The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 782 We Have to Kill Him at All Costs

“Scott, challenging the entire C Country Martial Circle is not a wise move. You must consider it carefully.” Jordan looked at Scott with some worries.

“Yes, boss, you can’t just say this kind of words causally. It’s crazy to contend with the entire C Country Martial Circle by yourself.” Brady hurriedly echoed.

“Scott, in my opinion, let’s tell our master. It is indeed too difficult for you to deal with them alone, and this is the trap of the five major Guwu Families. They just want you to do this.” Baron also said seriously.

Scott smiled and looked at the people in the living room. Seeing that they were so worried about him, he explained, “You don’t have to worry too much. It’s just a gimmick to challenge the entire C Country Martial Circle. Its said that these five major families can already represent the strongest power in C Country Martial Circle? So itis still fighting against the five farmnilies. The others don’t have the strength of the five major families. So they are basically not a concern.”

“Buddy, even so, you can’t defeat them alone. They have five top Grandmasters, let alone they have other Grandmasters.
What’s more, there are countless apprentices. How do you fight with them alone?” Dick asked.

Scott shrugged. After getting Cabala, Scott no longer had any fear of Grandmasters. Coupled with XuanJin, he even felt that these Grandmasters were not enough to deal with him.

Even there were the five top Grandmasters and the other masters of the five families, Scott still had the confidence to fight them.

This was the self-confidence brought by absolute strength. Dick and the others didn’t know Scott’s current level, so they would naturally worry about him.

“Well, that’s it. Now I will send someone to spread the news, saying that I want to challenge the entire C Country Martial Circle.
The venue is set at the place where they hold the Martial Conference. Just accept ten battels every day.”

“These five major families belittled me to advertise. If I don’t respond, they might really think that I’m a push-over. Therefore, I

have to get the initiative this time. What kind of shit Martial Conference has to listen to me.”

When everyone saw that Scott was so firm, they knew that it was useless to persuade him. Scott was not the kind of person who was easy to be impulsive. Since he decided to do this, he must have a certain amount of confidence, so they didn’t argue with Scott again.

However, Baron and Dick still felt that it was necessary to tell their master about this matter, so they passed news to their master what was currently happening in B City through special contact methods.

‘The head of Davies family will challenge the entire C Country Martial Circle! Accept ten battles every day! All the masters in C Country Martial Circle can participate!’ After Duffy left the Davies House, this news spread instantly across the streets of B City at a flying speed.

Everyone was still speculating whether Scott had the guts to participate in the Martial Conference, but Scott directly gave them a shocking response, which stunned everyone.

Scott’s intention to challenge C Country Martial Circle was quite obvious. It was clear that he did not take the five major Guwu Families seriously, which made everyone feel that Scott was so arrogant.

Although many people had heard of Scott’s deeds and knew that he was really powerful, they still thought Scott was a little reckless.

So when some people admired Scott’s courage, there were still many people thinking that Scott was so stupid.

“He actually wants to challenge the entire C Country Martial Circle alone! Does Scott really think that no one in C Country Martial Circle can defeat him?”

“Scott is pretty good! But what he did this time is really too reckless. How could he challenge the entire C Country Martial Circle by himself?”

“How stupid he is! If this news is heard by those real masters, Scott will be screwed up.”

Phonix Restaurant had been long-term contracted by the five major Guwu Families, as their place to settle in B City.

At this time, in the lobby of Phonix Restaurant, the five families gathered to discuss how to force Scott to participate in the Martial Conference.

“Scott is really a coward! He doesn’t even dare to participate in the Martial Conference. He is really not afraid of being laughed at.”

“Mr. Wong personally invited him, but he refused. It seems that he is really scared.”

Sitting on a chair, Duffy was thinking of the fight between him and Scott just now. Scott’s strength was beyond his expectations. He was thinking if he and Scott would really fight at that time, how long would he hold on?

When everyone hated Scott’s refusal to participate in the Martial Conference, and their plan could not be implemented, one person ran into the lobby and shouted, “Just now, there was news from Davies family that Scott would challenge the entire C Country Martial Circle! The venue is set at the place of our Martial Conference.”

Everyone immediately looked at the man, with shocked expressions on their faces.

“What are you talking about? Scott wants to challenge the entire C Country Martial Circle? Is he crazy?” Edwin Moss, the head of the Moss family which was one of the five major Guwu Families, asked.

The person hurriedly explained the detailed news to everyone. After listening to it, everyone showed surprise on their faces.

“This brat is really crazy enough. He refused our invitation just now. But he actually wants to challenge the entire C Country Martial Circle. This simply doesn’t respect us.” Edwin said angrily.

“Yeah, Scott thinks that no one can defeat him after he killed the two Grandmasters of the Law family? It’s really arrogant!” Rory Jones, the head of the Jones family, echoed.

The head of the Fong family, Payne Fong showed a smile on his face, and then he said, “Everyone, this brat is a little arrogant, but this matter is a good for us.”

“The purpose of our Martial Conference is to allow Scott to take actions, and then we can kill him, right? Now he takes the initiative to challenge the entire C Country Martial Circle. It doesn’t need us to take actions. Whether he respects us doesn’t matter anymore. When he dies, no one will remember him.”

Bradford Chan, the head of the Chan family, nodded and said with a smile, “I thought this brat was scared, but I didn’t expect that he was going to be crazy. This is indeed a good thing for us, especially he said that he would accept ten challenges a day. These ten battles are carried out in succession. We can attack him in turn to fight him to death.”

Everyone nodded. They all thought that Scott was asking for trouble for himself. Then they couldn’t help but sneer.

Duffy also showed a look of expectation on his face, and said, “Since this brat has provided us with a plan to deal with him, we don’t have to show mercy to him.”

“It doesn’t matter whether the Martial Conference is well organized or not. Now the focus is on arranging people to fight with Scott. No matter how powerful he is, he will become a lamb to be slaughtered when his power runs out.”

“At that time, even if we have to do some mean things, we have to kill him at all costs!”


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