The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 779 Six Guwu Families

The so-called Cabala was a more difficult and rare martial art, which was different from Basic Practicing Skills for Strength.
There were many kinds of Cabala. According to different purposes, the effects of different Cabala were also very different.

Cabala recorded on this jade was aimed at improving strength. Once it was used, it would make your power triple in a short time, which was similar to the effect of Kaiyang Hedi Pill.

However, Cabala was different from these pills that could improve people’s strength. The side effect of using Cabala was only to make the user’s body very weak. They couldn’t continue to use their own strength in a short time, but they could recover in the end.

The side effects of Kaiyang Hedi pill will make people disabled or even dead. Obviously, Cabala was much better.

Although Scott still had two pills that basically had no side effects, the pills were consumables in the final analysis, and would be used up. Cabala could be used indefinitely. As long as the physical state of the user met the requirements, there would be no problem.

Of course, this did not mean that people could use Cabala casually at any time. The content recorded on the jade clearly emphasized that Cabala could only be used when it was most dangerous.

Although Cabala could make people burst out in a short time, in the final analysis, it was a squeeze on people’s potential. Even if the user could recover, after using Cabala, he would fall into a weak state and be trampled upon at will.

Once the opponent was not killed or the opponent had other helpers, he still couldn’t escape.

Scott didn’t care much about this. If his strength could be increased three times, there would be no one who could beat him except the experts above Grandmaster Circle.

To Scott’s surprise, the basis of Cabala was to practice Xuanjin. There was no way to exert the effect of Cabala by using inner force.

He was also extremely lucky to get the jade. However, if he didn’t practice Xuanjin, Cabala would be simple for ornament to him.
And this was the second time he learned the existence of Xuanjin from a place other than the secret book.

The first time he learned it from Myles. According to Myles, there was a record of Xuanjin on the Ray family’s genealogy. This time, he saw the explanation of Xuanjin on this Cabala.

According to Master Tianlong, everything in the bag was found on the dry bone in a cave. Scott wondered who the dead was and what relationship he had with the owner of the tomb stolen by Nicolle’s father.

During this trip to N City, Scott gained a lot. With Cabala and the two pills, Scott felt that he had the strength to stand out in the martial arts world in C Country,.

However, the existence of Xuanjin made him realize that the limit of martial arts was not as simple as he thought.

Moreover, he was certainly not the only one who knew Xuanjin in the world, so even if he was unmatched in Grandmaster Circle with his current strength , he still needed to be cautious.

After continuing to rest in the hotel for a day and thoroughly studying Cabala on the jade, Scott and Edith embarked on the journey home.

At the same time, in the lobby of a hotel in B City, a group of extraordinary people gathered here. The hotel had been hired and all the guests who came to dinner were persuaded to leave.

At this time, the hotel attendants were carefully hiding in the corner, looking curiously at these people who were obviously not easy to provoke, and dare not make any sound.

The leader of this group was an old man in traditional Chinese clothing. His hair was gray and had an air of quiet authority.

In front of the old man in traditional Chinese clothing, there were four people with different clothes and different shapes, but their momentum was not weaker than that of the old man in in traditional Chinese clothing.

If someone who knew the martial arts came here and saw the five people gathered here, he would be shocked.

Because each of the five people present is the top existence in Grandmaster Circle, and the five people could almost represent the whole martial arts world of C Country.

Martial arts had been inherited for thousands of years in C Country. In modern times, due to the development of science and technology, martial artists had to hide from the secular society, but this did not facilitate the decline of martial arts.

So far, martial arts practitioners could be seen everywhere in C Country, and the most active in the modern martial arts world was the six Guwu Families.

These six Guwu Families could be regarded as the strongest among the forces in the martial arts world. All of them had rich heritage and sound martial arts inheritance. Even those ancient martial sects were not qualified to compete with them.

The Law family in Jiangbei was one of the six Guwu Families.

The five people present were the heads of the other five Guwu Families except the Law family.

The six Guwu Families were distributed all over C Country. Now the main reason why they gathered in B City the death of two Grandmasters of the Law family.

They were here for Scott.

“Everyone has arrived, so I won’t talk nonsense. You have known the reason why I convened everyone here this time.” The old man in traditional Chinese clothing glanced at the people present and said slowly.

Everyone present had a trace of admiration for the old man, because he was Duffy Wong, the head of the Wong family, which was the best family among the six Guwu Families.

The overall strength of the Wong family was stronger than that of other Guwu Family, so the other five families respect the Wong family as the leader.

“The young man named Scott was able to kill the two masters of the Luo family at such an age. His talent was amazing. The two masters of the Law family were inferior in skills and killed by him. There’s nothing to say.”

“But Scott is Bland’s apprentice, so the death of the two Grandmasters of the Law family has a different nature.”

“There is feud between our six Guwu Families and Bland. Bland killed many disciples of our six families in the past. The feud smoldered on for years and couldn’t be ended no matter how long.”

“Now Scott killed two Grandmasters of the Law family. It is likely that he was instructed by Bland. Bland was a cowardly person and had hid for so many years. As soon as he appeared, he gave us such a big threat.”

“If this thing goes by like this, Bland’s next goal is likely to be one of the remaining five families. We may be destroyed by Bland and his apprentice in the end.”

“We gather here to eradicate the cancer of the martial arts world. Bland’s apprentice is only in his twenties. If he is allowed to grow up again, the threat he brings will surpass Bland.”

“So this year’s the Martial Conference will be held in B City. We are bound to eradicate Bland’s apprentice. If he doesn’t come forward, we will try to force him to appear. Once he shows up, we will resolutely kill him!”


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