Country Martial Circle. Everyone present today can come on stage to fight with me. As long as I don’t fail, I won’t refuse anyone’s challenge!”

“Welcome all the experts to come and teach me!”

As soon as Scott spoke, many people from the ancient martial arts sect who came here made a contemptuous voice. They hadn’t seen Scott fight before, so they all felt that Scott’s reputation was boast.

Soon, a brawny man with arms like heavy hammers jumped into the ring, glaring at Scott fiercely, and said with disdain, “You are so weak. How dare you vainly challenge the entire C Country Martial Circle. I am Chase Wong from Hammer Sect, I will test you!”

“I hope your challenge won’t end at the beginning!” With that, Chase clenched his fists and the muscle strength on his arm exploded, which was particularly striking.
Everyone looked forward to the two people on the ring. Many people thought that a fierce battle would break out between them.

“Chase looks very strong. I feel that he can smash Scott into meat mud once with his hammer. It will be an exciting show.” Many ordinary people had this idea at this time. In their cognition, someone who looked robust must be very powerful.

Chase dashed towards Scott and directly hit Scott’s face with the hammer.

Scott stared at him, raised his foot, and kicked him out of the ring.
The battle that everyone expected didn’t happen. The first person on stage was defeated by Scott easily.
The whole audience suddenly quieted down.

Scott coughed gently and said, “In order to avoid wasting time, people below the Half Step Master should not come up.
Otherwise I won’t be responsible for kicking you to death.”

After seeing Scott’s horrible strength, some people of small sects who had vowed to challenge Scott immediately gave up the idea.

Chase who came on the stage just now was an inner force expert at medium stage. However, he was kicked away by Scott. It was conceivable how strong Scott was.

And everyone exclaimed when Scott warned that those maters who had not reach Half Step Master would be killed by him.

After the lesson of the first person, those who wanted to challenge Scott immediately calmed down. After that, none of the people on the stage was weaker than Half Step Master.

But even so, they were still no match for Scott.

On the stand, in a corner, a man wearing a black robe and a hat, whose face was covered, was seriously staring at the battle on the ring.

There was a smell of herbal medicine around the man. The people sitting around him felt a little strange, but they didn’t know who he was, so they didn’t dare to say anything.

With the end of Scott’s battle, the man wrapped in black gave a sneer.

“What a great genius! I even envy you talents. Unfortunately, your time is running out. No matter how talented you are, it’s just a bubble.”


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