The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 781 Challenge the Entire C Country Martial Circle

Scott raised his eyebrows when he heard the man’s words. Well, speak of the devil! “Let him in.” Scott said.
The man nodded and hurried out to call in the people who were waiting outside.

After a while, Duffy walked in with a young girl from outside. Duffy looked like that he had experienced all the different things in life, while the little girl was full of curiousness about everything, and there was still some innocence in her eyes.

Two people were walking together. Although it looked like a little weird, it still attracted others’ attention.
The one who followed Duffy was no one else, but Duffy’s 16-year-old granddaughter, Ainsley Wong.
After the two entered the living room, their eyes fell directly on Scott who was sat on the main seat of the living room.

Duffy looked at Scott and felt the aura on Scott’s body. He suddenly felt a trace of emotion. It seemed that Scott was indeed the same as the rumors. At such a young age, he was already a Grandmaster that countless people dreamt of.

Duffy felt a sense of danger on Scott’s body. Even the heads of several other families never made him feel this way. It seemed that it really wasn’t a coincidence that Alonzo and Maynard die in Scott’s hands.

“Mr. Scott is really handsome, young and promising. When I saw you today, you are really as the same as the rumors. You are so powerful that I feel a little ashamed in front of you.” Duffy said.

Hearing her grandfather saying this, Ainsley on the side immediately retorted, “Grandpa, you are really old. This guy is handsome? He is far from being handsome.”

“Ainsley, where is your manner?” Duffy turned to look at Ainsley, and said.

Ainsley was obviously not convinced, and said, “Am I wrong? He is so ordinary. He is far worse than handsome.”

Scott was a little speechless when he heard the little girl commenting on his appearance in such a serious manner. He felt that Duffy had deliberately brought such a girl to talk down him.

“If you guys are here to see what I look like, I think you can just search my photos on the Internet directly. There is no need to come there specifically.” Scott said.

Ainsley immediately curled her lips at Scott, with a trace of contempt on her petite face.

Duffy smiled apologetically at Scott, and said, “My granddaughter has been spoiled by me since childhood. Mr. Davies, please forgive her rude words.”

“I won’t talk nonsense. I came here just for inviting Mr. Davies to participate in this Martial Conference. I believe Mr. Davies also has some understanding of this Martial Conference. Such a grand martial arts event! It will be pity if Mr. Davies doesn’t participate in it.”

When Scott heard Duffy’s words, he immediately showed contempt, and then he said, “You didn’t say that in the advertisement.
I don’t think that people who just know to belittle others to attract attention can hold any good events.”

Scott didn’t have to be polite to Duffy. Now that everyone knew what the other party wanted to do, there was no need to be hypocritical.

Duffy was not angry. He just smiled and said, “We are not doing well enough about advertising. But I believe that Mr. Davies will not care about it, right? As long as Mr. Davies goes to the Martial Conference and shows your strength at the conference, you can easily resolve this negative news.”

After speaking, Duffy took out an invitation letter from his pocket.

“This is an invitation letter for the Martial Conference. I hope that Mr. Davies can participate in this event, so that everyone in C Country Martial Circle can see how great Mr. Davies is.”

Duffy ran his inner force on his fingertips. Then, he flickered the invitation letter towards Scott.

Grandmaster had already had the ability to kill people with a leaf. This invitation letter was harder than leaves. After Duff’s shot, the invitation letter instantly became a killing weapon and quickly flew towards Scott.

Everyone in the living room was shocked when they saw this. They only felt a powerful aura appear, and immediately after that,

the invitation letter had flown in front of Scott.

Scott looked calm. When the invitation letter flew in front of him, he gently lifted one hand, and he used two fingers to clamp the invitation letter. The inner force on the invitation also dissipated in an instant. No one could see that this invitation letter carried the power that could kill people.

When Duffy saw Scott resolve his attack so easily, his eyes were also narrowed. Scott’s strength seemed to be more powerful than he thought.

“Sorry. I didn’t want to accept your invitation, so just take this invitation back.” After Scott finished saying it, his hand which was holding the invitation letter gently shook the invitation letter back.

The speed of the invitation letter was twice as fast as when Duffy threw it to Scott just now. Everyone only saw an afterimage appeared in front of them. Then, Duffy quickly retreated back. After turning around, only then did Duff barely stabilize himself.
Besides, the invitation letter also appeared in his hands.

All of these happened so quickly. Everyone was amazed at the horror of fighting between Grandmasters. If they were in that fight, they were afraid that they would not know how they died just now.

Duffy looked at Scott with a somewhat gloomy face, and said, “Such a grand event! Are you sure you don’t participate?” “Sorry, in my opinion, it is not a grand event.” Scott said.

“Why are you so ignorant? My grandfather personally invited you, but you refused. I have never seen such ignorant persons.” Ainsley immediately shouted at Scott.

Duffy shook his head, knowing that Scott was not stupid. Scott must have guessed their purpose, so being refused was also expected.

“If this is the case, I won’t bother you guys too much. Mr. Davies, if you change your mind, you can go to the Martial Conference at any time. Bye!”

After speaking, Duffy took Ainsley to walk out.

Ainsley glared at Scott when she left. She looked quite angry.

When the two walked outside the Davies House, Ainsley looked upset and said, “Grandpa, that Scott is too arrogant. You personally invited him but he refused you. I think you should directly teach him a lesson. He shouldn’t be as powerful as the rumors.”

Duffy stopped, turned his head to look at Ainsley, and said, “Ainsley, Scott is terrifying. He’s not as simple as you think. I’m not his match at all.”

Ainsley immediately widened her eyes and said, “Grandpa, how could you not be that guy’s match? I don’t think he’s anything special. Didn’t he just catch the invitation letter that you threw to him and then threw it back to you? ?”

Duffy took a deep breath, and then carefully rolled up the sleeve of the arm which was he had just received the invitation letter.

Ainsley looked down and saw that Duffy’s arm was trembling at this time. The veins on the arm already popped out, and more than half of them already turned red. Ainsley was so scared that she exclaimed directly.

In the living room, everyone looked at Scott and felt that Scott’s rejection of Duffy was a wise choice.

“Buddy, didn’t you say that you didn’t take those five major Guwu Families seriously at all? Why did you refuse him in the end?” Dick looked at Scott with a smile.

Scott waved to Dick and motioned for him to come.
Dick came over and looked at Scott with some doubts. Scott leaned in Dick’s ear and said something.

Dick’s eyes widened for an instant, and then he shouted, “What! You want to challenge the entire C Country Martial Circle? Refusing the invitation of the five major Guwu Families is just to take the initiative in your own hands?!!!”

The people in the living room who still felt relieved about that incident were stunned immediately. They were just looking at Scott and didn’t know what to say.


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