The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 780 The Martial Conference

The news that the Martial Conference would be held in B City soon spread throughout C Country Martial Circle. Not only people in C Country Martial Circle knew about it, but even ordinary people in B City had heard of it more or less.

Moreover, in the news which Duff spread out, he said Scott would participate in it, saying that more than half of people in C Country Martial Circle wanted to challenge Scott.

In order to be able to force Scott to participate in the Martial Conference, they also specially spread that Scott’s strength was not as powerful as the rumors. As for why Scott could kill the two Grandmasters of the Law family, they thought Scott relied on scheming and his luck.

In Duffy’s eyes, Scott was only in his twenties. Besides, Scott had such outstanding talent and strength, he must be arrogant.
Once he heard that some people question his strength, he would definitely jump out to prove himself.

Moreover, Davies family was a well-known family in B City. Scott also had a very big reputation in B City. Now everyone in B City knew that people in C Country Martial Circle would challenge Scott. If Scott refused to participate, it meant he was afraid.
In this way, in the eyes of people in B City, Scott’s status would definitely be greatly diminished.

If Scott didn’t want others to say that he was a coward, he must come forward to fight.

As long as Scott was willing to come to participate in the Martial Conference, the rest would be easy. The heads of the five major families had already discussed the countermeasures against Scott.

As the representative of C Country Martial Circle, the five major families had to be decent, so the way to deal with Scott had to be decent. Unless they couldn’t solve it, they would use shameless means.

For a time, people from C Country Martial Circle came to B City from all over the country. These warrior who usually did not show up in secular society at all gathered in B City for the first time on a large scale. During this time, it could be seen some people with sturdy aura and fierce faces on the main street in B City and some wore very retro clothes, which made the people of B City a little confused.

Scott and Edith returned to B City by plane from N City. As soon as they came out of the airport, they saw a group of people in front of a billboard not far away.

Edith was a little curious, so she took Scott and walked over there, wanting to see what they were looking at.

In front of the billboard, Scott and Edith saw the words “The Martial Conference”.

Below were some introductions to the Martial Conference. In order to make it easier for ordinary people to understand the purpose of this Martial Conference, the five major families described the Martial Conference as a martial arts competition.

At the bottom of the advertisement, it was written boldly, “If you want to see the head of Davies family in B City be beaten, come to the Martial Conference!” After that was the address of the Martial Conference, it was at the largest commercial gymnasium in B City.

Although those five Guwu Families were all dedicated to martial arts, they were still very rich, so it was very easy for them to rent a venue in B City and advertise.

After Scott saw the last sentence, he suddenly frowned, wondering why this Martial Conference would get involved with him.

Edith turned her head and glanced at Scott, saying, “This Martial Conference is so shameless. In order to attract people’s attention, they actually used such a low-level advertisement.”

Scott pondered for a moment. Then he turned his head and glanced at a young man beside him. He asked, “Dude, do you know what this Martial Conference is for? Who organized it?”

The young man turned his head and glanced at Scott. Although Scott was very famous in B City, not everyone knew what Scott looked like.

“This Martial Conference has been very popular recently. Don’t you know it? I heard that the organizers are the five major Guwu Families. People from C Country Martial Circle will come to participate. It’s pretty mysterious. It’s in the 21st century. How could there are people knowing martial arts? But it sounds very exciting. I heard that the head of Davies family will also participate in it.
Mr. Davies is indeed a person with real skills, but this Martial Conference said that it would violently beat Mr. Davies. I don’t know if it is true.” The young man said.

After listening to what the young man said, Scott nodded thoughtfully. The so-called five Guwu Families should be the same as the Law family. Scott did not expect that there would be five Guwu families like the Law family.

The reason why they came to B City to hold this Martial Conference and deliberately put Scott in the advertisement was very likely that they came for Scott.

“It seems that there are so many troubles recently. But it’s good. I just need a chance to consolidate my strength. I can take this opportunity to try my strength.” Scott said with a smile.

The young man stared at Scott suspiciously. He always felt that the person in front of him was familiar.
“Dude, what do you do? Why do I feel you are so familiar?” the young man asked.

Scott said with a smile, “Professional hatchet man.”

After speaking, Scott held Edith’s hand, then they turned and left here.

The young man stared at Scott’s back, feeling a little confused. After a while, he suddenly thought of something, and then he exclaimed, “Mr. Davies! Scott Davies! My God! The one who talked to me just now was Mr. Davies!”

Back in the Davies House, everyone in Davies family was in the living room, discussing the Martial Conference.

“These people are really endless. After solving one, five more popped up. People in Warrior Circle are really more narrow- minded than those in our business world.” Darius said a little impatiently.

Everyone was a little helpless. They all agreed with Darius’ words, but it seemed that this matter was not whether they were narrow-minded or not.

It could only be said that people in Warrior Circle paid more attention to revenge.

After Scott came back, he had learned about these five Guwu Families from Baron and Dick, and knew their purpose for holding this Martial Conference. It should be that five major Guwu Families were afraid that Scott posed a threat, so they came here in advance to eliminate hidden dangers.

“Scott, you can’t participate in this Martial Conference. The five Guwu Families have joined forces. It is far stronger than the Law family. If you really participate in it, you will get into their traps. Contact Master quickly. You must not be incited by them.” Dick looked at Scott with a worried face and tried to persuade Scott.

Scott said with a smile, “They’ve already declared to challenge me in the advertisement. If I don’t go, I will be a joke in the eyes of people in B City.”

“So what? It’s better to be a joke than to lose your life.” Dick retorted.
“Don’t worry. Even if I really participate in it, these so-called five major Guwu Families can’t defeat me.” Scott said.

Dick suddenly felt that Scott was a little too bragging. Just when he was about to continue to persuade Scott, someone ran in and shouted, “Mr. Davies, there is a person outside who claims to be the head of the Wong family which is the head of the five Guwu sects wants to see you.”


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